The dog, the Korean, and the confusion

(°_°) suti finds no can easily read what foreigners are thinking…

*whispers* or maybe because suti slow?

After meeting a native Korean in the city for the first time and hanging out, sutiben worried if he didn’t want to become friends.

Maybe he didn’t like

  • suti have bad fashion. *covers hole in shirt with hand* Seems many Koreans dress nice
  • how simple suti thinking is
  • the ramblings that suti makes

The worrying stopped when got the following message:

I think It was nice to meet you. I was happy to walk with you around Central Park. I am look forward to seeing you on this Sunday again.

*jumps in the air*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:☆ Yatta!

Biro: The loyal Korean dog that loves & trusts only its master

But then he tells the story about his dog:

This is happened in this morning, I went for a walk with my dog and I wanted to drink Dunkin’s coffee so I put my dog in front of the Dunkin.

My dog is usually nerves when I am not staying with him as of tremble. I walked into the Dunkin, at that time; one guy asked me that he is trembling all over. I told him that he is just nerves because I am not there. He looked strangely at me. So I made up I have to explain more detail for that guy this situation.

I was out and stand beside my dog then he[my dog] seemed to be comfortable. I said to him “now you knew?” After that I was a bit awkward. I thought I was returning how could I explain for that guy like native speakers.

*scratches head* !(◎_◎;) er?

All know is there’s some problem with his favorite dog, Biro.

Lucky for him sutiben here to help.

After rereading a few times suti got some idea but to be sure understood, rewrote his story in own words, sent that in and asked if that is what he meant:

This morning, my dog and I went for a walk. Because I wanted to drink coffee, I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts and left my dog in the front. As I walked inside, a guy informed me that my dog was trembling all over. I tried explaining that he does that often because he gets nervous when I am not around but he didn’t seem to understand. So I went back and stood next to my pet who calmed down. I then asked if he understood but felt awkward afterwards. As I left, I wondered how I could explain myself to English speakers.

One way you can explain this is by saying the following:

“Don’t worry about that. My dog only trembles because he gets nervous and scared when I am not around. He stops that when I am next to him.”

Waaah if this story true, his Korean dog must be scaredy cat. ^^ Wonder if just his pet acts that way or if all Korean dogs are like that.

Hajun then replies with:

You are awesome! You are absolutely right. Your rewriting is the same thing to my bad English. I will pratice a intercomparison exercise…

(^∇^) Yatta! Sutiben may not know Korean but at least understands broken English. ^^

Happy happy when help others. And now we’re meeting again and no can wait.

UPDATE: here’s a sketch that inspired the illustration above

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