Meeting a Korean woman who disappointed you before

Guess you can say sutiben was lost & confused.

Honestly, didn’t know what to feel afterwards.

’Twas the first time someone stood up suti and ‘tis not a nice feeling.

But why did sutiben stay around for so long? Looking back now, maybe the possible reasons waited for her were because

  • She’s pretty: What? She’s a girl. ’Tis the first idea that comes up. No can blame suti for being dishonest.

    Can’t tell how much of a reason this was though. Sutiben no know self that well. No think that big but worth mentioning.

  • Didn’t know what else to do: hehe when no know what’s happening, sutiben remains still. Kinda like a deer on the road.

    Plus, cleared whole schedule to see her so ’tis not like had something immediate to do.

  • Still had hope: What if a big delay happened 1 & despite that she was trying as hard as possible to get there. That’s what suti imagined. Sutiben didn’t want her rushing only to find partner had left after much effort. If that was the case, suti no wanted to do that.

く(^_・)ゝ suti really no know.

After the let down

illustration of a guy lying on bed sad over benign abandoned

Reaching home, all sutiben could do is lie down on the bed. No could understand: Jihae was the one who set up the meeting date and time. She even confirmed the night before.

That’s why when first read her explanation of oversleeping that day


Sutiben couldn’t help but smile.

。゚(TヮT)゚。 Hehehe sleepyhead. That sounds like something suti would do! Didn’t think others would be as bad as suti.

I don’t know if you went there;((((((((((;…., she added on that last message.

Of course, not owning a cellphone didn’t help the situation. She couldn’t call sutiben after the fact.

(*゚ロ゚) Why doesn’t suti carry one? You see, the thing is… suti just no wanna pay. And no really need it. 야! No make fun!

And so the exchange of messages continued between both parties to iron things out.

^^; Think maybe was a lil’ harsh in bringing up that event throughout the conversation but ’tis only because suti was no sure if Jihae truly interested in continuing. 2

When time reverses to the old conditions & gives you another chance

Their talk eventually concludes with another planned get together that Sunday at 1pm.

Drawn figure rushing on the streets in the rain

Strangely enough, come that day and everything seems eerily familiar to Thursday.

  • Gray clouds hover over the land.
  • Rain pours down like a crying baby.
  • The few people around are either in a hurry or running for cover.
  • The atmosphere even has a sad theme.

Fearing being stood up again and unsure if the Korean native is truly serious about seeing each other, sutiben takes time walking towards the meeting place.

(¬、¬) This time suti no waiting very long. Suti ready to jump & split if no see her.

Although drizzling lightly, by now sutiben’s hair wet and messy.

So much for combing.

Unlike last time, sutiben heads straight for the building scaffold for cover.

Lets play the waiting game, the abridged version

Looking side to side, sutiben sees no one around the vicinity except the people also fearing the hit from the water above huddled together.

Looks like ‘tis back under the same rain & on the same corner once more, sutiben thinks.

With Jihae not here yet, sutiben takes out a book to read to pass the time. But as hard as sutiben tries, suti can’t get past a single page because of the questions popping up.

  • What if Jihae doesn’t appear at all?
  • What if she’s really doing this since she doesn’t like sutiben as an English teacher but can’t get around to ending it directly?
  • What if she’s just a mean girl who likes torturing guys?
  • What if sutiben can’t get over being left to dry?
  • What if? What if?

And as thoughts race on, sutiben looks up from his book and who can that be?

Jihae! None other than the Korean designer crossing the street to join sutiben.

(⊙.☉)7 What to do? What to do?

Within moments sutiben’s partner is right in front.

Illustration of boy and girl meeting with people in background

Oh, that momentary tension as both greet each other shyly.

Although instant, sutiben notices the slight fear and nervousness in her greeting. And it’s in that moment sutiben forgets about what occurred a few days ago.

She really didn’t mean for it to happen.

One look at her face was all it took.

Sutiben & Jihae: Moving on together from this situation

After a lil’ chit chat, both obviously decide their normal Central Park walk is out of the question for today; their bench is likely soaked, anyway.

Instead, Jihae suggests finding a local cafe.

Sutiben brings up the museum as an alternative (like during their first visit) but she doesn’t like it.

A cafe it is then.

Spurning the lovely umbrella & a chance to be closer

Drawing of a girl asking the guy to come near her and share an umbrella

And so off they go in unison.

As they begin walking an avenue or two looking for a place to sit, Jihae takes out her umbrella. It takes only a few steps under the rain before she turns her head towards sutiben.

(╯_╰) Uh oh. Think she noticed. The wet hair probably gave it away.

Where’s your umbrella?, she inquires.

^^; …

Back home, sutiben was in such a rush that he didn’t have time to think. Before setting out the door, sutiben’s eyes wandered about hoping to grab an umbrella as usual until he realized someone had taken the last one. Sutiben figured it wasn’t a big deal and went outside like that.

After explaining self, no can be sure but think Jihae gave suti a look of pity.

Within seconds, the kind Korean slightly tilts her umbrella and motions with her head, asking without words if sutiben wants to walk beside her and share the same protection.


?_?) *suti thinks a lil’ bit*

*suti’s cheeks turn red inside*

(*/ω\*) 。 o O( “eh…” )

Understanding what that entails, sutiben quickly shakes his head declining the offer explaining the rain doesn’t bother him. 3

The 100% undeniable truth: Coffee & rain don’t mix well

Eventually, the pair spot a Starbucks around a corner.

ヽ(;▽;)ノ 。 o O( “We’re saved!” )

Starbucks: Not exactly the best place to go inside when it rains?

Both hurry inside but their eyes soon meet a room packed full with coffee drinkers.

To be sure there are no hidden unused tables, sutiben leaves Jihae behind and moves to the back to check out the situation there.

^^ hehe suti takes the lead like a man for once

However, everywhere they look, all the seats are taken.

It’s best to check elsewhere, sutiben advises upon joining his Korean partner in the front again.

Not yet. There’s a table that looks like it’s about to be abandoned, Jihae reassures suti.

The wait goes unrewarded though. After some minutes, more individuals join that table.

No, they’re not going anywhere.

The day the other lesser known coffee shops become popular

Disappointed, Jihae follows sutiben out onto the cafe in the other corner.

Sutiben enters and quickly scopes out the inside but the same scenario repeats itself: Every seat seems to hold onto its owner’s butt quite tightly refusing to let them go.

Like glue almost.

If Starbucks fails you once, try, try again

Saddened at their fate, the language couple hit the streets once more and silently walk aimlessly further.

That is until both see across the horizon another coffee shop: A second Starbucks!

ヽ(;▽;)ノ 。 o O( “We’re saved!” )

Like thirsty people finding water in a desert, they rush inside the store.

Soaked all over, sutiben attempts to dry himself while Jihae checks things out. Just from her expression, sutiben knows there’s no need to look further.

No one is leaving their seat here either.

(҂⌣̀_⌣́) 。 o O( “This is why suti no likes coffee. Make your butt lazy. hehe” )

Sutiben then brings up the museum idea again to which she doesn’t really say anything to.

( ・◇・)? Wonder why she no like museum?

Defeated, both stare outside at the rain through the glass window. Noticing a Subway restaurant across the street, sutiben brings it up but Jihae again refuses to try his idea.

She decides to try Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s so small but sutiben follows along.

During a rain storm, go where coffee drinkers don’t think of going

Back in the rain, sutiben and Jihae walk past the road towards Dunkin’ Donuts. Just standing outside the storefront one can tell there is no room in this small spot.

Close to defeat, they drag their feet moving away from the coffee joint to look elsewhere.

Where is the best spot to go when it rains?!, sutiben yells in his head.

Suddenly, as sutiben looks to his right while walking, he observes something totally unexpected: a vast empty space with unoccupied tables as far as the eye can see.

At this, sutiben calls for Jihae’s attention. 4

Where is this perfect place? Subway, the sandwich joint.

With joy, the travelers go inside.

∩( ・ω・)∩ 。 o O( “Waaah, what a relief! So remember if you find yourself under bad weather, especially when it pours, don’t go anywhere near coffee shops. Unless, of course, you don’t mind standing. That’s everyone’s first choice & hardly anyone leaves. No make same mistake as suti…” )

See a real life language exchange at work done over a bottle of water

*like a doggy, suti shakes his head*

Jihae then walks up to the counter to order soup along with a drink.

^^; Oh yeah, suti forgot about that.

Feeling guilty staying at this establishment for free, sutiben also joins her. Not feeling particularly hungry, sutiben asks for green tea but they don’t have any. They do refer suti to a bottled version in the fridge.

^^ Blah! Either real tea or nothing.

So sutiben simply grabs a water bottle instead and joins Jihae’s table.

With much time wasted, they go into teacher-student mode immediately. Ladies first, of course.

An English lesson plan built from scratch to improve a foreigner’s tongue

The language exchange partners huddle together to study

Naturally, the female Korean student starts by pulling out the small yellow book with cute figures on the cover and goes through her prepared list.

This is what they cover.

*clear throat to get into serious mode*


This is the 4th month of the year and it’s the first English word she asks help saying. Her pronunciation of both syllables were kinda off so suti rewrote the word as “ei-prul”. We went over it orally but in the end it helped only a bit.

Having time to think about it now, maybe a better way is to get Jihae to say each syllable right first.

  • The “A’ part is similar to “eight” & “ate”.
  • To say the second syllable, “pril”, repeat the word “pretty” and remember how that “pr” sounds like. Then add an “ooh” + an “l” sound at the end.

Not sure if that’ll help but ‘tis the best suti can think of.


This is a location in Queens, NY. Apparently, no one can understand her when she names this place. Neither could suti. Since it’s a unique name, suti doesn’t think it’s that important but suti tries.

Sutiben rewrites the word as “wood-said” to help. Then has the student repeat the following to get the “wood” part down.

  • “I chopped wood.” Sometimes it helps to say a word in a sentence.
  • “Would you jump a cliff with me?” Would and wood sound similar.
  • “Koolaid.” At one point, the student wasn’t stressing the ooh sound so had her say the drink suti used to drink lots when younger ^^

Don’t remember what suti used for “side” but if you say “psychology” and remember how “psy” sounds like, you can add a “d” sound to complete it. In other words “psy” + “d”.

Suti helped her improve but not enough. Think what suti missed was emphasizing the “d” sound. If it’s too silent, doesn’t sound right. Well, at least to suti.

In the end, suti recommended that if she still has trouble, she might want to add context. For example, instead of saying “Woodside” by itself you can say “Woodside, Queens”. At the very least, people will know you are referring to a name.

The uses of “it”

Don’t know how best to define this word, if you can call it that. Although it wasn’t part of her questions, she seemed confused when suti used it.

The best way to learn is through an example.

  1. My book is not here. My book is on that table.
  2. My book is not here. It is on that table.

Both sentences above are good and you can say either one. However, you’ll notice that you are repeating “My book” which sounds weird to the ears. Kind of. It’s not technically wrong but it doesn’t sound as smooth. Usually you don’t want to repeat the same subject in the next sentence.

That’s where “it” comes in. “It” replaces and refers to the last subject/thing you mentioned.

^^ hehe suti actually brought in mathematics into the talk by saying “it” is like the variable X in the following equation. `x^2 + 4 = 16’. It can stand for anything. Think maybe just confused her by bringing it up.

A veteran is anyone who has been in the army, navy, or any military group. Sutiben rewrote this as “veh-teh-ren”. Even though not perfect, eventually her pronunciation was ok.

And with that, an hour disappears along with the soup the girl was eating. What’s interesting to note are the people who slowly came inside the sandwich restaurant and filled the location.

^^; suti didn’t notice until it was too late. Guess no place is safe from the rain for very long.

Adieu: A smile that can become a sunshine during a rainy day

Shifting positions, sutiben then becomes the student for the next hour. Unlike the previous sessions, she doesn’t teach the small stuff like the Korean alphabet or single words. No, this time Jihae moves on and covers Korean greetings.

^^ suti happy that can at least say sentences now. Won’t dive into the Korean lesson here though; will post later.

Anyway, once everything is over, both get up and head back outside into the rain.

Somehow the weather just doesn’t feel as bad as earlier. Could it be what made the day feel sad was the tension?, sutiben wonders while walking.

Arriving at her subway station, sutiben drops Jihae off but before she can walk down the stairs, suti tries to be clever by pulling out a learned expression.

Sketch of an American saying goodbye to a Korean woman near a subway station


Hearing this, Jihae can only nod and sweetly smile in the rain before leaving. 5

  1. Usually suti is the one who is always late. Still remember earlier in the year when a train stopped in its tracks for half an hour. Made suti arrive sooo late to a NJ meeting T.T

    Guess that’s why suti no mind too much if others come late too. ^^ ↩︎

  2. Suti no likes “playing” with people who aren’t into interested in a “game” because if they do “play”, you can tell right away their heart isn’t into it. In the end, ’tis a waste of time for everyone. ↩︎

  3. Looking back now, think this probably was the right choice. No want her to think later on suti designed this or try to take advantage.

    Suti really didn’t!

    It just… happened. You believe suti, right?

    Sutiben no that devious.

    Suti no that smart to even plan ahead like that.

    Suti just clumsy.

    *whispers* ok ok. Suti was just embarrassed, happy? *sticks out tongue* ↩︎

  4. *whispers* hehe suti always right ^^  ↩︎

  5. Sutiben then walks away too without turning back as drizzle pours down but then a thought pops in: what if sutiben finds a stranger to practice what learned today↩︎

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