Native Korean: "I can speak in English when I memorize…"

What does a native Korean experience living in the US? How is life here really like?

This week a Korean guy got in contact wanting sutiben to help teach him English and this is how the conversation went:

The beginning friendship of a Korean who wants to drop Konglish?

Sutiben: hi hi. ^^)/~~~ Waah, you’re the second Korean guy really meeting. Whatcha do?

Korean guy: *looks at sutiben*

I came to NY around 3 years ago, but I can not speak English well because I do not use English very often.

  • I am working for Korean company in Flushing with all Korean. I am consultant for immigrant service non profit. mainly for Korean. Also known as “DACA”, I am working about Obama Dream Act.
  • When after work, I meet some Korean guys for hang out and
  • go home, I watch Korea TV…

I got master degree from Korea but it could not use here any more for speaking English. I really would like to improve my English but I dont know what to do. I think If I have English friend, I can speak English more better!

I can treat meal at Korean Restraunt.

Sutiben: (*^^*)。o O( “Wonder what yummy food can try?” ) *shakes head* No know if suti good teacher but why learn English?

Korean guy: I can live in states with no English but I am not happy.

I just want to share my feeling in English but It’s very hard to do it because I live in Flushing and I only talk to Korean. When I meet some native American, I can’t hear they saying exactly.

I practice a lot by text book, TV, radio, Internet article as well as ESL. But I am a worker, I have to work everyday, I am getting tired easily. That’s why I want a English tutor like a friend. No boring!

Basically get the other person to understand what I mean when I speak.

Sutiben: Haven’t you studied English before?

Korean guy: Very long! you know what the most Asian people doesn’t speak English well even if they study English a lot. I’m a 7/10. I can speak in English when I memorize something sentence. If I don’t, I usually speak Konglish [Korean+English]

Sutiben: Suti can’t be the only one. Aren’t others trying to help tutor you?
Korean guy: And I don’t get tons of emails. You are just third person except someone who wanted to get money. I actually am staying in D.C. I actually just got here on Monday night from the D.C. And I had something to arrange for the company and tons of laundry…etc My lips are chapped from the business trip. And my dog was thin because I went away from home. He doesn’t eat when I am not stay home. I don’t know why.
Sutiben: Ah.. kk. Well, guess wouldn’t be bad to meet meet. What’s your name btw? ‘Tis sutiben here.
Korean guy: Hajun! Let’s meet soon. I am free couple of days after this business trip!

And so the adventure begins. ^^ How will meeting with Hajun turn out? Will it be fun with a Korean guy? Stay tuned for followup on what happens next.

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