Ugly or Beautiful? Comparing German & Chinese cultures to uncover stereotypes

Quick question: can you tell the difference between the way people from Germany and China live?

Well, if you can then you can quickly notice stereotypes. You see, for an exhibition, the designer Yang Liu created a few illustrations to show a comparison between Eastern and Western cultures… but in a silly way (*^O^*).

Take a look at one of the many illustrations made.

Comparing difference in transportation between China and Gernany Sutiben’s favorite is the transportation pic … didn’t think of it that way. hehe. Wanting what the other has.

*slowly turns head & looks at broken down bicycle in corner*

(^ ^).。o O ( Germans want suti’s muddy bike? )

Don’t mind suti’s rambling. See more of these side by side cultural comparisons (and larger pictures) here.

Interesting facts about Chinese and German culture + traditions

What now? is it possible you can help suti by sharing… just because? (^_^)