Vampire Idol sitcom (o_ _)ノ彡 뱀파이어 아이돌

Don’t you feel like reading a recap of a “Vampire Idol” episode after you’ve seen it?

Then stay right here. You a crazy fan like sutiben (^_^)☆

This is one of the funniest Korean sitcoms sutiben has seen! Really makes suti laugh out loud.

Even though finished making the recap for the Gwanggaeto drama and now have time to work on this one, there are some bad news.

  1. Sutiben can’t find where to watch the drama online, one with English subtitles. Can’t write the recap without it. If you know where, please let suti know otherwise never will do a Vampire Idol recap.
  2. Don’t think anyone really interested in this drama nor a big fan like suti. If you want sutiben to write a recap of Vampire Idol, please let suti know. If hear from at least one other fan, will try harder.

뱀파이어 아이돌 Teaser Videos

Trailer video

Dec 5, 2011 Baempaieo Aidol Preview

In a solar system 440 light years away, a planet exists where vampires have evolved from their earlier instinctual craving to kill and suck blood. Only after training are they now able to deny their nature and rely on juice.

Story begins with a prince stepping out of his world & in secret traveling to earth. Why? Because he no can stop listening to a Kpop girl band, “Girls girls”, who the king has forbidden for some strange reason.

hehe the vampire prince has long name: Vampirutus Panyera Twilight Walakia Kunyaris Romania Blarantua Transylvania New Moon Tenios Bellanluci Breaking Dawn Draculu Oolala Eclipse Apalidia

But he has three friends to help him:

  1. Gabriraris The one who can hear like a bat… from great distance. Suti think he use cotton swab daily since baby.
  2. Yariru Genius: A vampire with the an IQ of 790. The brainiac of group.
  3. Mukadil Paejua: The fighter of the group who hasn’t completely lost most of his vampiric nature. Think they say he likes to carry a sword.

‘tis a lil’ silly but you gotta watch.

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