Does China really handle hostage situations better?

A man next to a kid in a school window waving

Ah, so that’s how China deals with kidnappers and terrorists! ^^

That’s just the first image. You have to check out the rest that follows to understand the complete story in order to get it. Hehehehe

Sutiben not know Chinese ways were really that different. After seeing what happens over there, might be good if suti no take bakeries hostage & demand they make only BIG chocolate chip cookies. ^^;

Eh… will have to settle for small cookies. (T_T) Guess they’re good too…

*whispers* Or, maybe, suti can continue holding bakeries hostages in the States & no in China. ^__^ hehe

No country beats China when it comes to fighting kidnaps & terrorism

What now? is it possible you can help suti by sharing… just because? (^_^)