How to sound like a native Korean

Here are the expressions a native Korean makes

Ever wanted to sound Korean?

Learning Korean standard vocabulary and grammar is one thing but sounds and expressions are another.

Waaah, the way she says them so cute! (≧∇≦) Sutiben’s favorite is 헐 now. Used to hear it on dramas but didn’t know what that sound meant. hehe now do

“when my teacher gives us homework and we say UGH! she gives us more -_- so now i showed my class to say hul instead so now when we say hul she doesnt know what it mean!!!!!”

Anyway, below are the expressions mentioned. Most suti has heard at least once on Korean TV shows.

  • 아이고/아이구 (aigo/aigu) - used for surprises
  • 에이 (ei) - used for when you don’t believe someone
  • 에휴/에유 (ehyu/eyu) - used for slight frustration
  • 츠 (cheu) - used for when something is unfair and you’re a bit upset
  • 헐 (hul) - used for when something is unfair (for teenagers)
  • 캬/크 (kya/keu) - used for drinking something refreshing (usually alcohol)
  • 야~ (ya) - used for when something is unbelievable

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