King Gwanggaeto eps 84: Run, Damju, Run!

Watch Damdeok, the Great episode 84 if you haven’t. Damju’s great escape from Houyan begins today. How far can she go?

Finding good partners in crime isn’t what it used to be

This is it. The Goguryeo king is here! With the signal of Fengba’s right hand, the masked archers pull back on their bows and, in unison, the fingers let go of the string.

An arrow hits Damdeok on the chest.

The second arrow comes next, followed by the third and the fourth. Holding onto the piercing set of arrows, Damdeok falls off the horse and hits the ground hard.

Sir! He was hit! We finally assassinated the king of Goguryeo, the Houyan servants cry out. Fengba has done what two emperors couldn’t.

Not wasting more time, the Houyan general orders the annihilation of the remaining soldiers. The whole Houyan group then quickly rush down from their hidden area to face the Goguryeo unit.

Footsteps are heard behind and Fengba relays the good news when he turns to find Iyeong. Welcome, Your Majesty, he joyously exclaims with a slight bow. Tonight, the rule of the country changes hand.

Without notice, the blade of Iyeong comes out and the order to capture all the Houyan soldiers is given. In reaction, the Houyan troops pull out their swords in defense. What is the meaning of this?

Suddenly, general Fengba hears the voice of Damdeok who stands up revealing the armor protecting his body, Did you think I would fall for your ploy?

Fengba looks back to Iyeong and calls the name of the betrayer but it’s too late for explanations, the Goguryeo soldiers descend upon the assassins. Seeing the terrible disadvantage, the Houyan soldiers begin their escape into the darkness right away.

Next morning at Gungnaeseong, the Goguryeo court congratulates Damdeok’s uncle for enacting the play the past days. After enticing Houyan in attacking an ally, the country no longer needs to send them reinforcements. They just need to capture Fengba and hold Houyan responsible. It’s only a matter of time before he’s caught, the generals assure the king.

Get Damdeok’s sister out of the country

A sister’s existence softens the heart of men

By nightfall at Longcheng 1, Murong Un pays Damju’s room a visit and reveals he knows of her plan to leave. However, he won’t turn her in and instead, encourages the princess to escape from Houyan.

With a surprised look, Damju stares at him wanting to know why he would turn a blind eye.

There is no reason. I just want to fight Damdeok fairly. I don’t want to pressure him using your life… Seeing an innocent person die was enough with Doyeong. I don’t think I could handle pain like that again.

Before leaving, he goes on to hand her directions to easily get out of the palace.

Moving through the cracks without being noticed

Meanwhile, Hwang Hoe and Yeo Seokgae discuss the plan to extract the princess. Regardless of them already securing an escape route, they will still have to go through two Houyan gates. The thing is when everyone finds out she’s gone, the borders will close immediately. Even bribery won’t be of much use then. They’ll need to move as fast as possible and hopefully pass the last inspection gate by sunrise.

Before moving out though, they receive the princess’ letter detailing the best way to pull her out of the palace.

That very night Seol Ji saves Huwang while Hwang Hoe rescues Damju and both reconnect at a Longcheng Inn. There is little time and so they send word to the Cheongun army at the border to get ready.

First gate: The slab of meat that saves

Disguised as merchants, the Goguryeo group moves out and arrives at the first gate but the head guard starts an inspection on the trade guild carts. One by one they stab their swords through them to find any hidden human cargo.

Unknowingly, the Houyan guards eventually pierce Damju, who is hidden inside, and uncover blood. Before demanding an answer, Yeo Seokgae throws a large piece of meat over his shoulder. What’s the problem? It’s food for us. You can’t stab it like that. Would you like some? He explains the blood comes from the meat stored inside the merchandise cart.

Biting on the bait, the Houyan troops relax and open the gates, allowing the Goguryeo “traders” to continue onwards.

By now, though, news of Damdeok’s sister reaches the Houyan emperor who can’t control his anger when he hears of it. Immediately, Murong Xi orders all the soldiers to capture her. Not only that but he’ll personally go himself.

I will kill that lowlife Goguryeo woman… for taking me, the emperor of Houyan lightly. Nobody will stop me.

Second gate: The women who must remain pristine

As the Goguryeo “traders” push forward, they spot the second gate up ahead. If they can just go through without any trouble, they’ll be free. Past that gate exists nothing but uncontrolled border area and the Cheongun army ready to pick them up.

Something is wrong, however. There are surprisingly lots of soldiers and the head of security has no interest in their bribes.

Like before, the troops inspect the merchandise carts. The Goguryeo traders explain they’re bringing gifts for the Goguryeo king. Yet, ultimately a woman well covered catches the attention of the head guard. It’s none other than Damju, who had to conceal her identity and injury. As the soldier observes Damju’s face closer, Yeo Seokgae rapidly steps in asking for a break. These women are for the king and must remain untouched. The guard, fortunately, gives up looking for a cause and finally accepts the bribe.

Enter the border area where the runner becomes the chaser

However, the moment the “trade guild” leaves the gate, Fengba enters and questions the Houyan soldiers if anyone from Goguryeo has passed by.

You see, earlier the general also learned of the princess’ escape and why Iyeong tricked him: to help Damju leave Houyan. He figured out they would be taking this route due to the area being less heavily guarded.

When the head guard points out the last group that just went out were from Goguryeo, the Houyan general explodes. Damju is among them! Taking the gate soldiers, Fengba goes after them. Seeing the large Houyan army coming their way, Hwang Hoe sends Damju and a small group into the forest while trying to lure the chasers elsewhere.

That tactic won’t work though. Fengba ignores the distraction and goes into the forest. Despite Danbi attempting to stop them, she is killed along the way and eventually the Houyan unit catches up.

Face to face with the princess, general Fengba tells her to return to the palace to which Seol Ji pulls out a sword. She won’t let Damdeok’s sister anywhere near him.

Upset, he barks at her,

Quiet! How dare a Mohe wretch open her mouth like that?

━━━[○・`Д´・○]━━━ *throws cup at screen & takes out shoe* sutiben just wants 2 minutes with Fengba…

With no other choice, Damju steps forward, takes out a blade and threatens to kill herself. You know what my life is worth

  1. The new capital of Houyan? Unless was a typo, thinking probably because Houyan gave up land to Goguryeo and moved capital elsewhere. ↩︎

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