The unexpected Latin waitress flirting in front of mummy

The story of a pretty waitress & the confusion she causes sutiben with her signals this past Sunday around 2pm

Ordering more than you bargained for

* Invited to a meal, sutiben tags along and enters the Applebee’s restaurant. Leading the party of three to their table is some woman but wanting to sit down, sutiben focuses on nothing except sitting down. *

Sutiben: *looks over pictures in menu & mumbles* t(-_-t) suti no think Applebee’s has a dish with no meat…

Lala: *quickly flips menu to find a vegetarian meal in an attempt to please* you can have onion soup.

Sutiben: ewww. No, ’tis kk. *continues looking at the menu* ooh, they have pizza through. Suti will have that.

The eyes of a woman that means more than one thing

* Within moments, a striking Latin waitress pops in dressed in what seems like the standard attention-getting tight uniform with a black shirt & pant. (Or maybe ’tis just suti exaggerating?) Hard to be sure but she was possibly a Dominican girl given her look from the slender face to the long black hair. *

Sutiben: *seeing her revealed figure as she comes closer, sutiben orders quickly trying to get rid of her* just the pizza for suti.

´-`).。oO( This just a nice family & friend eat out. Good thing suti’s lunch simple. )

* The meals ordered, the waitress leaves and sutiben begins talking with everyone on the table. A few minutes pass. *

Latin waitress: *carrying a bowl of nachos, she returns dropping it off* Here you go. *then with a quick, subtle, almost imperceivable move, she appears to look at sutiben with a warmer-than-usual smile*

Sutiben: (•• ).。oO( Dddddddid… she just give suti a look? No suti must be imagining things. Suti no handsome at all. )

*Ignoring what’s happening, sutiben joins in with everybody dipping in and eating.*

* After a time, the woman approaches our table once more this time with our orders *

Latin waitress: Buen aprovecho!

Sutiben: Grazie.

(•• ).。oO( no sure but every time she nears, suti feels an energy coming from her. ’Tis like a radiating feeling. Eh… maybe that just crazy talk. )

Are you waiting for customers or seeking someone’s attention?

* For the next hour or so, the whole party munches and talk. Since sutiben next to mummy, suti lets loose and acts silly making table chuckle as usual. With smiles all around, sutiben is having a good time. Yet, can’t help but be curious what the waitress is up to. For although he won’t publicly admit out loud, he is a lil’ attracted to her. *

Sutiben: *Moving eyes around all over the place, sutiben notices the server standing nearby perfectly in suti’s field of vision, ahead only two tables down*

Latin waitress: *Doing nothing but waiting, she looks around elsewhere but once in a while steals a glance over in sutiben’s way*

Sutiben: (?_? ).。oO( Wait. Why is she there? She even looks a lil’ nervous. Could it be she’s doing this on purpose? No. Suti imagining things. )

*shakes thoughts away and continues enjoying food but the woman keeps doing this throughout*

Boldness in flirting even in front of mummy

* Now with the plates empty, sutiben is ready to leave. *

Lala: How about dessert?

Sutiben: ehhh…

(^_^ ;).。oO( Oh right. Forgot all about dessert. Hehe Guess suti not one to eat out often. Don’t really know customs. )

Lala: *calls the waitress over* We’ll have dessert. I’ll have the apple pie.

Sutiben: the chocolate & ice cream cake for suti!

Latin waitress: and you, mam?

Mummy: *thinking* um…

Sutiben: (^^ ).。oO( hehe earlier mummy say she full. Think pastry tempting her. Mummy kinda like a lil’ girl. When given choices, she wants everything and so can’t always pick one. )

*Seeing mummy struggle, and for a second forgetting there’s company, sutiben shakes head in silly fashion and makes familiar cute Korean sound so as to suggest mummy doesn’t want anything.*

* Everybody smiles. *

Latin waitress: *while laughing, looks at sutiben with eyes no can describe*

Sutiben: (^_^ “).。oO( Oh no! Shouldn’t have done that! Forgot a stranger/waitress here. Suti no like showing true self and silly side when around other ppl. )

Mummy: I’ll have the apple pie too.

A woman’s flirt that’s oblivious to everyone else

Latin waitress: *Orders taken, the server turns around & slowly walks away from our table*

Sutiben: *eyes follow the moving girl*

Latin waitress: *a few steps into it and with a slow motion of the head, she then looks slightly back & to her left, momentarily staring at sutiben. It’s almost as though she was checking.*

Sutiben: (//・_・//) …

* More time passes and eventually the waitress returns with the pastries. *

Latin waitress: *setting down the dessert plates and taking her final leave, once again she leaves us. *


Latin waitress: *moving in the same manner as before she slowly tucks in her shirt on her back*

Sutiben: (@/ω\@)).。oO( suti sure she flirting now… )

* More minutes pass and the clock soon nears 4pm. Since sutiben a slow eater, everybody waiting for him to finish. *

Latin waitress: *suddenly reappearing again, she begins picking up everything from the table. *

Sutiben: *in a hurry, suti takes spoon and puts last bites into mouth*

Latin waitress: Oh, you don’t need to rush because of me. (-_^)

* and so that’s how the day went down. Hard to tell if sutiben misread everything. Sometimes wish had a female friend who could prob give good opinion. *

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