King Gwanggaeto eps 63: The fatal blow in Gwanmiseong

After watching Damdeok the great episode 63, Internet connection went down, so here is the spoiler a lil’ late. They actually hurt our favorite Malgal princess here…

The armies of Damdeok & Asin collide one more time

A ruler should admit defeat

The king’s horse confidently gallops ahead leading the 30,000 strong army.

The mere sight of Damdeok plunges a knife where it hurts Asin the most: his pride.

Did he play me again?

Unable to bear the unfolding events, Asin mutters angrily any thoughts crossing his mind. Told to pipe down and grab a hold of himself, the subordinates remind him that all eyes are on the Baekje king.

Regaining his composure, Asin orders all to attack. There will be no backing down this night.

Jumping off their horses towards each other, Asin’s and Damdeok’s sword meet in the air with such resentment that sparks fly on contact.

Neither winning the brush, the Goguryeo king informs his Baekje counterpart his life will be spared if he only submits. But after this humiliation, Asin will have no part in a surrender and tells Damdeok to kill to win.

Granting his wish, they collide swords once more and dance the fight of death but midway Damdeok gets a clean shot and cuts Asin’s abdomen area.

Injured, Asin falls on his knee as Damdeok swings for the last kill.

Suddenly Jin Mu comes to the rescue and soon Damdeok is left contending with multiple foot soldiers. In a moment of their swords tangled, Jin Mu finds an opening and goes for an unsuspecting attack behind the king of Goguryeo.  

Seol Ji pulls a Sagal Hyeon move to protect the king

Just as quickly, a dagger flies through the air piercing Jin Mu’s arm, stopping his interference. And with that, Seol Ji joins the fight and keeps Asin’s uncle occupied.

For a time, Seol Ji and Jin Mu exchange swings until their fight leads Jin Mu stripped of a sword. Unable to continue, Jin Mu pulls out Seol Ji’s dagger still stuck on his hand and launches the blade at Damdeok’s direction.

And the blade pierces flesh once more tonight, this time returning to its owner.

At the last second, Seol Ji jumps in between and catches the dagger on her right shoulder blade.

( ; _ ; ) *shakes head* nooooo, this can’t be happening! Seol Ji can’t be hurt…

With the opportunity missed, the whole Baekje force begin the mass retreat.

Running to the now injured Seol Ji, Damdeok holds Seol Doan’s sister. Although they all want to pursue and finish off the enemy, Damdeok tells her: 

An enemy who flees can be captured any time. You come first right now.

(((o(゚▽゚)o))) *nods* Kureyo! Protect sutiben’s Ji *covers mouth with both hands swiftly* …

However, even reorganized inside Gwanmiseong, Damdeok prohibits a march to the Baekje capital as there remains ten of thousand of private soldiers.

It’s a fight left for another time.

Defeat: Baekje learns the lesson of rebuilding

Meanwhile, the surviving Baekje army pull back to their Hyeolgu camp1. Despite wanting to attack again, Asin learns the bitter truth: Goguryeo dealt Baekje a fatal blow. The last battle nearly wiped all of Baekje’s army while low morale fills the remaining soldiers.

Unable to do more, Asin is left burning with rage.

Courting the Biryeo camp for favors

Houyan philosophy: Friends can be bought with land

Over at the Biryeo camp, Houyan leaders now face the possibility of the Khitans following the Mohe path of betrayal.

In an attempt to hold onto their last ally, Ko Un convinces the Houyan king to send a written promise to the Biryeo chief to give the agreed land, in addition to Yowon2, after their victory.

Tickling your enemy’s paranoid allies is fun

Later at the Biryeo command tent, Khitans bring Seol Doan into their camp.

With little interest, the Biryeo chief, Batar, asks why the head enemy is here. At which point Seol Doan tries to convince him to switch allegiances to Goguryeo and, in return, they will receive fair trade and supplies afterwards. In addition, to forgetting past regressions. 

Batar, however, is not convinced and asks what’s the guarantee Goguryeo will keep their word.

Seol Doan:

We are the proof. We are shedding blood to help Goguryeo because they showed us faith.

Although a short visit, Batar comments to Agban how much more believable Goguryeo’s deal is compared to that of Houyan.

Giving Biryeo a royal letter should solve everything

As Seol Doan secretly tries to leave the camp unnoticed, Ko Un enters the premises, spots them and prevents his subordinate from pursuing, explaining they will soon become bait.

Ko Un then enters and visits the Biryeo chief. Once inside he hands the leader a royal letter written personally by Murong Chui formalizing their rewards. Ko Un even mentions the addition of Yowon as part of the new deal.

Yet, at this point, Batar is unimpressed and feels cautious, demanding a practical bonus in case Goguryeo wins the war.

What is it? Not mentioned but must be a lifetime supply of cookies! When you lose a battle, cookies makes things all better.


Ko Chang: Capturing the son to grab the father

When all your attacks don’t work, the role of a kidnapper always appears

Anyhoo, Biaoge and Jubu arrive at the Houyan command tent reporting Baekje’s loss because of Damdeok’s appearance in Gwanmiseong. 

With only at most 10 days before Damdeok reinforces Yodongseong and their war campaign falling apart, the Houyan king pushes for the plan to kill Ko Mu.

Ko Un explains he needs the crown prince as bait to catch Ko Chang. Since Ko Mu’s son will try to capture him alive, Murong Bao can lure him to an ambush.

And that’s exactly what happens: In trying to capture the crown prince, Ko Chang’s ambush unit is surrounded and taken.

Ko Mu & Murong Chui as good friends

Next day, the Houyan army stands before Goguryeo’s fortress threatening Ko Mu to turn himself in or his son will die.

The Goguryeo generals try to dissuade him but Ko Mu will hear of it no more.

I want my end to be as a father, not a commander of Goguryeo.

And down he rides out to meet them with a spear. 

Facing the thorn on his side for the past years, Ko Mu expresses how close they’ve gotten despite being enemies.

Seeing his captured son in a sad state, Ko Mu wants to personally fight the Houyan king for their release. 

Laughing, Murong Chui agrees but the rest of the Houyan leaders protest. Ever so at ease, Murong Chui points to the sick Ko Mu and imparts a lesson:

A real man doesn’t avoid a fair fight. This fight has to take place. Remember this, it’s not bad to have an enemy like him in your life.

  1. Hyeolgu is better known today as Ganghwado, Korea. Sorry, sutiben can’t point it out in a map… suti only knows where the north pole is located. It’s down, right? ^^ ↩︎

  2. Yowonm is the land north of Yodongseong. ↩︎

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