Funny or not: Joe Wong, the famous American comedian from China

Sutiben find find an Asian comedian that make suti giggle a bit. No sure if ‘tis everybody’s cup of tea so check out his stand up comedy at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association. His English is no that strong so sutiben choose one with English subtitles so all can enjoy.

Joe Wong Interview

That was back in March 2010 and Joe Wang 1 soon had an interview where he discusses his rise. Hearing him talk in Chinese makes him appear so different from when he speaks English. Good info.

Other public acts

As far as can tell, he’s only been on American tv with the Late Night show and the Ellen DeGeneres show though only for a short while. Internationally, he appeared on a CNTV show but ‘tis all in Chinese.

David Letterman - February 12, 2010

That son of a gun…

David Letterman - September 1, 2011

Joe & child labor…

David Letterman March 30, 2012

This no too funny but maybe others might like it…

  1. His Chinese name is Huáng Xī (黄西) in case you were wondering though he’s not popular in China if you were thinking of looking for him there. ↩︎

The standup acts of a funny Chinese comedian

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