What can happen from using a Chinese dating app

What happens when you use an app to find a Chinese date?

Have you ever poked around the App Store searching for dating apps to find love? Or, even thought about it?

Waah, sutiben not know that was possible!

Anyway, apparently there’s a danger in doing so, as the funny Chinese video shows what strange encounters are possible. ^^

‘Tis really a promotion for some Chinese app but suti liked liked song for catchy tune and … dance moves. hehe. Getting own organ stolen is probably the biggest fear because sutiben takes care of kidneys lots. They’re nice and plump from drinking lots of water and no soda, coffee or beer so everybody would want them.

The Chinese girl turning out to be a bear is not too bad… well, while no want “her” near sutiben, at least will get warning when zipper goes down. σ^_^; ehh…

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