Stood up by a Korean woman

I’m so sorry!!!!!!, Jihae would reply afterwards by email, I just got up;(((((((((.

(*´ο`*)=3 *sighs*

Coincidentally, later in the week sutiben would hear a random person mention the following quote:

If the girl is pretty, it doesn’t matter if she’s late. anonymous


No thought of it that way but that’s probably every guy’s hidden philosophy, even if they never say it.

Boy waiting for the foreign girl

Given how they left last time, excitement and curiosity filled sutiben at the thought of meeting the Korean girl, Jihae, once more.

How will the next encounter turn out?

Over the last days of April and the beginning of May, sutiben and Jihae exchange messages. Thus far, weekends did the job but because Jihae wouldn’t work on Thursday they decide to meet again then.

A weekday? Almost feels weird. Doesn’t really matter though.

The night before sutiben prepares his bookbag and makes sure everything is in order. However, a few minutes before hitting the bed, an email pops us.

Illustration of a guy reading email on a computer screen

I just want to make sure if we are gonna meet tomorrow at 11:00 am.

(´・_・`) *turns head sideways* er? Why a late confirmation?

No reason to cancel, sutiben slips into his dream after responding with a quick yes. (∪。∪)。。。zzz

When even rain can’t stop you from seeing a girl

Next morning, sutiben steps out of the bed with urgency and looks out the window.

Uh oh.

Rain droplets everywhere.

“Eeeeh, we might have to meet in the museum again. Eh, we’ll figure something out”, sutiben thinks.

Dressed up, sutiben leaves home and heads towards the usual street corner under the bombardment of the dark clouds. Water, of course, won’t stop suti. Luckily, a drizzle isn’t something to fear if you move your legs fast enough.

Upon reaching the meeting place, sutiben finds the Korean partner nowhere. Since Jihae always comes a few minutes after sutiben, suti begins walking back and forth to pass the time.

You can guess the crazy scenario witnessed by the few passersby.

Just imagine a guy walking in circles in rainy weather.

Drawing of a stick figure walking in the rain waiting for someone

Moments pass.

The rain picks up momentum, hitting the ground harder.

Stronger winds join the party.

Unable to take it any longer, sutiben stops and stretches his neck sideways and squints hoping to catch a glimpse of a rushing Jihae from far away. Yet, nothing is seen but the moving bodies of strangers.

Here she comes, right? It’s not possible that she stood me up?

Where can she be?

Must be the train. MTA transportation isn’t reliable when you most need it., sutiben reasons, Or, maybe the current thunderstorm is affecting everything.

Drenched in water, sutiben moves away from out in the open and decides to take cover. With a building scaffold across the street, sutiben hurries under it.

Picture of group of people using building scaffolds for shelter from the rain

Although now slightly away from the meeting place, sutiben remains confident of spotting his Korean partner from this new position; she has to come within a few feet of that corner.

Thinking of possible explanations while waiting for someone

And so the waiting continues for more minutes until a thought comes up: Oh no! What if the girl is already inside Central Park and waiting at our usual sitting bench instead of here?

Thinking back a bit, sutiben remembers both language partners didn’t hash out the exact location to get together. Suti just assumed…

It’ll be all suti’s fault if she’s been there waiting under the rain. How could suti be so careless?, sutiben thinks as he walks a few blocks down towards the entrance like a mad man, while also checking the opposite street if by chance she is there.

Image of stick figure walking quickly in the pavement trying to get somewhere place while under the rain

Turning the corner, he finally enters Central Park and looks around.

What you see when you enter Central Park and its road during rainy weather

Sutiben notes the strange emptiness.

A pathway and road normally filled with people amounts to nothing more than the wonderful view of nature today.

A lonesome feeling then enters suti as it becomes clear from far away that Jihae nor anyone else is near that bench.

Though pointless, sutiben moves closer to that seating device.

How does it feel when the pain of being stood up stings you?

No one.

Not even a squirrel is around,

The bench that Jihae and sutiben used to sit and meet

Checking the time, it hits sutiben that Jihae will not be arriving at all.

Hard to believe that sutiben lost track of time and has waited at least an hour.

No, there won’t be a gathering today.

Illustration of an abandoned man walking on the streets with drooped shoulders

Soaked and with drooped shoulders, suti sadly turns around and repeatedly asks himself, What could have happened? as he slowly heads back home.

  • Could the train track have malfunctioned and barred her from traveling?
  • Did she have an emergency?
  • Could a family member have made an unannounced visit?

Only upon checking sutiben’s email does suti see the apologetic message she sent at 11:30am.


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