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(^_^)/ *waves hard with right hand* hi hi. Hope you like what you see.

Sutiben always wanted a place where can show nice people the fun & interesting things suti finds. You’ll see some personal stories but … hehe lots of asian stuff. Gomen. suti can’t help it. ^^

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✿ Now 'tis a Chinese girl sutiben meeting?

Female figure with a mask on next to map of New Jersey

What if a Chinese stranger wants to meet you and become friends. What would you do?

There’s always excitement in meeting new people and sutiben always up for it. Well, such a thing happened last week. A Chinese girl got in contact and this is how the conversation went down. Her words exactly more or less.

Sutiben: hi hi. ^^)/~~~ Just saw your message.

Chinese girl: Hello. I am a Chinese girl, who living in America for couple years. But I don’t know much about American culture.

And I don’t have a lot friend here. I am looking for some American friend who is interseted about Chinese culture, so we can discuss. And my English is not very good, I want to improve my English by making friend here. Thank you.

Sutiben: Ah, kk. If you’re willing to help sutiben learn Chinese, am more than willing to help you too for free. Even if your English is bad, ‘tis not a problem. The only issue is at the moment sutiben would like meet in Manhattan.
Chinese girl: I live in Edison right now. Is it possible you come here.
Sutiben: Don’t think can make it all the way to Edison at the moment. However, suti currently goes to NJ on weekdays. Maybe we can meet around Hoboken then? Or if want to hang out on weekends, we could but it’ll have to be in NYC. Now, for this coming Sunday we can see each other in Hoboken but just know suti can’t do that consistently. Is that good?

Chinese girl: Hoboken is still a kind of far from my house. But it’s fine. If you want, you can text me to my phone number. I can meet you in Hoboken this Sunday. Please send me the detail address. So I can check my GPS. Sorry for your trouble. Because I have to work from Monday to Friday, and I don’t want to drive to NYC. It’s too crowded as I am a new driver.

BTW, I am working in a company right now, but my English is not that good right now, so sometimes I can’t understand what they say I think the most important thing to help me get a good salary is to improve my English.

Sutiben: Sweet. So you wanna improve your English to earn a higher salary? Judging from your writing though, your English doesn’t seem bad at all. Wonder if sutiben can really help. Do you have something planned?

Chinese girl: Hello. I studied English before for almost 10 years. And I don’t have a plan right now. Now I just want to know much more about the culture of America.

When I go meet with the clients, I can understand what they talk about. Now I am a kind of confused. Of course, the most important to improve my English is to get a better job.

Sutiben: *sends meeting time & details* Sutiben no have cell so in order for us not to miss each other when we get together, let’s stand in one of the street corners there. If you see someone standing and carrying a black backpack (with a clueless face ^^) you’ll know that’s suti.
Chinese girl: All Right. See you on Sunday. I will take a pink handbag with me. Let me know if you make any changes.

(^з^)-☆ Waaah!

Sutiben didn’t expect much at the beginning but as she kept talking, seemed like she was the real deal. With rising expectations, sutiben waits for Sunday to come but then receive a late message on Saturday.

I am Sorry. I can’t meet you this weekend. My aunt just call me and say she will come back this weekend. My aunt just come back from NY tonight. So I have to take care of her. Sorry about that.

(O_O) Awww.

And just like that, meeting canceled. Seems a lil’ weird but guess can happen.

But that’s not the end of it. Days later received another message.

Sorry to reply late, my aunt got car accident this week. I am busy running between office, hospital and home.

And so now not only aunt came to visit but she got into an accident?

Sutiben no know what to think. Hope she no playing around. Didn’t think would have a chance to make a new Chinese friend. All can think right now is if this just a prank. What do you think? Will let you know if something develops.

UPDATE: After some time of no response, looks like she wasn’t truly interested and backed out at the end. Either that or more likely our temporary email from that system expired and she couldn’t email sutiben after that. Guess ‘twas for the best since suti no in NJ often now.

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