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Drawing of two human figures pointing to a dog inside Dunkin Donuts

A story on the trembling Korean dog and its owner

Have you ever heard about this where a Korean dog trembles non-stop? Well, a native Korean guy tells the story about his dog Biro.

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Drawing of two figures next to a map with their walking route plotted out on Manhattan

Hanging out with this Korean dude for the first time

If you had the chance to meet with a Korean male and hangout for a day in NYC, how would that look like? Well, see how this turned out for sutiben & the stranger Hajun.

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Drawing of a guy taking about his bad Konglish habit

The Korean tired of not speaking English

The new Korean who hates using Konglish, wants to drop it from use, learn how to talk real English and all from sutiben. The interview begins here.

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Stick figure drawing of a worried guy next to a female

A second meeting with a Korean and a tad of awkwardness

The story of sutiben catching a second chance to meet with the same previous Korean female stranger and the slowly increasing excitement filled with a lack of comfortableness.

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Illustration of a figure in a dark background with Korean word 누구

Meeting a Korean stranger for the first time

The story of taking a chance to meet a Korean sutiben doesn’t know in the hopes they’ll help teach the language and the craziness that happens afterwards.

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Photograph portrait of an Asian girl in black and white taken by Jonathan Kos-Read

Staring at an Asian when you shouldn't

What would you do if you were struck in the eyes by a beautiful Asian girl only a few feets away? Learn how a true pro does it.

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Will you like 디유닛 "I'm Missing You" song?

Most k-pop music is kind of all about cuteness but sutiben find something slightly different. It all starts with the background beat. It’ll pull you in.

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Behind the "Bubibu" song from APink

Don’t you like cute k-pop music with a catchy word? Once you listen to this, you’ll continue to repeat this single lyric even after the music stops. It’s so memorable, it almost sounds like the first word a baby would say.

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After School Flashback mv is probably best song from group

Was there ever a song that thrilled you from the beat, vocals, and dance steps? This may just be the one song that pushes you to watch again and again.

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Can you love a kpop girl group at second sight?

The only song that sutiben can remember F(x) made was “Hot Summer”. ‘Twas good but that was it so sutiben no try much to look them up. There was no love at first sight but can things change?

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War against Tang China formed the historical ties of early Goguryeo & the ancient Turks?

Did you know Turkey & Korea are best friends? They seem to consider themselves brothers. But how could one country close to Eastern Europe & another near the Pacific ocean ever have achieved a close relationship?

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Lee Bong Yi attempts to kiss Carl Laker

Translating wait right now into Korean hangul symbols

From watching lots of k-dramas, sutiben learned how to translate “wait” to Korean but today is shown another translation from the ever lovable “Smile Donghae” Bong yi.

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Crayon Pop TV: How Crayon Pop was like during their helmet & jumping song

This was the year for Crayon Pop’s bar bar bar so lots must’ve happen during their promotion, no? Well, in fact, lots happened. Unlike the previous years where they struggled to hang on in the music world, things shape up. Heck, this year a card reader even foretold their success early on.

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Crayon Pop TV season 1 videos

What were the girls doing before they became popular? How are they like behind the scenes? These are questions you have when you first hear of Crayon Pop.

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Using this secret English inconsistency to help you learn to pronounce a new language

Are foreigners dumb? Are non-Americans crazy? Or does this apply to foreign-exchange students here? The silly foreigners that couldn’t pick up English? Do you know the look people who can’t speak English well give after they’ve said something? Anything? It’s kind of a mix between uncertainty, asking a question, and waiting on the edge of their seat for your response.

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The charm that pulls people towards Kara's Rock U

Oh it was wonderful. The korean drama “You are my destiny” had just finished. As an extra punch, friend surprises suti with news that on top of an actress, Im Yoon Ah is a singer too. The leader of a girl band in fact. Never hearing Korean music, sutiben checks out a few of her music videos and enjoys. 1

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