King Gwanggaeto eps 68: Conquering the Biryeo mind & land

Watch Damdeok, the Great episode 68 if you haven’t. This is one of those battle scenes you hold out for. Taking Biryeo by force won’t be an easy task when they find Houyan there.

Goguryeo’s campaign to invade Biryeo begins

Going into enemy territory & finding a different enemy

Entering the Biryeo base camp, the empty sight raises the suspicions of the Goguryeo army. Right when the thought of pulling back from the trap enters their head, arrows fly in a dash.

Within seconds, the hidden Houyan forces surround the group and the fight for survival erupts.

(●^∇^●) hehe. Ha Muji can’t do anything but stand around with his bodyguard.

Enclosed, Damdeok and company fight off the onslaught but soon realize their predicament. Looking for a way out, Hwang Hoe and Yeon Salta lead the charge and immediately break open a path to the south.

Although they wish to get the king to safety, Damdeok pushes them to save the injured first. Outnumbered, the Goguryeo force needs every able body to hold off the horde and so Damdeok quickly rejoins the skirmish.

Helping others means helping yourself

Seeing the chaos as an opportunity to leave, a group of Biryeo prisoners push through trying to escape. Not wanting to deal with this distraction, the Houyan guards quickly begin slaughering them as they come out.

Unfortunately, with hands tied, the Houyan soldiers make easy way work of them. Even Batar’s second in command is not spared and is pushed to the ground ready to receive his final attack.

From the air, however, a sword fatally cuts his would-be killer and the same weapon releases Agban’s binded hands. Looking up, it’s none other than the king of Goguryeo.

Continuing to dispose the surrounding Houyan guards, the Biryeo prisoners watch in amazement someone risking life and limb for their freedom. Just as fast as he came, Damdeok rapidly returns to his army, telling them to follow.

Rejoining his troops, the Goguryeo leader finds his troops struggling to push back. Within moments, Murong Bao hits the scene and the situation turns bleak.

We blocked their withdrawal route.

At once, the crown prince issues the attack command except Agban does the same. Not believing what they see, the Biryeo prisoners break through the surrounding Houyan force and reconnect with their savior.

Who is marching to their death?

Together, both forces start pulling away from the infested base to their southern escape route. Reaching the outside camp, Agban soon calls the king to head Northwest instead. Turning their heads, the Goguryeo army then see what he is staring at: a shadowy figure1 faraway signaling with a red flag.

General Fengba and Murong Bao are all the more happy their enemy begin moving in that direction.

Yet, as the Goguryeo + Biryeo force push forward, they encounter a steep cliff with forest all around. It doesn’t take long before Murong Bao’s army block the only two exit areas.

Nothing is nicer than repaying back a debt

Now trapped, archer units step forward to take aim as the confident Murong Bao declares this the end of Damdeok’s era. With little else to do, the frightened Goguryeo soldiers step forward as a shield to protect their ruler.

In spite of the given order to shoot, arrows come crashing down knocking rows of the Houyan army; hitting even General Fengba in the left shoulder.

Everyone’s eyes then focus high above on the surrouding rocks at the appearance of archers… led by the lovely Seol Ji. (❤◡❤)

Right away one of the exit areas guarded by Houyan forces crumbles as Seol Doan emerges with his Mohe unit and guides his ally to safety. With his army pinned from pursuing further, the crown prince is left in his puddle of anger and disappointment.

Waaah, sutiben loved this whole battle scene. Hit the replay button repeatedly. ^^

Regrouping to lick your wounds before the next fight

When a finger is pointing at you, turn that finger around

Returning back at the Biryeo main camp, Murong Bao is upset over the gang up. How did it ever get to the point where the Mohe side with the enemy and their alliance with Biryeo lie in shambles?

Even though the crown prince attempts to make his stepson the scapegoat, Murong Un calmly explains his actions. By Biryeo taking out the Mohe first, they would have removed any possibility of a two way dance like in the previous war.

Instead, Houyan must now invade and face Goguryeo on their own. Hearing his mistake spelled out, Murong Un is given charge of all strategies from now on.

Holding back your rage in order to grab something

His first course of action is a visit to the betrayed Biryeo allies. When Murong Un cuts the rope binding the bitter Biryeo chief, Batar furiously grabs a sword and swings stopping near the visitor’s neck.

But just like before, Murong Un stares back with unphased eyes and drops his sword, which disarms his attacker. Death no longer touches nor makes him tremble, not after all the close calls he’s gone through.

I’m not afraid of death. I almost died in Goguryeo and in Houyan. Do you think I’m afraid of your sword? You want to kill me? Go ahead but what could you gain by killing me? You will just relieve a moment of rage.

Handing the Biryeo leader an official royal letter, the proposition is put before him: Help capture Damdeok and receive Biryeo back.

Extracting information from a Biryeo warrior is easier than expected

Back at Mohe territory, Goguryeo & its allies come together to regroup. While discussing war strategies, Ari and Agban come inside the tent asking for weapons to take revenge for Houyan’s lies and backstabbing.


You could have died, but you helped save the lives of our soldiers. I know that Goguryeo would not betray trust.

Although Damdeok agrees, Ha Muji chimes in asking for intel on everything Biryeo, including its geography, in return.

The final attack on Biryeo: The decisive battle

Using geography against your enemy only works if they don’t know of it

Knowing the terrain better, Damdeok and his army travel to the Biryeo camp where the enemy give chase. Luring Murong Bao and the main generals further, the Goguryeo king hopes to bring them to the designated area where another set of soldiers await.

Sadly, they don’t realize the enemy have already discovered their ambush party.

Secure in the trap, Damdeok rides ahead until multiple spears pierce the ground causing the horse to throw its rider.

Déjà vu: If it doesn’t work the first time, try, try, try again

Coming forth from the shadows, Murong Bao and his army appear ahead, stopping the enemy’s passage. Fengba attempts to to have them surrender but the Goguryeo army won’t submit, even if trapped once again.

Suddenly, arrows flow behind the Houyan force like a gust of wind except soldiers drop dead and metal makes contact with the left shoulder of the crown prince.

Rushing behind with an axe-like weapon lusting for blood is Yeo Seokgae and his unit. Damdeok and his army then join in the attack from the front.

This doesn’t deter general Fengba however.

There aren’t many. Fall back and reorganize!

The appearance of Mohe troops on the battle scene changes his mind though. Seeing the change in luck, Fengba calls for a full retreat and pulls his injured master away.

Biryeo under Goguryeo influence: Correcting past treatment

Standing before the plenitude of Biryeo troops next day, Damdeok addresses them to spell out his new foreign policy:

  • The new Biryeo chief: Even though Damdeok hands Agban the power to rule over his people, Agban passes that title to Kasar. Apparently, Kasar is considered wise and trustworthy among his people. Rather, he insists in joining Goguryeo and, in turn, becomes a general.
  • Temporary tax exemption: Biryeo won’t need to pay Goguryeo for 5 years.
  • Trade over tribute: Taking lessons from the salt incident, the Goguryeo king sets the tone for future relations by buying horses at the highest prices.
  • Tighter relationship: The king will personally pay Biryeo visits in the future in order to become closer.

Baekje turns its attention to Goguryeo

Now that Houyan has been neutered…

After the huge loss, we see Murong Un and Batar riding out together until the Biryeo leader asks where they’re going.

Houyan won’t be able to attack Goguryeo for awhile. There is only one country that can threaten Goguryeo now.

Finally reaching the Baekje capital, Wiryeseong, Murong Un and his companions stand before king Asin where the secret documents are dropped in front of him.

Despite claiming it reveals Goguryeo’s military secrets, from troops numbers to locations of both main and logistic bases, Bu Yeohong is distrustful.

The one reason Ko Un went haywire

Leaving the Baekje leaders to look over the stolen documents, Wonbong takes Murong Un inside a market inn to reconnect with his long lost sister.

Though a brief reunion, both hug and cry with relief. However, lady Doyeong is left with a sour taste when she hears him badmouthing Damdeok.

Still, Murong Un warns his sister to hurry and pack up her things since they’ll be moving out of here eventually.

Baekje is going to turn into a battleground soon.

Word are not enough. Foreigners must prove themselves

When Murong Un returns back to the king’s presence, mistrust is in the air. Learning Murong Un once pledged loyalty to Goguryeo while a prisoner, Asin demands assurance.

Going off Murong Un’s documents, a deal is made: Bu Yeohong will take 1,000 soldiers and attempt taking over Goguryeo’s largest military rations storage: Baenmasanseong.

If it can be taken over, Asin will trust Murong Un and attack Goguryeo further. Otherwise, he forfeits his life.

Around this time, news reaches King Damdeok of Baekje movement in Gwanmiseong’s direction. Because of the exhausted Goguryeo soldiers, Damdeok is forced to leave with 20,000 Biryeo soliders instead.

Baenmasanseong: Murong Un’s life on the line

Advancing to the strategic fortress at night, it doesn’t take long before the defences of Baenmasanseong fall.

Nevertheless, Asin points his sword at Murong Un! There are hardly any military rations here, only 1 out of the 4 buildings has any and, even then, it’s only 2 months worth.

  1. Has to be Ari! She’s so quiet that she uses all forms of communication except speaking. ^^ ↩︎

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