Bubibu - The catchy word that APink gets you with

Sutiben doesn’t know about you but lately have been discovering new kpop bands, especially after watching on tv the K-Pop Super Concert in Yeosu. The latest is a group called A Pink/에이핑크 and they came out recently with “Bubibu”. Check it out.

Bubibu: The word you endlessly repeat but have no idea what it means

For the past week, “bubibu” has been on suti’s head and no can get it out. *covers ears*

The song name already gives you a hint of what it’s like. To suti, has similar happy style to suti’s favorite group. Wonder if that’s one reason for liking it.

Anyway, the song title mysterious and was so curious to know what bu bi bu meant that sutiben looked everywhere. Here is what suti found:

It a cute way of say when you touch someone… if you Knew what Bubibu mean you would understand the song better and it not stupid it makes sense… spiritedbeauty97

It seems like “BuBiBu” means “to rub” or “to brush against.” pop!gasa

the meaning of BUBIBU is “the cutest way of say when we touch someone” Danial Azim

(^^) Aaaaah… so like when girl’s hand touches a guy’s arm by accident? ^^ hehe. How cute! Wonder if bubibu meaning similar to this other word in this picture.

Breaking down the song: The key parts of the Bubibu

Anyhoo, the beginning starts out more like reading a slow sentence but speeds up when they hit you with the first dose of the chorus line. 1

You’ll notice the constant beat in the background which keeps the song moving ahead. It almost sounds like a heartbeat. Think they’re made by drums. Either way, there’s a contrast between the overall mellow vibe and the quick background tempo hitting away.

It’s like the song struggles wanting to be either slow or fast but it’s this part that paces your heart. This becomes more evident when they get into the best part.

When the music slows down, it makes you want and expect the chorus line. It works it up! So when A Pink finally sings Bubibu, you have no choice but to sing along ^^

*closes door & shouts* Bubibu!

The dance performance that fits the group

What makes the song shine even more is their performance on stage.

  • They usually have these cute lil’ hats, in line with that innocent image. And they’re always smiling.
  • Move slowly and in unison.
  • They move their legs in exaggerated ways too. Look how they raise their lower legs slightly up when the bubibu part comes.
  • Lots of their motion seem to be in the hands. Next time look at their fingers and how they move them slowly in the air.
  • In some dances, they actually wear the color matching their name.
  • A Pink even winks at suti! 2
  • If you watch the video enough, you’ll also see how the one move that sticks out is the band’s body movement going left and right.

Looking at the instructors, the dance steps don’t look too hard to learn

Should you boo A Pink when they perform this song?

Is this the best song? No. But suti really really likes listening to it. Once you hear the bubibu chorus, you’re hooked. If you listen only to audio, ‘tis still good but the dance steps elevate the song more. Definitely the girl band is on sutiben’s mind now. In fact, even joked with friend that A Pink’s Bubibu is the song of the week. hehe. Sutiben just can’t stop saying bubibu.


  1. They keep repeating Choa. From hearing a lot, think this means ‘like’ in Korean. ↩︎

  2. and only at sutiben! (*^^*) ↩︎

Behind the "Bubibu" song from APink

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