[VIDEO] Behind footage during Bar Bar Bar promotion (Season 2)

This was the year for Crayon Pop’s bar bar bar so lots must’ve happen during their promotion, no?

Well, in fact, lots happened. Unlike the previous years where they struggled to hang on in the music world, things shape up. Heck, this year a card reader even foretold their success early on.

Anyway, this is the best season of the girl group. So much free spirit snd fun. You’ll fall in love even more with the band.

Episode 1: The wild trip to the fair

Hehehe to the girls who screamed from the ride.

Episode 2: The antics before a music performance

Everybody Hongsam! Hehehe. Waaah, sutiben so wanted to join in their 홍삼게임 game. They’re so fun.

Episode 3: the group heads for the Qingdao Festival

Waaah, the trip to China was fun. You get to see how talkative the girls are.

And did you see how much snacks Ellin grabbed at the store. That’s why suti likes Ellin, maybe a lil’ too much ^^

Episode 4:

Waaah, think this is the first time took notice of the Hongsam game. Looks super fun. From what little understand, if you get chosen, don’t shout “everybody Hongsam” and wave your arms, you get penalized usually in the form of slaps and elbow drops. Pay attention. Maybe you can figure the rules better. Let sutiben know if you do.

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8: Going to Australia

By now you can tell Crayon Pop girls more popular because of the crowd. So happy for them!

Extra Hong Kong footage from Crayon Pop

Episode 9: Find the mafia game

Long video but this will show if you’re a true Crayon Pop fan or not. Sutiben at first skipped ahead but returned back and glad did.

As for who was the killer, sutiben had no idea. They all looked equally innocent ^^; guess sutiben wouldn’t do well in this game.

Episode 10: Can you cook it before time runs out?

Hehehehe. The staff can be so meanie to the girls. And in the end, those who disturbed got to eat. ^^

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