King Gwanggaeto eps 66: The fate of traitors revealed

Watch Damdeok, the Great episode 66 if you haven’t. The time arrives to deal with all the Goguryeo spies & traitors!

What to do with the captured Murong Un, Gye Song & accomplices?

Past relationships can only give you a pass for so long

The night’s darkness and soldiers slowly surround the fallen Houyan envoy as the king aims his sword at him. Barely able to breathe from his injury, Murong Un asks why he is being spared? But Damdeok isn’t sparing anyone, as they take him away to be charged later.

Then looking around, the Goguryeo king spots Yeo Seokgae and asks him a simple question:

How did you know to come here?

But unable to answer, Damdeok’s blood pressure rises and calls his name out in anger but soon soldiers arrive to inform him of Gye Song’s capture. Not forgetting their conversation, quickly turns back and tells Yeo Seokgae to have an explanation ready by the time they arrive at the Gungnaeseong palace.

The extent of damage a national leak can wreck

After learning the stolen content the Houyan posses are military secrets, the Goguryeo leaders call a crisis meeting. The military documents pose a huge danger to the country since it essentially maps the country’s strengths and weaknesses, thereby, revealing where to hurt Goguryeo the most. There’s a reason why such sensitive information is kept a secret. Even more dangerous is the thought of Biryeo and Baekje also learning the locations of all fortresses and main advance bases.

For the moment they decide to:

  • Stay on red alert: Have all fortresses at maximum defense should anyone decide to take advantage and act upon this intelligence.
  • Verbally confront Houyan: Iyeong will travel to Houyan to see what they they have to say about this theft.
  • Inform ally: Seol Ji will update the Mohe on this national leak and have them watch Houyan & Biryeo like a hawk.
  • Time for interrogations: The king will personally interrogate both spies.

The loose tongue that comes from betraying your partner in crime

Waking up alone in the envoy quarters, Murong Un begins playing back the previous night’s events to determine who stopped his escape. However, the king’s entrance and questions over the documents disrupts his thinking.

They go back and forth with the accusations but he demands proof against someone of his high stature. Nonetheless, Murong Un continues trying to figure out his attacker and can only conclude it’s Murong Xi’s servant, Mu Gap, because no one here has the stolen documents.

Not seeing any progress, Murong Un is taken to the interrogation room to face the “evidence”, where at once Gye Song’s eyes of hatred light up. Going through much torture and pain, Gye Song sees relief in the presence of his backstabber. Not wanting to lose his opportunity for revenge, composes himself and calmly confirms the involvement of the Houyan prince.

Of course, Murong Un continues denying the charge and demands better proof than this prisoner’s word. Lastly, he brings up the issue with Yeo Seokgae attacking a royal member.

With disbelief, Damdeok comments:

You are so foolish. Do you really believe that they consider you as a prince of Houyan? Do you think they will protect you when you tried to steal national secrets from Goguryeo?

If you don’t have a friend in the royal family, your punishment is swift

Later in another meeting where Damdeok orders a change in their military organization, Ha Muji finally persuades everyone to agree on the fate of all traitors and anyone associated.

Punishing someone as an example only works if there is no hesitation. If you take too much into consideration, the corruption will repeat.1

Next day, the traitors Gye Song, Gye Yun, Gye Won, Gye Sin, Gye Hui, Sa Mun,Yeon Nok, Ah Jubun and So Wolsa are taken to the execution ground and beheaded.

A prince who insults his country is not a loyal servant?

Meanwhile over at the Houyan capital, Murong Chui is curiously looking over some documents and asks if these indeed expose Goguryeo’s military. Murong Xi proudly confirms they are the real deal and, sparing no time, both father and son agree to attack Gungnaeseong after Weiyuan goes through them and develops a war strategy.

Not letting this go, Murong Bao states his stepson and servant was the one who grabbed those documents. Not the fat and balding Mu Gap.

But the argument becomes pointless when the Houyan emperor learns he’s in enemy hands. Although there isn’t any direct evidence, the fear is the Goguryeo minister will confess everything and implicate Houyan, rendering the stolen documents useless.

With the discussion centering on the fate of Murong Un, they move onto more private quarters where the emperor plans to disown him as family and remove any military titles. With Murong Un no longer a prince, an official, or in anyway associated with Houyan, Goguryeo can’t attack them because of him as an excuse.

Murong Bao warns,

If you abandon Murong Un like this, nobody will be as loyal to Houyan.

To much of Murong Xi’s hidden glee, no plead by the crown prince changes the king’s mind. To everyone’s surprise, even general Fengba leaves his master and supports his brother in leaving Ko Un to the dogs.

When the Goguryeo envoy arrives, their position is made clear with a royal writ.

When the world collapses on Murong Un

An abandoned dog who thinks highly of his master

When the Goguryeo envoy returns back to the palace, Damdeok hands his old friend Houyan’s response. Reading the scroll to the last letter, shock enters Murong Un’s face. Closing the royal letter, the ex-prince refuses to believe the truth claiming it must be fake. Further talking only reveals Murong Un’s resolve to bring Damdeok down.

Murong Un:

Don’t waste time trying to convince me. I will never bow to you.

Still holding out hope, the king refuses to give up on him but leaves him to simmer in his own hate.

Baekje: The only place Doyeong can be found

Moments later, the 2nd queen enters the envoy quarters with a tray of food and, although unwelcomed, tries to talk to him. Murong Un barely shows any interest until the Queen reveals the truth about his sister: Lady Doyeong is alive and somewhere in Baekje!

Little do they know but that same day, Asin picks her up from a village and takes her back to the royal palace.

(*゚.゚) Wonder what excuse Asin gave the royal court when visiting a small village for many days. Probably had her spied. Did you see how Asin kept looking at Doyeong? hehe. The Baekje king so pervy.

Soon after the queen leaves, a woman secretly gives Murong Un a letter from Murong Bao confirming everything. With the truth of his situation sinking in, Murong Un slowly lowers the letter, goes to his seat, and places the piece of paper over a candle.

Watching the flame consume whatever pride and aspirations is left, tears run down his face as Murong Un begins eating the queen’s food.

(─┬─ o ─┬─) The highlight of the episode… ‘twas so sad.

Next day, Ko Un appears before Damdeok on his knees asking for a favor: One. More. Chance.

  1. Did you see how Ha Muji stared at one of the ministers, almost as though the message was directed to him. *chest swells* sutiben so smart (^^) ↩︎

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