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The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire 日本帝國的興衰

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Recorded videos of old Japan 昭和の日本

Have you ever wondered how Japan society used to be like? Lots of people have an image of how Japan is, whether right or wrong, such as the homeland of anime, sex & crazy gadgets. But it wasn’t always like this, Japan was a totally distinct place. So take a look at these videos for yourself to see the transformation & remove any misconceptions.

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Using this secret English inconsistency to help you learn to pronounce a new language

Are foreigners dumb? Are non-Americans crazy? Or does this apply to foreign-exchange students here? The silly foreigners that couldn’t pick up English? Do you know the look people who can’t speak English well give after they’ve said something? Anything? It’s kind of a mix between uncertainty, asking a question, and waiting on the edge of their seat for your response.

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