King Gwanggaeto eps 91: Fulfilling Gae Yeonsu's last wish

If you haven’t seen 광개토대왕 ep 91, do so before reading ahead. The son finally achieves what the father couldn’t.

The lengths to rekindle a torn alliance

When those around you tickle your inner most desire

The words of rebellion finally uttered.

We have to protect Houyan even if it means he has to step down… You are Murong Bao’s stepson. He was the former emperor.

On their knees, Fengba and the rest call for Murong Un to take the throne. There is no other way to save the country.

The prince stares in bewilderment contemplating an idea never sprouting in his head before. Everybody waits in anticipation for his answer. Accepting the role, Murong Un hands out commands to his new servants.

  • No military movement in the palace: At once, Fengba takes control of the Longcheng army, killing any loyal royal guards and ordering any soldiers to stay put, explaining its the emperor’s order.
  • Saving Youzheng: Jubu heads to the captured Beiwei troops and fights off Taiqi, who barely escapes.
  • Preventing your ally from wavering: Mashi travels to Beiwei to calm the court.

Houyan’s new sun: The overnight landscape change

Running to the royal palace, Taiqi reports Fengba’s rebellion and pulls the emperor outside hoping to find a safer location. Nonetheless, they quickly encounter Murong Un and his unit on the way out. Still recalling the earlier rescue, the Houyan emperor greets his savior but relief turns to anger when the prince calls for his throne.

Is this the way to repay Houyan? Murong Xi refuses to give up his power.

A country that borrows the strength of another country will only end up belonging to that country. Do you really want the help of Beiwei?

At this, the injured Taiqi charges forward in an attempt to clear a path but nearing the prince, he is cut and brought to his knees without much effort. And with one strike on the back, Wonbong eliminates the nuisance.

A royal death: Murong Xi goes the way of his older brother

Murong Un then offers to spare the emperor’s life and Xi responds by unsheathing his sword. Who will serve a ruler lacking Houyan blood? Not wanting the issue addressed, Murong Un orders his capture when suddenly an arrow pierces the chest of the emperor.

Turning around, the prince spots Fengba raising his bow in the air, proudly declaring his act.

(´w`*) hehe. Everybody’s face had a worried expression except when the camera turned to Fengba. He didn’t care.

With his life slipping away, Murong Xi identifies his mistake and regrets misplacing his trust.

You’re a wolf who sells his country. I was foolish to trust someone from Goguryeo. Houyan…

Shortly after, the Houyan emperor falls to his knees before hitting the ground sideways and closing his eyes forever.

Murong Un then questions Fengba’s judgment. He didn’t need to be killed. That was his ruler.

Fengba could care less though. His true loyalty lied with his last master, the former emperor. This simply was revenge and a step to placing Murong Bao’s stepson onto the throne.

Tightening the loose knot

Of course, there’s not enough time to dwell on the past and so Murong Un moves to take control of the Beiwei situation. At the envoy quarters, the surprised Youzheng finds

  • he’s speaking with the new ruler.
  • Houyan offering Liuju in exchange for military support.

Although time is taken to think it over, by next day, Youzheng confirms Beiwei is in. Both nations will attack the Goguryeo king together. As expected with Liuju on the line, Beiwei will give it their all.

Advancing all your pieces onto the opponent’s corner

Fixing yourself to attract for a sinister purpose

It doesn’t take long before the change in Houyan leadership reaches the Liuju command center. Damdeok states

We can only win if he digs deeper into our weaknesses.

The king knows Ko Un sparked the coup to hold hands with Beiwei, placing Goguryeo in a difficult spot

  1. The Goguryeo force is divided between here and Sujuncheng.
  2. There are now enemies in the front and back.

In spite of this, the plan is luring both nations to Liuju, using disguised local peasants to make it appear as though the bulk of the Goguryeo army is here. While the generals point out that the combined troops will overwhelm their numbers, Gwanggaeto assures everyone the battleground won’t be in this region.

In the meantime, as planned, Beiwei dispatches a large army ahead to engage the Goguryeo soldiers first. Houyan soon moves out as well, with the idea of attacking from behind on a distracted enemy.

However, fearing an attack from their own rear by Sujuncheng, Murong Un leaves generals Jubu and Wonbong to make preparations. The Sujuncheng leaders aren’t sure what to do. The reserve forces left at the capital will nullify any Goguryeo attack from the back. And even though they wish to send reinforcements to Damdeok, they know they’ve been told to stay put until further notice.

Throwing the ball to left, so you can move to the right

Back at Liujucheng, the generals bring up the possibility of Houyan and Beiwei attacking separately. If one arrives first, the other can wait until Goguryeo is entangled before attacking. To prevent this, they decide to lure Beiwei into a fight with a contingent force while the rest of the army retreats. Yet, to carry this out, bait is needed.

Stepping up to the plate, Ari and Ung Sim volunteer to slow the advancement of the large Beiwei army, who is already in the outskirts of Liuju 240km away.

Cheongun has found a way to damage them with a small number of soldiers… We were of lowly status, but we rose this far and had the honor of serving you. Give us a chance to repay you for all your kindness.

In the end, they are given the green light as both move northwest of Liuju. The small Goguryeo unit holds their own but eventually their numbers dwindle down as the hordes of Beiwei soldiers keep coming. Defeat in the horizon, Ung Sim orders Ari away. She must survive to update Damdeok over what has transpired. More importantly, he must keep his promise to her brother.

Not long after her departure, Youji slays the Goguryeo warrior. A message is then sent to the Houyan army, who immediately break through the castle. Two days of fighting for this area and the allied forces find no one around. Where could Damdeok be?

Furthermore, the locals know nothing.

And that’s when it hits Murong Un. Where else but the capital. They must’ve traveled by boat to avoid all the scattered scouts in the region. The gravity of the situation finally sinking further, the Houyan emperor orders everybody to Longcheng.

Keep the opponent out of its own home

Too late.

Generals Jubu and Wonbong struggle to repel the invading Goguryeo force. They can’t understand why they are attacking? What ever happened to their side? What of the Houyan emperor?

Suddenly, news of a large influx of Goguryeo men banging on the southern gate reach the generals. The southern entrance is in danger of falling but where did these new units come from? When they learn the Goguryeo king leads them, panic sets in. Wonbong can only assume the Houyan and Beiwei army were defeated.

Longcheng might be an impregnable fortress, but we don’t have enough soldiers to stop the Goguryeo army.

The battle soon escalates.

Ladders grab onto the top of the towers.

Soldiers run and climb over the walls.

Undoubtedly, the outsiders overwhelm the capital and before long, it’s all over. Longcheng defenses crumble and the fortress receives its new owners. With enemy soldiers round up, Yeo Seokgae and Hwang Hoe arrive to meet Damdeok inside but are told to get on the boat. They are to head towards Liuju and take it over again since Murong Un should be on his way here. They must pressure them from behind for this war won’t last last any longer. Tomorrow, it ends.

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