Understanding the long history of China in less than 1 hour

Have you ever wanted to learn all about the history of the Chinese people? The famous wars and fighting done in the past during each dynasty? From ancient to modern times?

But without bringing home a big rusty book and spending weeks reading?

Sutiben happy finally came across this website again. When first saw it, sutiben no even bookmark page ^^: Regret no reading it then and putting it off for later.

You see, suti always likes seeing the big picture. The whole history of China is pretty long and sometimes you no wanna know all the lil’ details, especially if just starting out.

If you’re like sutiben, sometimes reading a quick summary is best. But who would do all the work to make it brief? Who would spend lots of time, then give you a timeline and the main points?

ヘ(^0^)ヘ hehe. No even teacher did that. In fact, she no even talk about it.

Paul Frankenstein. That’s who.

He tells you what events you need to know. Kinda like the cliff notes. So you can either spend time studying for years or get a small taste, an overview now.

Don’t be like suti and forget. ‘Tis short anyway. And afterwards you can nod your head whenever others talk about China’s history like you know all about it.

Not that sutiben does that…

The long history of China written in a few pages

What now? is it possible you can help suti by sharing… just because? (^_^)