Zeebra brings back Mr. Miyagi… in song form? And in rap?

Do you remember the Japanese that likes to kick high in the air and who goes by the name of Mr. Miyagi? The one that used to play in the original The Karate Kid movies? Well, there’s now a song about him.

Sutiben only lucky even heard about it. In an episode of J-Melo 1, the hostess sat next to a guy on a stool for an interview. Guest had a weird name: Zeebra. -\(^^)/- No ring a bell to suti.

Going by the way he looked, the singer had a hip hop aura to him and almost immediately sutiben lost interest in continuing watching.

Sutiben no that into rap.

But curiosity grabbed suti. Before skipping over, wanted to see how a Japanese rapper would behave. Never seen one before.

*whispers* Actually no know rap music existed in Japan.

Then Zeebra spoke.

|゚Д゚| Woaaah, what a deep voice!

As sutiben kept listening, Zeebra then mentioned a song he made called Mr. Miyagi and how it came out of inspiration from the most recognizable Japanese in the world. 2. A song about Mr. Miyagi? Let’s just say sutiben decided to wait it out and listen a bit more.

Is it good? Check it out.

  • Like the beat, though think originally from another song.
  • They even throw in the line “wax on, wax off”.
  • Interesting way how Zeebra says “Mr. Miyagi”, doing so with a pause between the two words. Something you wouldn’t expect and gives it different vibe.

Sutiben no know what to expect but suti like like. Can’t help yourself swerving left and right. There are kids even dancing to the song. Not the greatest song but ‘tis simple like suti ^^)b

  1. Sutiben has been following JMelo for a while now. ‘Tis a show that showcases mostly Japanese music. Suti discovering lots of new stuff.

    This where sutiben also first learned there so many Japanese fans from all over the world, even in the Arabian lands. ↩︎

  2. Guess Godzilla no count ^__^ ↩︎

A tribute songs inspired by the karate kid movie

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