Can After School's Flashback intro spark an interest?

Sutiben has … a confession. Have you heard of this Korean girl band called After school (애프터스쿨)? Sutiben has but only because friend brings them up. They have a song called “Flashback”.

If you haven’t seen it, below are some videos found on Youtube. If none work check here

Sutiben never really liked them. No sure why. Maybe too many members? No know why. When they made an appearance on Weekly Idol, sutiben tried giving them a chance but switched channels after the random dance bit. They no really stand out.

Anyhoo, keep seeing the girls on tv lately and find drawn to the song more and more. As much as no like group, sutiben admit like Flashback.

*whispers* And sutiben mean really like song. Maybe a lil’ too much. But no tell others plz. ^^;

What really like the most is the beat and robotic voice at the start. 1 Their performance here fits perfectly when all come forward and move in unison. Hmm, maybe Afterschool no too bad … maybe

  1. It only lasts about 20 secs but wish it was part of the repeating chorus. Oh no, sutiben can’t stop the replay … ↩︎

After School Flashback mv is probably best song from group

What now? is it possible you can help suti by sharing… just because? (^_^)