Can you like a kpop girl band at second sight?

Sutiben no used to think too much of f(x) before. Heard of the band but only friend liked them. In fact, no really knew who they were. That was all until this week sutiben see the group on a tv show. Now, know all their names 1 *chest swells* ( ^_^ )

  • the shirt with ‘roses’ written on it is Krystal (크리스탈) 2
  • the white shorts is Luna (루나) 3
  • the tomboyish girl is Amber (엠버)
  • and the blonde one is Victoria (빅토리아)

What really caught sutiben’s attention while going through the channels was the random dance. hehe lots of pushing & no coordination.

‘Twas a really fun show. There were even lots of hangul symbols to read. 4

Like how they kick the tomboy girl away to the side… to draw far away. Oooh, and the phrase of the day: 뿌잉 뿌잉 ^^

hehe Amber never got chance to show her drawing. Bet ‘twas a BIG cookie!

Woaaah, after getting to know the girls, suti like like them now (ღ˘‿˘ღ) What’s more, just watching f(x) perform the moves to their latest song, “Electric Shock” made sutiben like the song too. So, love doesn’t have to happen at first sight!

UPDATE 1: Just learned there was a member missing in the band: Sulli (설리). Friend says because she’s in a drama. hehe made him laugh when quickly stated, “She’s dead to suti”. ‘Tis true. She’s such a stranger. She had her chance. ^_-

UPDATE 2: Sutiben found the drawing Amber couldn’t finish on time. hehe

  1. Now know friend’s secret in knowing lots of member names of kpop bands! ‘tis all in watching shows like these! ↩︎

  2. *quickly stares at the ground* ↩︎

  3. She has one of the most brightest faces. And loveliest smile too. ↩︎

  4. Sutiben & friend paused the show many times to read the Korean characters; well, at least, the big sized ones. Helped there were no subtitles to distract at the time. So many new words going to sutiben’s Korean dictionary (just a tiny notebook) like

    • 파이팅
    • 댄스
    • 하이 파이브

    Korean words can be so cute. ^^ See if you can find them on the video. ‘tis good practice. And no cheating, turn off the subtitles.

    Think trying to learn at the same time made the show better. No sure. But will definitely watch this show on tv more. ↩︎

Can you love a kpop girl group at second sight?

What now? is it possible you can help suti by sharing… just because? (^_^)