How well does D-Unit's "I'm Missing You" hold up?

Continuing from that earlier concert, sutiben also heard a new group called D-Unit/디유닛 perform their single “I’m Missin’ You”. ‘Tis not too bad. Take a listen.

No sure but think they debuted this month. Compared to the rest, they don’t follow the typical kpop girly image. At the same time, sutiben didn’t have the impression of “wow, they’re beautiful” but that’s probably because of what they’re wearing. So dark. *whispers* Though one was cute

hehe. The first time the group’s name came up, sutiben thought they said G-unit. ^^

Breaking down D-Unit’s song

What’s most interesting is the “different” voices that sing the main lyric “I’m missing you”. Sutiben almost didn’t notice until kept listening over and over again.

The 3 different voices behind “I’m Missin’ You”

  1. The song starts out with a slightly robotic voice which repeats during most of the piece. It almost sounds like a filter was used.
  2. Occasionally though, you’ll hear what seems to be a true robot speak the main chorus line. It’s not often though. More liked sprinkled here & there.
  3. However, the D-Unit girls eventually sing the line “I’m missing you”, giving a humanistic feel to the overall tone. Almost as though they’re speaking to a guy not to leave.

The complementing speed of the beat

What really sets the song apart and helps make it more thrilling is the varying background music. There’s a constant beat in the background following your pulse. Or, is it the other way around?

This beat changes dramatically, often going from using different instruments to a different tempo. You can hear this when D-Unit sing the other lyrics and the beats become slightly softer. This speeds up once more the moment they reach the “I’m missing you” part.

It really surprised sutiben how slightly more complex the background music plays to suit the lyrics.

What of the dance? Except for a few moves, ‘twas nothing special.

If had to give just the song a rating, sutiben gives it a 7/10. ‘Tis a nice change of pace from the usual bubbly songs. Overall, like the song and think you’ll like it too. At least, ‘tis good for playing in the background to energize you.

Will you like 디유닛 "I'm Missing You" song?

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