✆ Get In Touch With Sutiben

There many mean people out there.

So, sutiben no wanna let just anyone contact suti in private (/.\) Once heard a man throw a bone at doggy that hit its head and man just laugh and laugh… *nods*

A story like that has to be true!

Where oh where can I catch sutiben?

But you know, sutiben out in the public:

  1. If you wanna show sutiben something, put it on the supa Facebook page. At least like sutiben. There you’ll also get other nice things suti finds that don’t make it to the website. Can also send message.
  2. Or, if you a big fan and wanna hear suti talk lots more, follow @sutiben. *whispers* Wonder if sometimes maybe think out loud too much there. *shakes head* No, that can’t be…
  3. Wanna see all the nice pictures suti can find? Then forget everything else and check out pinterest.

But if you want to just chat, go either to Facebook or Twitter and contact sutiben there. ‘Tis the fastest way to get a response too, especially since there usually. Any other way, sutiben really slow.

How to whisper something sweet into suti’s ear

So you see, sutiben almost everywhere now. No really know why somebody would wanna send suti a private message.

(・ ・ ) . 。 o( *imagines a pretty girl * )



ლ(╹◡╹ლ) If have something to say, anything at all, tell suti below.