King Gwanggaeto eps 83: Whispers of treason

Watch 83 of Gwanggaeto if you haven’t. Problems arise in the Goguryeo royal family while Fengba smiles at the division before him.

The king that obeys lowly servants

If you don’t like what you hear, leave

He can’t go.

It’s too dangerous.

The servants plead Damdeok to reconsider but he just won’t budge. The Goguryeo king will personally go and save princess Damju from the hands of the enemy.

Then who will greet the envoys when they arrive to the palace? Damdeok’s absence will cause suspicions, the generals reason. If he’ll only let them take the lead in his sister’s rescue.

Slamming the royal rod on the table, Gwanggaeto stops everybody from arguing further and leaves for his room. This discussion is over.

Only an assembled group of subjects can twist a king’s arm

However, things aren’t left as is. After some reminiscing, the king steps out of his quarters and walks the palace halls. Turning the corner, he encounters the group of generals once more as they kneel before him.

Knowing where this is going, Damdeok reminds them his mind is set and turns around to leave but Hwang Hoe’s words grab his attention.

I am going to be insubordinate just this once.

The king swiftly looks back.

The servants are willing to die to prevent a dangerous trip to Houyan and ask the king to think why they’re disobeying.

Having Damju stay in a foreign country has not been easy on Damdeok.

I never felt good about sending Damju to Houyan. When I ate or slept, it felt like I had a huge rock on my chest.

But seeing their passionate plea, the Goguryeo king gives in and lets the generals take his place but commands they must save his sister at all costs.

The crack in the Goguryeo wall

By next morning, Cheongun’s departure to save princess Damju becomes a hot contention. Damdeok’s uncle wants to know why the civil servants weren’t involved in that decision. Any mishaps can sever Goguryeo’s alliance with Houyan and start up war all over again.

The king doesn’t care if it comes down to that; he’s ready to fight. Even if Goguryeo follows an appeasement policy and sends reinforcements, it’ll mean the death of countless Goguryeo men. Houyan certainly will send them ahead to the front lines to minimize their damages. But more importantly, Damdeok won’t allow Murong Xi to use Damju’s life as a way to intimidate and control the country.

Clearly not satisfied, Iyeong ends the discussion by letting Damdeok know he’ll be responsible should something go wrong in the rescue mission.

Spitting your leader’s face in front of outsiders

It doesn’t take long before general Fengba finally enters the palace as an envoy to formally ask the king to honor their alliance and send Houyan troops. The Beiwei-Houyan war will start soon. The Goguryeo ruler, however, expects the Beiwei envoy any day now and they too will want help. His hands are tied as to who to assist.

Fengba then offers Damdeok a reminder.

Our emperor believes that Goguryeo will help… The princess of Goguryeo is in Houyan. Did you forget that?

Anger quickly bubbles up in the court over the threat and that’s when Iyeong jumps in suggesting masking their soldiers by sending them via Mohe and Biryeo. Beiwei won’t know.

But who would believe such a ruse? Told to butt out, Iyeong stubbornly stays put.

It is my duty to advise you… If the king doesn’t make the right choice, the people will suffer. Because of an alliance with both countries, we can’t seek justification and practical benefits all at once. I believe that is the king’s fault.

The strong words only fuels Damdeok’s rage before everybody tries calming him down. Fengba eagerly but silently watches everything unfold before dismissed to the envoy quarters.

There’s certainly a growing wedge in the royal court. The enemy isn’t so unified as previously believed. To start a spark, Fengba meets Iyeong to feel him out and push harder for the Houyan alliance. Although coldly received, the envoy senses something. Resentment must exist over Damdeok relying more on the military than on civil servants.

If Fengba can push Iyeong’s buttons further, the guy just might reveal the hostility among the Goguryeo ministers.

The Goguryeo eagle lands on enemy territory

Meanwhile, by now, the Cheongun unit has covertly arrived in Zhongsan and make their way through the streets disguised as traders.

Up ahead though, three women in white are at the palace. It’s none other than Seol Ji acting as a nurse to aid the sick princess.

(*´▽`*) Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Seol Ji back! White really suits… uhm… nvm.

After bypassing the security guards with a bag of money, Seol Ji quickly enters inside and reconnects with Damdeok’s sister. They’re here to extract her but she’s afraid of what might happen. They reassure princess Damju that Huwang will be saved as well and soon leave to find the baby.

Unbeknownst to the girls, though, Murong Un spots them walking away.

Iyeong’s ears & the love of soothing words

Once you stand up to someone, it never stops

At the next Goguryeo court meeting, Iyeong pushes the king to come to a decision. Told to calm down a bit, Iyeong speaks louder and with more contempt.

His Majesty fell into his own trap. He tried to use both countries and now, he’s stuck.

The king quickly turns around to face the insulter. How dare his tongue speak so loosely?

Iyeong continues the lecture.

Good medicine is bitter. I am prepared to die for saying this, so please don’t take it lightly. A wrong decision could put our country in danger again.

Reaching his limit, Damdeok furiously warns him to watch it. He’s on thin ice. After humiliating him earlier in public, he’s now pushing it. Being a family member won’t excuse him from death. His uncle remains unphased by the threat as he take his leave. Damdeok can only throw his seat to the ground in anger at the opposition.

Giving into the voice in your ear

The heated argument peaks the interest of Fengba. Add the fact the ministers have been visiting Iyeong recently and the time for internal dispute is ripe. That night, the Houyan general pays Damdeok’s uncle another visit to express his sympathy, and lightly inject the idea of overthrowing Gwanggaeto.

Next day, Fengba continues his probing and learns the Goguryeo king refused Iyeong an audience. Being ignored, Fengba now urges Iyeong to become the new king and change the country’s course. Most of the pieces are set. Damdeok’s close guards are away. This is an opportunity not to miss!

Ultimately, Iyeong relents and agrees.

Because the Beiwei envoy will arrive in two days and demand assistance, the Goguryeo leaders plan to send the king away to a nearby temple. Pretending illness has fallen on Damdeok will delay Goguryeo from answering to either allies.

Of course, being present during these talks, Iyeong passes this information to his new partner. That night the trap is set up.

As Damdeok’s small army rides along a path to the temple, Fengba’s archers release their attack with one arrow hitting the king in the front.

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