Thoughts on Gwanggaeto Dae Wang

\(^^)/ Yatta, suti made it! No need to speak formal English! Oh wait… *clears throat*

Kk. Before you read anything else, keep in mind this is the culmination of a year+ work of recapping many eps of the Gwanggeto show. ‘Tis long but complete. Sutiben happy happy a few have said nice things of this review. *whispers* They actually made suti’s day.


I just finished Gwanggaeto the great and by chance got onto your review! I took my time to actually read it and it was amazing! ; ) Good work man!


So hope you too enjoy reading what took lots of work to write (^_^) if not then… *takes out a water pistol*

The making of the recap. How it all started

Where did it all begin?

Where oh where? Ah, got it!

first got introduced to Gwanggaeto Dae Wang via WMBC. ‘Tis not even an all-Korean channel but they do have short running Korean segments. At the time, didn’t know much about the drama but when friend said Bongyi was a playing actress there, interest went up1. Then, the first episode aired and sutiben became instantly hooked.

The yelling.

The fighting.

The explosions.

All from the first episode

And so for the following weekends, sutiben sat in front of the TV until the storyline reached one of its peaks: the part where Damdeok’s blade meets Gae Yeonsu. At the time, the drama really tricked sutiben, thought it was the finale. Who would’ve thought there’s more to show after all that struggle.

Why you and sutiben met

It’s at this point that a weird idea said hello: since the show is going to continue, why not write something up?

  • As far as can tell, no one else was talking about the drama online. At least, no couldn’t see.
  • It will help fill the nearly empty website.
  • Even if no one else cared, sutiben liked the show. Not the first time suti been the only one into something. *thinks back to dipping crackers into coffee*

Off sutiben went summarizing each episode. At first didn’t think too much of it. *covers face* Look at ep 51. You can tell how bad suti started off. Had no idea how to go about it.

The growing pains of a constantly moving pen

The first few recaps were short and quick to create; it took less than a day! Because of that, sutiben churn out two posts per week and could keep up with every new episode release.

Yet, something happened as got more into it. The writing got longer and longer along with the time to produce them until slowly the summaries fell behind.

Sutiben no really wanna say how much time it takes now but rest assured really long. hehe suti never worked this hard in school.

But sutiben won’t lie. There were times when wanted to stop. What helped was:

  • Stopping self from watching new episodes… at least until could finish the previous summary. Since wanted to see what would happen next, it made sutiben hurry. 2
  • The show was fun & enjoyable to write about. Sutiben wanted to show you how suti saw each episode.

Despite being a few episodes behind, it was a manageable gap. Not a big deal really.

However, there was a week or two where gave in to temptation and postponed any writing work. Sutiben felt tired and didn’t feel like working.

What a big mistake.

That pushed the recaps further back and sent the project spiraling out of control. And after reaching a groove too. By the time tried to get back on track, the number of episodes behind spiked. (T_T) Suti never recovered afterwards.

Soon after decided to take it slow with 1 episode per week, a reason sutiben finished everything just now.

So that’s how much work suti put into…

You: “Forget about all that. How good is King Gwanggaeto the great?!”

Oh, ok. ^^;

The Korean series deserving a trip to the trash bin?

Well, if forced to rate the drama on a scale of 1-10, sutiben gives it an 8.5 (★★★★★★★★☆☆)

It’s the first number that popped into sutiben’s head when it ended. If you haven’t seen it, don’t let that scare you though. That number also takes into account how it ranks against other historical Korean programs.

In fact, sutiben prefers using the better system: thumbs up or thumbs down. Suti simple like that. ^^ All sutiben cares is if it’s entertaining and if you should watch it.

d(^ー^ )o And 광개토대왕 definitely receives suti’s recommendation.

Bar chart depicting ratings from readers

The readers who left a comment give it an average of 9 stars. (★★★★★★★★★☆) with Eileen from NY saying,

This movie not only holds you spellbound, but it is lovely. The splendid use of colours, the acting, the plot - everything blends. This is a great piece of art.

Why do K-drama fans gush over this TV film?

Actually, those are pretty high praises which leads us to ask why so much love? What’s so good about it?

The actors and actresses may be your first answer and that’s partly true. It’s pretty much an all-star cast. If you’re a drama nut, you’re bound to recognize almost everybody. Lygia liked one in particular: Lee presented himself as king Gwanggaeto. He is so talented and should play the king in all historic Korean dramas. I saw all episodes… [Lee Tae Gon] played that part and is a great actor. I can’t wait to see him in another historic drama.

Angelic Layer likes the show for,

The action. The show is kinda cheesy, but it’s fun. The detail of the costumes, hair and makeup are wonderful.

*nods* ‘Tis no like Tree with deep roots where focus is more on dialogue. 3 Sometimes you want more than talking.

Individuals wishing to command armies into battle, even if in their head

The action, however, comes from what attracts most people to this historical drama: war! According to Markiz from Romania, everything can be explained by the good war tactics.

The strategies are interesting, as well as learning about Korean history, TR from Singapore adds.

Miniature size of Damdeok riding out with his army on a map

Sutiben no hide fact that stayed for the fights. No really sure why but battles are like honey to suti. Just wanna watch more and more! *whispers* Even though suti no like to fight. Suti good boy. ^^

And Gwanggaeto has tons of it.

You’ll see many acrobatic moves especially in the one on one duels. Fun to see. Almost like watching a Samurai or Gongfu movie.

But here’s the thing. Maybe you get stuck on the visuals but that’s not the most interesting. Well, sutiben likes seeing the moves too but it’s deeper than that and WarriorKing mentions the other element,

The wars, the court battles, the mind games were all excellent. Keeps you wanting for more even though we already knew the end result. The facial expressions of the actors were superb.

‘Tis the war strategies & mind games that made the drama special. That’s what made people curious to know how the story would unravel. Seeing generals launch attacks and then how the opponent would react. If there’s one good thing sutiben got out of writing summaries, it’s a better understanding of how to move your army. If had just watched the episodes passively, sutiben would’ve missed everything for sure. Maybe ‘tis a simple lesson but the show teaches you to understand your opponent’s thinking to outmaneuver him. Think back to how Fengba first recruited Ko Un.

Learning the past only by chance

The drama also good for the history. As the story unfolds, you learn more than you expected. You don’t even try yet over time you get to see why lots of Koreans hold Gwanggaeto to high esteem. Or if you’re like suti, learn of his name for the first time. In the beginning, sutiben thought Damdeok was either made up or a small king in Korean history. Only much later learned he is one of two Korean rulers with ‘great’ in their names.

No tell anyone, but suti no know lots of things. Maybe history teacher right: sutiben late to everything.

Anyhoo, just by watching you get a better picture of how ancient Asia used to be divided. And that’s the other charm of the series, it tickles your curiosity.

Sutiben went out of the way to find more info on the history of

  • Korea’s three kingdoms
    1. Koguryeo
    2. Baekje
    3. Silla
  • Houyan
  • Mohe
  • Khitan
  • Wa (倭)
  • Beiwei
  • All the main players from Gwanggaeto, King Asin to Murong Chui.

Hearing the repeated names of these strange kingdoms made sutiben uneasy. Inside always asked, “who were they?” and “are they still on today’s map?” Curiosity eventually pushed sutiben to research a bit.

Or maybe suti just weird like that…

Not everything needs to be met with a serious face

Although not as important, sutiben liked how the drama wasn’t serious all the time. The humor made it more fun.

  • Ha Muji was at his best when he first appeared. He acted feisty & arrogant in front of the Goguryeo king. Suti loved their conversations.
  • Remember when Sagal Hyeon goes to Baekje and discovers the king harboring Ha Muji? hehe. There’s that gong sound as Jinsa’s lie is exposed. ^^
  • There’s that time King Asin scolded one of his generals after losing a key fortress. He wanted to kill him for his mistake. The general could barely say anything while the Baekje king didn’t bother to hold back his disdain.
  • Or, that other time when Fengba stayed behind to protect Sujuncheng, not as a heroic effort but to avoid getting blamed by the king.
  • The funniest person was no doubt Yeo Seokgae. Everybody made fun of him. Poor Yeo. hehe.
    • Sutiben still remembers the scene where Damdeok and his army were secretly traveling by ship to Baekje and Yeo was the last one to know. When he voiced his suspicions to his comrades, everybody smiled. The trick that surprises enemies & friendlies. ^^
    • Or the other moment when Ari poured Yeo a drink but in the end drank it herself. After everybody laughed, Hwang Hoe tried consoling him by pouring Yeo a drink himself.

The downside: The other half of the coin fans wish were slightly different

Of course, the drama isn’t without blemishes. There were a few things people did not like.

WarriorKing, for example, hated the

Screaming. My God so annoying. And every[one] always replies “boraaa? !!!!” (What) after hearing something, its annoying after a while.

hehe think they do that in lots of kdramas. Suti actually likes it.

Others simply felt slightly down by particular moments like Damju’s death with espi888 or Damdeok’s hard journey with JJ.

The King was the saddest of all. All his blood families were all gone. He really was born for just one destiny as great as it is in the history.

It’s worth mentioning some, like Eileen and Lygia, didn’t hate anything in particular.

The flawed story: If only certain things did not exist

Nonetheless, one of the drama’s flaws boils down to the story itself. Not all episodes had a purpose or moved the story along. Sometimes the writers gave a subplot way more importance than should have and stretched it way too long; the Magoseong migrants comes to mind.

At other times, the story was very weak. The whole Baekje+Wae involvement was rushed and you can tell not a lot of care was given. The end result? Predictable and boring periods. Maybe you didn’t notice it but sutiben did especially since had to rewatch each episode more than once. There’s a clear drop in quality.

Now one way to think about Gwanggaeto, the great conqueror is how it’s made up of two main sagas.

  1. Damdeok’s rise to the throne: The first ‘chapter’ dealt more with developing the characters and setting the scene up for the future tensions to come. To be honest, now that the epic drama has reached its end, most of what happened here is ancient history. Suti having a hard time remembering all the details. ^^;
  2. Goguryeo wrestling for control of the Asian region: In the second half, it’s an all out fight between the neighboring countries.

And Markiz just did not like the first half at all. He’s not alone either. While looking online, sutiben came across a forum with complaints of how the first ‘chapter’ was pretty slow and bad. ‘Tis a mystery why people feel like that. The only explanations that can come up with are:

  • The first arc was too long.
  • Fans already knew about Gwanggaeto’s past beforehand and didn’t view the backstory as interesting. 4
  • Or maybe they got tired with the battle teases between the countries & wanted to jump straight into the full out wars.

Not sure how widespread this sentiment is among fans but sutiben enjoyed both arcs. A good thing too since wouldn’t be here if had not liked the first fifty episodes.

The mud sliding down the back of the Gwanggaeto statue

The biggest problem with King Gwanggaeto the great is not so much the story itself but how it was told.

Angelic layer hits the nail right on its head,

The hanging story lines. I would have to have seen Damdeok finds out that Yak-Yeon knew about Do Young’s baby. Also I would have liked to have seen Dam Duk find out that Sul Ji was involved with his Dam Mang’s death. I didn’t like that the writers didn’t have Damdeok and Ko Un have a moment together where they both realize they both lost their sisters violently. I also didn’t like how the writers said over and over that the children of the Primes Ministers and Courts who committed treason would not be put to death, but Ko Un and Do Young never found that out.

Add in characters disappearing and you notice that not all storylines are wrapped up well. In fact, they create questions afterwards.

  • How did Yakyeon deal with her baby and Damdeok’s first love? You clearly see Damdeok’s second wife in pain when she overhears Doyeong’s survival. Yet, you never hear from Yakyeon ever again afterwards.
  • Does Ko Un ever find out how he was manipulated?
  • What ever happened to the rock throwing guy? He was such a cool character. The writers explained his disappearance in passing and nearly every fan missed his end.
  • The same applies to Ko Chang who quickly fades away into the background.

You’re left to fill in the holes on your own.

Being an all star cast, the writers couldn’t permanently hold every actor/actress for the duration of the whole drama. At the time, set for 100 episodes. They likely had an agreement where if the actor found full-time work elsewhere, they would be allowed to leave and the writers would make the necessary changes to the script. Except those changes could’ve been much better such that the viewers wouldn’t notice as much.

While not that big of a problem for sutiben, TR mentions as another downside:

The shows lacks emotional depth and is too focused on action.

All in all, it’s a lot of the little things throughout the series. Missed moments. Minor inconsistencies. Unresolved conflicts. By themselves, each issue isn’t a big deal but when you add them all together they stick out in a bad way. Thus, although a good story, the drama ultimately comes out appearing unpolished.

How the episodes fare through time

Korean picks: Natives speaking with their eyes

Taking a look at the TV ratings, we get an idea of how the series performed back in Korea.

Line graph showing the changes in rankings for Gwanngaeto, the great conqueror drama

Its original airing began rather lukewarm, ranking 7th among its competitors. Slowly but surely the ratings improved with each new release until it reached episode 27 with its best ranking. From then on, the drama more or less maintains 2nd place until around episode 60. Afterwards, viewership drops to about 4th place and, for the most part, stays there till the end.

Judging from the numbers, Koreans tuned in slowly to the drama but once they did, they became hooked. In a way, you can say Koreans were most captivated from the moment Sagal Hyeon introduces himself to his death. Not so much with the second saga as some fans left to watch something else.

Fan selection: If your DVR was broken…

Looking for deeper answers, sutiben asked readers which episode stood out. To be more precise, which one episode would they want to record to watch over and over again?

NameWhat is your favorite episode?
Espi888All Drama! Damdeok!
Lygia31. When Damdeok went after Doyoung.
Angelic layerI like them all. I am going to watch the whole series again.
EileenIt is hard to decide. but i like the part where Damdeok escaped from that prison camp. I love Yeo Sokgae’s loyalty and Hwang Hoe’s decision not to kill Damdeok.
MarkizKilling Gae Yeonsu
JJThere are quite a few of them. Do like the scene which the King kneeled in front of the migrants and the one which he rode the horse so graciously.

Ya! Some of you didn’t answer the… ^^;

Hmm, answers seem to be all over the place.

Sutiben & the episode highlights

For sutiben, the above graph is a rough but decent representation of what’s good in Gwanggaeto, the great conqueror. The first arc was fantastic and can see why it held the larger audience.

You may be asking, “But suti, what made the first saga so great?”. Sutiben surprised you even need to think about it.

It’s the one person who was like an insurmountable mountain. The one you wondered how defeat would ever reach him.

‘Twas the main enemy!

*shakes head* No, not Seol Doan.

Not Murong Chui.

Not even Murong Bao.

Gae Yeonsu! What a strong fierce character who commanded attention. His voice boomed through the echoes. An enemy worthy of Damdeok. The tensions between the Goguryeo prince and the prime minister pushed the storyline of Goguryeo vs Houyan to the backseat. Their struggle made sutiben forget all about the potential Houyan invasion. Just him speaking made you sit up straight.

Naturally, when the first “chapter” reaches its climax with his death, that episode instantly becomes memorable.

There are only two other episodes on the same level as ep45. One is when king Asin is dealt a complete and utterly embarrassing loss on episode 72. To a lesser degree, Asin is like a second Gae Yeonsu, in that he wasn’t a weak opponent and how he staunchly opposed Damdeok. The way Asin presented himself, you’d consider both Korean rulers on equal standings where success could go to either side. 5

The confrontation in Wiryeseong is the pinnacle of their struggle. Where both sides are bold and really going at it to settle the question of who will reign supreme in the peninsula.

And swish swoosh. They fight it out. This is what you wanted to see and know how it’d end. And then Bongyi dies on top of that? Oh, that was a nice mix.

The second highlight is obviously Ko Un’s ultimate defeat. He was just so stubborn, set on his revengeful mindset while Damdeok still held out hope for him. It just wasn’t clear what would happen and if anything, this mystery pulled you in to watch to the end. And it was worth it too.

Now there are other good moments sutiben liked such as

  • The Gwanmiseong war: The thrill of the first battle with Baekje stuck to sutiben’s head.
  • Sagal Hyeon shouting at Jinsa for lying: His boldness made a big impression & his voice was amazing.
  • Sagal Hyeon’s death: ‘Twas so unexpected really. He started the avalanche of deaths to come.
  • Seol Doan’s submission to Goguryeo: ‘Twas a nice scene when the Mohe leader voluntarily kneels before Gwanggaeto and accepts him as lord. Made sutiben smile.

If had to choose a favorite episode, 72 would be it.

The year long lecture you focused on

Sutiben likes to think we all didn’t waste time simply watching this program for many months. Going over what others have commented, looks like we picked up a thing or two along the way.

The collective lessons from all over the world

Asked what she learned, Lygia says

A lot about Korean history. It would have been nice to se[e] an episode with damdeok and his nephew frm damn.

On that same trail of thought, Angelic layer mentions that,

Even though it is a TV show, and thus will have alot of things added to it for the same of drama, I learned about Korean history. And I wanted to learn more because of it.

*nods* Probably the biggest recurring theme throughout the show. ‘Twas a bit like a history class… for people who hate going to class. hehe

Since everybody so deep into the era, sutiben asked the fans what life would be like if they lived there then and this is what they said:

NameHow would your life be like during Gwanggaeto’s time period?
WarriorKingPeople would care about honor, respect, loyalty, and above all sacrifice.
EileenFor one, there would not be the public amenities and technology which we enjoy today.
Espi888I would follow Damdeok to my death too! ^^ hehehe
Angelic LayerI would be a farmer. Farmer? You guys crazy. Not suti! Suti would have been the tax collector. ^____^ Life no need be tough…

Oops. Got distracted. Anyway, fans picked up other things like the importance of good leadership with Eileen or too much death in the past by Markiz.

Espi888 even brought her own list of what she learned.

  • Korean History rules and regulations were cruel, severe and brutal.
  • So many people died or imprisoned.
  • Damdeok was Gwanggaeto!
  • Other kings were killed, poisoned, clueless! 6
  • Damdeok was truly a visionary and he great help from his generals and soothsayer!

*nods* Rules very strict. Suti neck would hurt lots from bowing head to everyone. *lowers head* Anywhere sutiben goes, suti always has low rank. T_T

Actually, sutiben didn’t notice until mentioned but ‘tis true, many were killed during the drama story:

  1. Damju
  2. Doyeong
  3. Gae Yeonsu
  4. Do Gwang
  5. Ha Muji
  6. Komu
  7. Sagal Hyeon
  8. Yeon Salta
  9. Damdeok’s brother
  10. Jinsa
  11. Jin Mu
  12. Gurchin
  13. Bao
  14. Taiqi
  15. Xi
  16. Batar’s brother

And that’s just the main characters that suti can remember. 7

JJ tops off the learned lessons by going further deep in thought,

The same with pretty much every country’s history, it seems that it must take many sacrifice of people’s lives to put a country together. Many have to die in order to bring peace and unity. Even today, there are still wars everywhere and many young people are sent to die in the name of peace. Is there a better way? I keep wondering with no answers…..”

This, of course, spawns many questions: Why do people go to war? What is a country? What exactly is peace? What does it look like? Is it tasty? Do you force unity onto people who don’t want in? Why don’t the old folks go to war? hehe. Funny image.

Getting a lil’ closer to Korea

For sutiben, the show cleared a long held mystery started by another drama called Dae Joe Young, which was about the collapse of Goguryeo. In one of the scenes they display a huge rock and reference an old king but since at the time sutiben didn’t know what they were talking about, ‘twas all weird. It took awhile 8 but after watching Gwanggaeto, sutiben eventually connected the dots and got one big ‘aha’ moment.

The power of geography to solve your big picture

The trouble with watching Dae Joeyoung, and probably any historical drama, is not knowing where many of the kingdoms are located.

*whispers* Please no tell anyone suti only just learned where Korea is. (@゜o゜)σ\(゜□゜*)

That same issue also continued with Gwanggaeto Dae Wang. Not having a mental picture of where everything is seriously detracts from the storyline. You can’t appreciate the war campaigns because you don’t know where the generals are coming and going. Sutiben was so confused that used lots of imagination to create a fake map in suti’s head to help a bit. Now this is something you can’t blame the series as it’s originally geared towards native Koreans.

Fortunately, as the story progresses, they reveal more of the geography and main landmarks. You can’t know how happy sutiben was when they finally revealed a complete map of the region and the main players.

Ancient map of countries during Damdeok's time period

“Ah, so that’s where Goguryeo is.”

“Baekje and Shilla are small!”

“That’s Houyan?”

“Hey, the Khitan territory is pretty large”

For the first time you know exactly where things are and can follow along without pretending. Naturally, the map contains Chinese & Hangul characters but sutiben worked extra hard to add the English text for you.9 Getting acquainted with the Korean land is one of the biggest takeaways for sutiben. Hope the labels helped you too. Suti can’t be the only lost one, ne?

Looking at the language they speak

Despite not making a big leap in learning the Korean language, 廣開土太王 did contribute 2 things.

  1. Sutiben now has a better understanding of how to read the Romanization of Korean symbols (ex: 여보세요/yeoboseyo) The drama repeated names like Gwanmiseong and sometimes displayed the Hangul version on the screen. This slowly helped sutiben attach the Roman letters to certain symbol pairs. It’s a lil’ lesson but useful for the future.
  2. The drama helped solidify the reading of Korean writing. Seeing Hangul over and over again does wonders in improving symbol recognition. Hearing the pronunciation also helped.

    This is a reason can read off the maps and provide the English labels.

It’s kind of sad though that sutiben didn’t expand Korean vocabulary by a lot. Could be because friend wasn’t watching with suti… but at least learned a few words like 10

Fire! The command given to archers when the enemy is within range.


Just watch the last episode and pay attention when Fengba reports the Goguryeo army attacking them from behind. He points in the direction saying they’re over there. This word is now stuck to suti’s head thanks to this scene. ^^

As far as sutiben knows, this is the opposite of yogi (여기), which means here.


Think the best meaning is attack. They say this in almost all war dramas.

Not a very useful word though… how many times are you gonna use this in real life? (^^ )。。oO( *thinks back to fights over cookies* ) Ah, nm. ‘Tis a great word to learn. ^^

Parting comments before the inevitable

The apple in your eye

Watching the show over many months, you get to know each character better and sometimes you can’t help but gravitate towards a few of them. For fun, sutiben asked fans if given the chance who would they go out with.

Name♥ Which Gwanggaeto character would you want to date? ♥
Espi888Damju! LOL!
Angelic LayerSagal Hyeon and Damdoek. They are both hot, courageous and virtueous men.
EileenLee Tae Gon. friendlyy (^_^) hehe. friendly …

Looks like Damdeok is the #1 choice for the girls.

You: *taps suti’s shoulder* Hey, what about you?

suti: er?

You: You haven’t told us who you like.

suti: Really? Are you kidding? Does sutiben need to answer that? You no been reading suti’s recap, ne? First lets describe the girl.

  • She has brown eyes.
  • Pale skin with brownish hair.
  • In the beginning, she adorns a tribal outfit but later switches to a bodyguard armor 11
  • Family oriented. Constantly worries about her brother, even after expelled from the tribe. (*^^*) 귀여워

Does suti need to go on?

You: Doyong?

김정화 holding a blade

suti: No, Seol Ji.

You: But why her?

suti: *stares at the ground & mumbles* 예쁜

-\(^^)/- suti no know.

She’s so nice, always trying to help everybody. Seol Ji stood in the middle between Damdeok and Seol Doan to help mend their relationship. Even at the end, she tries convincing Ko Un to reconnect with his old friend. All suti know is she a warm person.

What would the date be like then? (^^ゞ Uhm…

* Pulling by the hand, suti leads Seol Ji to a local tavern *

(  。⌒)\_\_(  ^▽)/ osso!

* where both drink green tea with yummy cookies. That’s when suti surprises Seol Ji with news of visiting her homeland together. *

(  ・・)\_旦~~ ○\_(-⌒  )

* That same morning, both set out North with suti shyly walking slightly behind twiddling fingers. *

_( 。^)    ( ⌒▽)

* Halfway through the long journey & with lil’ energy, the travelers take a short rest. But having prepared earlier, suti walks closer with hands behind back. All of a sudden, suti extends hands presenting a huge rice ball to his companion. As Seol Ji takes a bite, it can’t be helped that a piece of rice sticks to her mouth to which suti slowly removes with his fingers. *

(。・・)\_θ ('、'\*) 

* Eventually the destination is reached. With teary eyes, the Mohe tribe welcome their princess back and a welcoming party erupts lasting to the night. Doan, however, doesn’t like suti and once again the princess stands in the middle trying to reason with her brother. *

(  。⌒)(  ^▽)/~~        ~~\\(^^)^^)^^)^^)(`へ`)

* By next day though, Seol Ji takes suti on a tour of the Mohe territory, going village to village. They even get to practice throwing small blades at a tree. Although, won’t show it for fear of looking bad, suti learns a lot. On the way back to the main village, they find a tavern to eat at, where Seol Ji even places food into suti’s mouth. *

(。・▽・) ヽ(-⌒ ) 

* Feeling bold and with no one around, suti gets closer… *

( \*⌒⌒)^\*) ☆Chu!! 

* but from afar, somebody has been watching. Seol Doan soon jumps out with his bow & comes rushing forward. And then… *

(/-_・)/D・・・・・------ → (;/゜o゜)/ eeeeeh!

*covers face* Ah, suti no wanna say no more. Wait, why suti telling you all this?


*clears throat*

The sticking points of the drama

Anyhoo, the drama is over and we’ll likely forget a lot of the details. Nonetheless, a few things will stick even three months from now.

Angelic layer, for example, won’t forget, Da Joo, Do Young, Yeon Salta, Sagal Hyeon and Dammang’s deaths. They were all so sad. The saddest death for sutiben is Dam Ju’s. She didn’t want any part of this. Her or her son. At least baby with uncle now…

Espi888 can’t get over, The missing 8 episodes, would of liked to see his Son, who built his dad’ Stele! Suti heard of this too. No sure but read somewhere that what they didn’t show was Gwanggaeto on his deathbed and his succeeding son. But maybe best to see Gwanggaeto strong even at the end.

JJ, meanwhile, will remember something else:

It took one great man to build his country in such a short time…

How the King treated his people and how he attracted so many who supported and would die for him and his dreams.

Suti can’t even get kitty to follow owner…

Markiz is like sutiben in what will still be on his mind: Strategy, Damdeok. The name Damdeok now burned in suti’s head and how the Goguryeo king had influence over Baekje, Shilla, Wae, Houyan, and Beiwei.

From beginning to end: The final goodbye

What more can sutiben say of 광개토태왕? Sutiben surprised how many people came to the website. And here thought suti was the only fan. ^^

As more people kept visiting during the show airing, felt pressure to write faster. In the heat of the moment sometimes sutiben would think, “Why is sutiben doing this?” or “When will this end?”.

But now that it’s over, suti no want it to end. hehe. Can’t believe won’t see more of Damdeok, Yeo, Bao, etc.12 There are no regrets though. Sutiben feels like accomplished something. All the long hours have been forgotten.

A lil’ sad (;_・) ‘Tis how suti feels right now.

The recaps began late 2011 which makes it almost a year. To think sutiben used to have trouble writing a single short post for suti’s blog back then. Makes suti smile tonight knowing how much more can write.

Maybe ‘tis bad to say this but suti really enjoyed own writing. There was a weekend where sutiben wanted to review the summary of ep51 yet found self reading through all of them (up to 80 at the time). hehe. Couldn’t stop. ^^

Sutiben do wanna say sorry for one thing though: Taking a long time and not finishing some pieces when said would. Sutiben terrible at estimating time. This review itself is a good example. Took longer than expected. No know how many people affected but if you waited and waited, then gomen. m(_ _)m

Sutiben has always known procrastination was an issue. Take sutiben time to do things. However, only this past month did it just hit sutiben that have another dangerous problem, something didn’t realize before: wanting to make everything come out perfect. 13 At times, sutiben didn’t think a recap was good enough and so kept editing and editing. Spent much time trying to make things better when should’ve just published it.

*covers face* No look at suti. Suti slow & weird. No even sure how to fix this.

Suti happy at least a few people liked the episode recaps. It’s like for one moment in time we were together living the same fantasy. For one moment, we were linked with the same interest. (^_^)

You simply reading this makes suti feel special. No really expected lots people interested in suti’s crazy thoughts.

No know how to best end this review other than say grazie all and to leave you with quotes from followers and a special video.


Korean warrior drama is great! … I always get hooked on Korean warrior/monarchy drama series!

Only understood baekje drama and now understand Guygureo’s-damdeok’s efforts to conquer and unify Korea …lok at Korea today again separated.. Damdeok must’ve turned under his Stele.


Hi all, We have been bonded together for over a year during the course of this drama. It seems we all have common interest with Suti. Well, Great Minds Think Alike :) Yeah? Thanks Suti and thanks all. Til next time…


大家好!希望大家身体健康, 永远开心!


Most definitely, I love the show, i love Lee. The drama ended and i feel like my whole world is ended. i don’t know how i will go along without him


^^)/~~~ bye beeeeeeeee. *bows before exiting stage right*

Have you seen the Gwanggaeto homepage?

  1. Also helped that the director or producer who made Dae Joe Yong was behind this ^^. ↩︎

  2. Actually, sutiben broke this unspoken promise a few times but only because the story was really good and couldn’t wait. *looks at ground* Suti has lil’ willpower… ↩︎

  3. No misunderstand. That’s actually a good show too. Just have different vibe. ↩︎

  4. Wonder if more Koreans didn’t feel like this. Could it be they probably know & hear lots about this history that they wanted to see Damdeok but after he had gained power? ↩︎

  5. And on a sidenote, when you later see Asin get the funny idea of rebelling, you just know he lost his special aura. His status was brought down a few notches from that first defeat. In fact, you no longer view him as a credible challenger. Asin already lost. Conquered. Not the same. Because of this, it’s not as interesting as before. You already know what’s going to happen. ↩︎

  6. Clueless? *whispers* She can’t mean Jinsa, can she? He just enjoyed life… hehe ↩︎

  7. No remember who gave sutiben the idea but suti was scared Damdeok’s body guard would die. As the drama neared its end, sutiben was crossing fingers. *shakes head* Bad whoever said that! ↩︎

  8. T_T more than 50 episodes in … even after seeing the same stone in the intro theme for each episode. Ya! No giggling. ↩︎

  9. The timing couldn’t have worked out better. Suti been studying Hangul and now can recognize most of the symbols. v(^_^)v ↩︎

  10. Not sure if these are the correct spelling; more like what suti hears. Suti’s friend better at picking up Korean words. ↩︎

  11. The bodyguard armor makes her look a lil’ tomboyish, but ‘tis ok since suti knows how she really looks like.(♡´∀`♡) ↩︎

  12. Yay! Suti can remember all their names now. And suti no even good with names. ↩︎

  13. Think others call it perfectionism. Heard somewhere… ↩︎

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