How Bongyi taught suti to write & say WAIT in Korean

Sutiben is playing Internet when poochie yells to come over. Suti runs to find the TV screen on an old k-drama episode of “Smile Donghae”. While a great drama, sutiben already saw and sutiben no likes repeats. Maybe he wanna show sutiben how pretty Bong Yi1 is?

*scratches head* sutiben so confused.

That’s when the TV shows Bong Yi texting Donghae over the phone to wait for her. For a brief moment, the camera zooms in on Donghae’s cellphone. In it are his girlfriend’s text message that had the following:How to say wait right now in Korean symbols

The Korean Hangul is this 기다려 주세요

Waaaah, Bong Yi is teaching how to write wait in Hangul. Pretty and smart. Hehe. But only thing is sutiben always thought “wait” in Korean was written as 잠깐만 and pronounced as Chakanmanio2. But Poochie says this is probably another form of saying wait that is becoming more used at least in Korean dramas.

*raises hands* sutiben no know. All suti knows is prefer Jankanman better since simpler pronunciation. Suti simple like that ^^.

  1. Sutiben always reads Lee Bong Yi’s name as Bongeee! Like when you jump and shout in excitement ↩︎

  2. Chakanmanio is what suti hears but probably spelled out more like Jankanman. Sorry, Korean no likes suti. Still learning. ↩︎

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