King Gwanggaeto eps 67: Invade Biryeo now or never

Watch Damdeok, the Great episode 67 if you haven’t. Murong Un is busy today going all over the place, making moves, and causing chaos for all. Is he really against Damdeok?

Murong Un escapes conviction… by simply asking for freedom

Kneeling before the king of Goguryeo, Murong Un asks for his release in order to prove his loyalty, claiming he’ll save Goguryeo from Houyan’s invasion. Looking hard at his old friend, Damdeok is willing to believe but unable to bite.

It isn’t until Ko Chang later convinces the king to let him go since they’ll have a spy in his ranks with Do Gwang.

With no delay, Murong Un rides out to Houyan only to stop midway and lay out his plan for his companions:

  • Regain status: Un will overlook Houyan’s betrayal in order to gain power. When you are at the top of the food chain, no one can push you around.
  • Find Murong Un’s sister: Wonbong will travel all the way to Baekje & bring back Lady Doyeong.

Sutiben will also do anything for meow meow if ever get lost outside… but since suti’s kitty likes couch, suti no worry ^_^

Yeo Seokgae must die for trying to save the country?

Later, the royal court starts calling for Yeo Seokgae’s head. Although he tried recovering the secret documents that night, he acted alone without notifying his superiors on a delicate matter.

Eul Sarok leads the charge and doesn’t care for Yeo Seokgae’s past contributions or if intentions stemmed from loyalty. The minister seeks punishment as an example of strict military discipline.

Unable to protect his servant because of the law of the land, Damdeok visits Yeo Seokgae in prison.

Yeo Seokgae:

I have no regrets of dying. I met you and fought in battle. I wouldn’t exchange that for anything. Don’t try to save me. It will cause chaos in court.

Lastly, he pushes the king to achieve his grand dream for Goguryeo.

Damdeok soon leaves the prison cell as the bowl of poison is brought in. Weeping at his fate, Yeo Seokgae bids farewell to his master and chugs the liquid down.

So sad …

… it’s all a trick. Next morning, Yeo Seokgae wakes up at an abandoned house near the Goguryeo border only for Ung Sim and Noh Sa to tell him Damdeok didn’t want him dead after all.

Buy time when before your betrayer

Returning back at the Houyan palace, Murong Un presents himself before the crown prince. At once, Murong Bao welcomes his servant back and is relieved when his stepson doesn’t blame him for disavowing him.

Now turning his attention to general Fengba, Murong Un asks how he’s doing but stops him when he’s addressed as royalty, stating he is no longer a prince.

The crown prince jumps in saying not to worry about any of that; he’ll set things right.

That Ko Un is a sly one… (’’;)

Stepping out, Murong Un then pays the crown prince’s brother a visit and privately tells him he knows about his plot to have him killed. As Murong Xi gets upset over the accusation, Murong Un leaves him with the following words to think over:

I’m not your servant anymore. I was stripped of all positions. I’m a free man now. I could be anyone’s servant at any time.

*covers mouth with both hands* Did you… did you see Mu Gap? General Mu Gap? (ξ^∇^ξ) Looks ridiculous with that armor tightly wrapped around his small body. hehe.

Biryeo and Mohe to hold hands against Houyan?

An inept leader listens to everyone but himself

Now setting out to Biryeo under the night, Murong Un asks Batar if he’s trusting Houyan once again explaining their ally is just using them in the fight against Goguryeo but that once the war is over, will grab Joyang and all of Biryeo’s territory. Murong Un suggests taking Mohe for themselves.

Next day, Batar visits the Mohe camp, tells of Murong Un’s visit and convinces the Mohe chief to form an alliance. While Beiwei is causing problems to their common enemy. they can attack Houyan and finally get some retribution together.

Wanting to take an active approach in helping Goguryeo, the Mohe main army marches to the Houyan border until Seol Ji finally catches up to them. In a panic, she warns her brother to abandon their invasion plans and return back home. Goguryeo sources are calling it a ploy! The whole Mohe force turn around and rapidly march back in the hopes of making it on time.

When Mohe and Goguryeo become one

Too late. With the bulk of their army elsewhere, the Biryeo army easily slices through the empty camp and is now rounding up the remaining Mohe prisoners.

When Bang Cho asks why the backstabbing, Batar replies proudly of his achievement:

It’s survival of the fittest. Being able to trick an enemy is a skill, too.

All of a sudden, Goguryeo soldiers appear on the scene attacking the front of Khitan’s force.. At the sight of Damdeok, Batar charges with intent to kill but only manages to get a beat down.

The influx of more Goguryeo troops forces Biryeo soldiers to retreat and effectively puts a stop to the idea of removing Mohe from the map.

As Seol Doan finally arrives and watches the routed enemy, Seol Doan asks how they can ever repay the debt. Damdeok won’t hear of it. but so touched is the Mohe chief that Seol Doan kneels down and on the spot pledges to serve Damdeok as lord.

Biryeo territory now under new management

As Batar pulls back home in shame and defeat, shock enters their face when they see Houyan flags decorating their main camp!

Rushing inside, they remind Murang Bao this is Batar’s place but the crown prince has other ideas

General Fengba, am I the chief of Biryeo now?

The servant dutifully confirms Biryeo now falls under Houyan rule. Apparently, when Biryeo

  1. Ignored the plan to attack Goguryeo together.
  2. Launched a campaign to conquer Mohe without notifying their ally.

the crown prince helped himself on the empty Biryeo camp. Only now does the bitter truth hit Batar,

I should have listened to Seol Doan. I was tricked by filthy Houyan again.

Entering the new feudal state

Now that Mohe is safe and defending the rear, the time arrives to address the Biryeo threat but as Damdeok’s main force enter the enemy camp, incoming arrows start flying in.




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