[VIDEO] Crayon Pop - Before they hit it big (Season 1)

What were the girls doing before they became popular?

How are they like behind the scenes?

These are questions you have when you first hear of Crayon Pop.

From the moment first saw Bar Bar Bar on TV, sutiben loved the song and jumping dance on the spot. (And guessing you too) If you’ve been following along lately, you probably noticed a bump in Crayon Pop videos. Well, after stumbling upon this video, suti started scouring online for anything related to this girl band. And what do you think suti found? A whole archive of videos. Apparently they have been recording themselves for a whole year+.

Having watched all of the videos, now sutiben a big fan and have a “poster” to show for it.

Episode 1: The live Google Hangout

Sutiben recommends skipping the first episode. Not only are there audio problems but there are no English translations. Seems the girls tried to do a live Google hangout with fans but didn’t turn out too well. Highly recommend you go to the second one. Only keeping this here to keep everything organized.

Episode 2: The Marilyn Monroe wigs

As far as can tell, this is the inspiration for the track suits & wigs some fans have on.

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5: Under penalty of face painting

Episode 6: Crayon Pop & the mean strict teacher

Episode 7: Away from the city

The yellow shirt with rings hehehehe. You’ll get it once you’ve watched the video.

Episode 8: Gathering around the jacuzzi

Hehe the best part was Ellin’s look as one of the twins (forgets which one already) acts like her it friend and hugs her. ^^

Episode 9: Traveling to Osaka, Japan for promotions

Episode 10: The final workout (and season finale)

How can you not love the Korean short girls after watching them? If you’re like suti, you can’t wait for the next season to start which shows what happens when they first launch Bar Bar Bar.

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