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Female figure next to abbreviations of New Jersey and a tiny map of Manhattan

The meeting with the Edison Chinese girl that didn't happen

Have you ever had a Chinese stranger contact you to meet with you and become friends? Well, such a thing happened recently and you can read the raw conversation that went down and if it was successful.

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Can't find an ideal Chinese restaurant with the far east decor in NYC?

Some Americans are in search for an authentic Chinese restaurant while others long for the places filled with stereotypes: red, gold, and everything the imagination can come up with when you hear the words Oriental and Far East. However, there’s an explanation why you’ve been unable to find one in New York.

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The long history of China written in a few pages

If someone would fit all of China’s ancient history into no more than 30 brief pages & tell you exactly what you need to know, how much would you pay? And what if you could get it for free?

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Lots of ancient kingdoms in the Silk Road owe China for lots of cultural things?

The ancient Silk Road was more than just for commerce & trading. Cultural exchange occurred every time different nations met. But the question then becomes how far & entrenched did Chinese ideas took hold in the ancient times?

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What led the West to be so influential & powerful compared to the East?

Many early Eastern civilizations like China, Korea, Japan & the Ottoman empire were outperforming European states by a wide margin. Haven’t you ever asked why the west came out on top in the end?

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The standup acts of a funny Chinese comedian

You may not know it but this guy has a good sense of humor but does he tickle your funny bone? Only one way to find out.

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War against Tang China formed the historical ties of early Goguryeo & the ancient Turks?

Did you know Turkey & Korea are best friends? They seem to consider themselves brothers. But how could one country close to Eastern Europe & another near the Pacific ocean ever have achieved a close relationship?

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No country beats China when it comes to fighting kidnaps & terrorism

In the States, police dispatch trained negotiators to the scene with the aim of saving innocent captives. But could Chinese society actually have found a better way to deal with kidnappers, ransom demands & hostage negotiations?

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Interesting facts about Chinese and German culture + traditions

If you wanna visually understand how different the Chinese & German cultures are like from opinion, way of life, punctuality, self esteem, parties, restaurant noise, traveling, beauty definition, how to handle problems, transportation, etc. then check these drawings out. No sure if 100% true but kinda funny.

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Using this secret English inconsistency to help you learn to pronounce a new language

Are foreigners dumb? Are non-Americans crazy? Or does this apply to foreign-exchange students here? The silly foreigners that couldn’t pick up English? Do you know the look people who can’t speak English well give after they’ve said something? Anything? It’s kind of a mix between uncertainty, asking a question, and waiting on the edge of their seat for your response.

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