Kara♥ Mister: The Butt Dance That Sparked A Korean Craze

It was too late.

On that very same night of browsing, the earlier discovered Korean music had piqued sutiben’s interest. Seeking more songs like it, the finger already went click on the next related Youtube video. 

And what did suti find? The “Mr.” song?!?! hehe, such a weird name but kk.

Unlike with “Rock U”, where mistook beginning slow tempo as the whole song’s, this time suti is ready for Kara’s tricks. Sutiben will not be surprised! (^^ )

♪ Breakdown of Kara’s Mister MV ♫

This is a cheerful song, right?

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeew, goes a strange background sound, starting off the song.

Yet, the Korean girl band appears in fixed positions, holding still like timid students.

Moments later, they start chanting, “♪ la la la la ♫” and swerve their whole body, beginning with their hips. Left. Right. Left. Right.

*mumbles* Ooh, looks like a happy cheery song like the previous one.

Each Kara member then moves their body differently and a bit suggestively but when you see them as a whole, they move as one. Looks very much like a snake dance actually. Hehe.

Who stuck the “cute” label on the Mr. song?

The forbidden dance that makes the song popular

The girls swiftly walk closer towards the public.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

*widens eyes*

Just as quickly, the Kara girls turn around and shake their *stares at floor* butt. ( o_0 ) The shake is accompanied by “♪ la la la la ♫”. It almost seems like they’re saying, “look at this”. 

*covers eyes with both hands*

Suti didn’t peek at this part. ‘Twas all skipped forward. You believe sutiben, right?

The butt dance lasts for about 5 seconds but seems soooo much longer. If you keep watching Kara’s Mister performances, you’ll also notice they always have straps or something around their hips… probably for emphasis.

But there’s more to notice than shakes

Throughout the song, Kara keeps singing “Mister”. Not knowing what the whole lyrics mean, sutiben is confused how this all comes together. Maybe song is about telling guys that girls are strong too? *scratches head* They do keep showing their arms. suti no know.

But the lyrics are pretty simple to sing along. Mister. Mister. La la la la. Hehe. The dances are different, they have a few different styles to them.

Coordinated dances

Although short, each Kara member gets their time to shine. Watch as all the members freeze except the one with the temporary spotlight on. They take turns. Probably the best part is when the girls circle one (Gyuri?) while raising their hands. 

Suti really likes how organized the steps are. Nice choreography.

The two points of emphasis

When the girls face you, the main focus is on the hands, with the hips a far second. Suti keeps following their hands as it’s a lil’ hypnotic. They direct your eyes up, down, left, right and even diagonal. The lovely part is when Kara shake their fingers at you, as though they’re saying “don’t do that”.

Otherwise, the emphasis is on the  *looks at floor again* bbbbbbb… butt.

How does “Mister” stack up?

The dances in “Mister” seem similar to gypsy style: suggestive 1. Whenever suti plays the video in the head, the second image that comes to mind are curves. Maybe that’s why the girl group tend to show their belly or at least their tummy area.

Hehe belly button. What a funny name.

Anyway, the Mr. song isn’t cheery cute and cuddly like Rock U. No, *shakes head* ‘tis more sexy, 2 but cheery sexy. Overall, the song is upbeat and suti likes it but no sure if it’d be the same if first heard it on the radio. Suti imagines yes. Everything that Kara comes up with is gold ^_^

Either way, this is great for live performances. Just know if you miss out on the butt shake the first time around, you have a total of three chances to watch it… oh wait, never mind (⌒.−)=★

More Of Kara’s Mister Videos

How to do the hip dance of Kara mister

If wanna learn to do butt dance yourself, check this video tutorial

카라 미스터 뮤비: the Korean version

The song originally came out around 2008-9 (no sure) in Korea, of course.

Mr. performance by Kara at a live Korean concert

Notice the sparkling straps. Like their outfits… fits the song well, especailly the white gloves. Perfect.

Performance at the Korean Music Wave in Kobe Live

19th Seoul Music Awards: Feb 03, 2010

No sure but this looks like the 2010 SM awards too going by the date. Not that it matters if you wanna just see the videos ^^

White and Red

カラ ミスター: the Japanese version

Here are the latest remakes of Mister but for Japan.

Official Japanese music video

The only word suti recognizes is tomodachi (friend) Seems ok. No like some of their outfits here, like the army one.

Music Bank in a Tokyo concert

Waaaaaaaah, Japan does love ♡ カラ!! (^^= ) Listen to the crowd noise…

And can you spot sutiben’s favorite Kara girl?

You’ll have to look very hard for this Korean superstar. She is dancing hard and the camera has problems catching her

*whispers* hehe ‘tis a fan cam of Nicole Jung.

  1. Think gypsy dance is the right word. Uhm… the style where they do the belly dance. That one. ↩︎

  2. Or as Koreans like to pronounce it: shekshee. Hehe. What a cute way to say sexy. ↩︎

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