King Gwanggaeto eps 62: The Houyan army at the gate

Watch the Conqueror episode 62 or the spoiler below might ruin things. The massive Houyan alliance are at Goguryeo’s footsteps knocking on Yodongseong’s doors.  

The Houyan invasion: Part Two

There’s always time to chat with the enemy

Standing before the great walls of Yodongseong, the confident Houyan emperor calls his nemesis, Ko Mu, for a word or two. 

Against his subordinates’ wishes, the fortress’ gates open and down he comes to meet Murong Chui where all he hears is a call to surrender.

Ko Mu, of course, scoffs at this saying this battle will culminate with Houyan fleeing once again.

But Murong Chui warns the odds are stacked against him and he can’t win. Houyan is bringing over 200,000 troops.

  • 100,000 Houyan soldiers with more reinforcements coming.
  • The Biryeo army numbering 50,000.
  • Tomorrow, 30,000 Mohe reinforcements will join the fight as well.
  • The nearby fortresses have been invaded and can’t assist in any form.

Neither side budges and so they return to their posts, with the Houyan emperor warning him not to be disappointed.

If you don’t have a strategy, win by brute force

Right away, the combined Houyan and Biryeo forces charge with wave after wave flowing onto Yodongseong. The enemy even reach the fortress’ top walls.

Overwhelmed, Ko Chang says:

There is no end to the enemy soldiers. They keep coming no matter how many we kill.

The Houyan emperor begins enjoying the view as Goguryeo is barely coping, noting his nemesis will only last two days tops.

Ko Mu, you will regret what you said.

All you can do is worry when you’re not at the battleground

Back at the Goguryeo palace, people are worrying over the lack of updates from Yodongseong and wonder if Ko Mu’s lung disease has anything to do with it.

An update, however, does arrive but from Gwanmiseong: Ha Muji has conquered both Hyeolgu and Haemsanseong and is backing up Gwanmiseong. Everybody is glad since that means the Baekje army is isolated. 

Damdeok then announces he will join and help the Northern battle, which is in much bigger danger. To this, Damdeok sends Yeo Seokgae to prepare military rations to take along.  

Mohe policy: Return betrayal with betrayal

It’s around this time, the Houyan emperor ask where the Mohe are as they’re late, ignorant of the fact that the Mohe are nearby in the woods waiting.

Returning from a recon mission, Mohe scouts report the dire situation Yodongseong is in with the Houyan-Biryeo army attacking in groups in an unrelenting pace.

One of the subordinates, in worry, expresses concern if helping Goguryeo is the right choice since it’s looking like they’ll lose.

Swiftly, Seol Doan scolds him and anyone else with a similar line of thinking:

I promised the king of Goguryeo. What we have to protect now isn’t our lives. It’s our trust.

Wanting to buy Yodongseong time, they move out.

Sometimes you believe what you want to believe

News soon reaches Murong Chui, to his relief, that the Mohe reinforcements are finally here. 

But Ko Un warns the Houyan emperor that something is wrong. Since the Mohe soldiers are coming from behind, it means they had to have gone around Yodongseong. 

Quickly, they rush out only to shockingly witness the betrayal before their eyes: Seol Doan and company are attacking their unsuspecting Houyan main camp.

The great Houyan-Biryeo retreat

Meanwhile, near the gates of Yodongseong, the drum sounds the beat of retreat and the everybody starts pulling back.

This catches the Goguryeo generals by surprise until Komu realizes this is all Mohe’s doing. Seol Doan kept his promise.

Komu then orders everybody out of the fortress and attack the fleeing enemy. He rightly figures what is expected: the Mohe army attacks from behind and Goguryeo the front.  

With this joint attack strategy, Houyan abandons their main camp, lose 10,000 soldiers to death, and another 10,000 to injury.

Could Houyan have underestimated Goguryeo’s strength?

Now in a command tent, the Houyan emperor is furious wanting to know why the Mohe stabbed them in the back.

Batar chimes in with:

A weak tribe like the Mohe join hands with whoever gives them an advantage.

But it’s Ko Un’s explanation that bothers him most.

It looks like Damdeok got to them first… From what I know, Houyan only used the Mohe. This is the result of not gaining trust from them. 

Hearing the blame lies with the person asking the question, the camp remains silent. Trying to save his father’s face, Murong Xi suggests forgetting Yodongseong and instead marching directly to Gungnaeseong. 

But 15 days later, things aren’t looking good:

  • Murong Chui’s army is still stuck in the Biryeo camp.
  • Bang Cho’s 10,000 & Ko Chang’s 5,000 combined forces ambush anyone near Yodongseong.
  • Reports come in with news that Goguryeo defeated Baekje. Now, the king of Goguryeo is headed here.

Frustrated, the Houyan emperor asks:

Why is everything going wrong? Was Goguryeo that powerful?

KoUn then pushes the plan to kill KoMu before Damdeok’s arrival by kidnapping his son, Ko Chang. With only one son left, he won’t easily let him die and KoMu’s death will lower troop morale.

Defending Southern Goguryeo at all costs

Keeping your word is highly respected

Back at Damdeok’s quarters, the king happily learns Seol Doan helped Yodongseong avert a major crisis. His trust wasn’t misplaced.

With everything set, King Damdeok orders his reinforcement army to move out immediately, taking 40,000 soldiers of the Central army and Cheogun. 

You can’t buy stupid

However, they board a fleet of ship vessels which Yeo Seokgae inquires about, wondering why they don’t travel by foot to get to Yodongseong. He’s told it’s to move covertly and give the soldiers time to rest.

Still confused, Yeo Seokgae finds something odd:

It seems like this ship is headed South, not North.

At this, Seol Ji’s eyes look towards his direction with a slight sorry look.

Hwang Hoe then turns his head slightly to his left but looks ahead again, hiding very well his amusement.

Yeo Seokgae… You just realized that now?

*covers mouth with hands & snickers* ( ´^ー^`)ニ hehehehehehe

When your enemy isn’t around, attack

When Baekje spy reports peg Damdeok and his army now moving to reinforce Yodongseong, Asin joins his uncle with a large army.

By nightfall, the Baekje army push towards Gwanmiseong’s fortified walls, overwhelming the defenses. After some time, the main gates break down and, in an effort to block the new entrance, Yeon Salta and Cheongun go outside to guard.

Now confident Gwanmiseong will fall soon, Asin begins recounting the next steps after retaking his former stronghold.

Eventually the large numbers become overwhelming and the Goguryeo defense is on the verge of crumbling. Hae Mowol and the other generals ask Ha Muji to send them to battle. 

But the war strategist looks across the horizon and gives another command:

Open the gates now! Open the gate and attack full force. This is a military order!

Watching the scene from afar, Asin mocks his enemy’s desperateness as they storm out of Gwanmiseong. 

Even mice bite when they’re in trouble.

Bu Yeohong, however, senses something strange. 

Turning his head around, his eyes widen at the sight of massive number of torches marching from behind. 

Riding on a horse at full speed towards them is none other than the king of Goguryeo.

Asin instinctively blurts out, “Oh no!”

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