The frightening silly person behind Sutiben

Drawing of visitor in a peep hole

Hey, who is that?

*(^o^)/* Waaah, a new visitor!


Skipping This Step Is Considered Rude In Some Countries

Come in. Come in.

Make sure to take your shoes off when you …come … inside.

(;゜0゜) *stares as you enter without leaving your shoes at the door*

σ(^_^;).。oO( *bbbbut suti just cleaned room. Meanie! Now suti no gonna serve cookies & milk* )

Uhm… no move much.

Drawing of a guy entering a house and welcomed by someone

*pulls up an old folding chair next to doorway*

Just sit right over here.

(¬_¬) *glances at your shoes before leaving the room & returning with a pitcher of water*

Have a glass & drink. ‘Tis all that have.

Since you’re here, guess you curious what this website and silliness all about?

Sutiben vs Suti: Why You Aren’t Seeing Double

(^^ゞ *puts hand behind head* uhmm, well, the thing is…

Oh wait, forgot to introduce self. So silly.

^^)/ ~~~ hi hi! Sutiben here.

But you can call sutiben suti. Many many ppl do.

Still remember this Canadian girl from KAW, an online game used to play lots, who first gave sutiben the nickname suti. 1 Since then it has caught on and everybody uses it.

Of course, ‘twas no that long before that same girl turned meanie and kicked suti out of her clan for no good re… Oh wait, hehe that’s another story.

Wait, what was suti talking about again? Oh yeah, what is this corner about.

The Hidden Interest That Spawned This Site Today

See the thing is sutiben has… (*_*) *whispers* kind of an obsession.

But no tell anyone! k?

Drawing of a pink heart

Every time sutiben mentions it to others, suti gets a similar reaction and they usually make suti feel bad, (even if they say nothing) almost like sutiben strange and weird for having an interest in it.

And what makes it more hard is no one around here shares this interest. Or, at least, that sutiben knows. Doesn’t help suti a lil’ shy either.

So when sutiben finds something nice to want to talk about, can’t. Sutiben forced to keep it to self.

You: “Darn it! What is that secret already?!”

Drawing of a confused panda

Oh, right right. Sutiben has a liking for panda bears. The ones that wear a tiny hat & are chubby. They so cute.

^ - ^

Hehehe kidding *shakes head* No, no. ‘Tis everything Asian.

You: “Aren’t Pandas an Asian thing?”

f^_^; uhm, everything but pandas.

What To Expect From An Asian Fanatic With The Keys To Publish Anything

Drawing of an almond and its shadow

Sutiben no know why have big interest in Asians since baby but that’s the underlying spark that pushed Sutiben in creating this small website with own two bloody hands.

^^ *whispers* hehe at the time of creation, suti fell to the ground & scraped both hands.

It might look like there’s a group behind this *shakes head* but no, ’tis simply sutiben. 2 It’s suti’s personal website after all. That’s why put lots of time into it like when spent a year following a Korean drama.

‘Tis like compete freedom to be able to write anything here. Always wanted ability. Yet, sutiben now has goals with own personal space online,

  • no need to worry about censorship. Suti has lots of personal Asian stories always wanted to tell and now has a place to do it. One being when went to a Karaoke bar with Japanese classmates & suti go blushy blushy. *covers face*
  • meet new lil’ friends who also into what suti into. Sutiben already find 2 people to chat just from writing. Waaah, happy happy. Really enjoyed talking about historical dramas with JJ.
  • can have one spot to share what find in the internet. Already searching for Asian videos & fun stuff anyway.
  • teach languages as suti learns them. Best way to learn is to teach. Least, that’s what someone who seemed smart said. Korean friend gave suti some Hangul lessons earlier so wanna turn around and share. Planning to do so for Japanese too eventually.
  • receive a kiss on the cheek from an Asian girl. what? Sutiben no gonna explain that. ^^

Basically, you’ll see everything that is stealing an Asian fan’s focus.

(・・ ) Er?

*stares at your feet before looking away*

Drawn boot with something brownish at the bottom

(°_°).。oO( *is… is that… mud on their shoes* )

Uh… *quickly gets up* Sutiben forgot. Need to go to a meeting soon.

*pushes you to the door* Come back another time.

^^)/~~ Bye bee.

  1. Now that think about it some more, maybe she shortened sutiben to type name faster during game chat.

    Oh ~_~; *lowers head* And here sutiben thought maybe she put lots of thought into the nickname.

    (^○^) Hehehe so much for secret origin of “suti”. ↩︎

  2. Well, maybe one other person helping poor suti when have time. ↩︎