China's influence reached far wide in the ancient Silk Road?

While eating din din 1, sutiben find a documentary on TV called “Traveling along the Silk Road searching for the footprints of China”. Thought was gonna be boring but glad no change channel.

Think you might like a lil’. ‘Twas no too bad. Title gives away show. A group follows the old Silk Road to find any Chinese traces on past kingdoms and empires..

Video says lots of stuff but this passage stood out:

We say Chai in Turkish. Cha and Chai sound familiar. Tea came to Asia Minor, then to Turkey by the Northern route of the Silk Road. Northerners called it Cha, Southerners called it dei. In Xiamen and Guangzhou, people called Chinese tea dei. So the English called it tea since it went to England by sea in the South.

Tea, Dei, Cha, and Chai, this is a cultural exchange from the Silk Road.

Suat, a Turkish guide

Ah, so that’s the origin for the English word for tea! They also mention the Romans really loving Chinese silk.

*scracthes head* All new to suti ^^

Anyhoo, no everything clear. Does that mean tea originally come from China? Is drinking tea a Chinese thing? Oh, so many questions.

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Lots of ancient kingdoms in the Silk Road owe China for lots of cultural things?

What now? is it possible you can help suti by sharing… just because? (^_^)