King Gwanggaeto eps 60: King Jinsa's fall from grace

After last jam packed show, King Gwanggaeto eps 60 was nice build up but story progressing very quickly now.

The question girls with playboys must face

She’s alive. The woman I saw at the inlet was Doyeong.

Learning his 1st wife isn’t dead, Damdeok decides to bring her back to Goguryeo. His close circle warn that because she is Gae Yeonsu’s daughter, the court will erupt in dispute. 

Going against everybody’s advice, Damdeok passionately fights for Doyeong’s return and sends Seol Ji to Baekje for that very purpose. 

Unfortunately, unaware that his current queen is right around the corner, Yak-Yeon is hit with the possibility: As the 2nd wife, she is nothing compared to Damdeok’s burning love for Doyeong

Yakyeon, in sadness, quietly leaves asking herself how special her baby can be.

The Khitan women on the hunt

Next day, Seol Ji and Ari ride out to Baekje in search of Doyeong. With luck, Seol Ji finds the ex-queen by the market. 

Although she relays Damdeok’s secret wish, Doyeong refuses to return. As the daughter of a traitor, Doyeong will only cause political trouble. Instead, she wants Damdeok to forget about her and achieve his ambition in changing Goguryeo. Doyeong will do the same, cutting any remaining ties and disappearing.

Seeing she won’t budge, Seol Ji let’s her be and rides back to Goguryeo.

The changing reality King Jinsa has to face

You may punish the wrong person, but people will know

At the capital Wiryeseong, King Jinsa scolds Asin in front of the ministers for losing the island. But Asin’s men won’t stand for this and burst out asking why their master is receiving the full blunt of the royal blame. 

To his discomfort, they quickly point fingers to Dae Yoseong who:

  • had full command of the war campaign.
  • interfered with military strategy and went against Asin’s plan.
  • was personally picked by the Baekje king. 

Out of nowhere, Asin speaks up and admits to deserving punishment. Then goes as far as willingly dropping all official positions, from Jwapyeong to lord of Gwanmiseong.

The ears liking Asin’s words, Dae Yoseong’s face secretly grows a smirk.

Change you can believe in

Walking to his office, Asin tells his group not to make a big fuss over the unfairness because all the court ministers know who really is at fault.

Proof to that statement, Naesin-jwapyeong, Byeong-gwanjwapyeong and other lords arrive at Asin’s office to declare their support, wanting Asin to lead the country. Asin “hesitantly” accepts the new position and plans to take direct action to make it happen.

Which royal member is truly on the hunt?

Two days later, taking time away from the palace, king Jinsa rides his horse in the woods to play a game of hunting boars1

There, the king challenges his loyal subordinate, Dae Yoseong, on a friendly competition on who can catch the most. 

Division always bring ruin

They divide the group in two and go separate ways.2

Dae Yoseong tries his luck but his arrows succeed in only scaring the boars away. Going deeper into the woods, he notices all the animal chasers and soldiers aren’t in his group.

Suddenly, archers make their appearance and launch an air attack. Quickly thinking of the Baekje king, he escapes and rides out to Samaegi.

Meeting the king in a panic, he warns of assassins in the area but it’s too late. Archers reappear and attack once again, even striking the king.

The few guards soon get off their horse and form a human shield.

Jin Mu then appears, telling the king he deserves it for the very same people attacking are but ordinary citizens.

The soldiers soon make way as now Asin enters the king’s eyes. Asin explains he is here to show the rage of the Baekje citizens in the form of punishment. 

Why? For:

  • Easily being fooled by Goguryeo spies. 
  • Failing to defend the country. 
  • Losing territory just to put his guard against him.
  • Depleting the state treasure.
  • Ignoring all the problems and instead hunting for pleasure.
Asin kills to become the 17th

In his face, he tells his paternal uncle that kingship will soon change and only by not resisting will his life be spared.

Unable to take this anymore, Dae Yoseong pulls out his sword and charges. Yet, it makes no difference as King Jinsa’s remaining soldiers are easily wiped out. 

Dae Yoseong is seriously injured but continues to fight. Eventually, he is cut from behind and in the abdomen area. Falling to the ground, Dae Yoseong forever departs.

Again, they tell the Baekje king to submit or be killed like the rest and Jinsa replies by unsheathing his sword.

If you want a new future for Baekje, do not hesitate. You have to kill me for a new future.

And Asin complies. Dying in Asin’s arms, King Jinsa ultimately confesses knowing his wrongdoings and tells him not to give in to Goguryeo like he did.

Immediately, the surrounding troops kneel and acknowledge the new Baekje king3.

Before attacking, wolves circle their prey

Mohe policy: Ask for help only when you’re in danger

Over at the Goguryeo capital, Gungnaeseong, the Mohe leader pays Damdeok an unusual visit asking for help.

In an attempt to clear himself, Seol Doan explains he was used. During the Gwanmiseong war, Houyan made up the rumor of attacking Goguryeo, alongside its allies. The Mohe relayed this, however, they didn’t know it was a ploy and didn’t mean to confuse Goguryeo. Now Houyan is pressuring him to join them.

After confirming his story with Damju’s letter, Damdeok agrees to offer a hand.

The Khitans have a new name

However, Seol Doan has more news: With Houyan’s help, Batar has unified the Khitans once again and established Biryeoguk.

To this, Ha Muji suggests taking Khitan out.

Gwanmiseong was a base to rule the southern area. Biryeo can be a base to take the continent.

Quickly, Seol Doan offers to add Mohe troops in the war campaign against Biryeo if Goguryeo helps them.

Just when they seem to be in agreement, Seol Ji rushes inside the royal court and throws a monkey wrench by reporting the rise of the new Baekje king.

(((o(゚▽゚)o))) Waaaaaah, before following the king outside, Ji & Doan finally face and acknowledge each other warmly.

Catching the king outside, Seol Ji privately reports on Doyeong’s refusal to return to which Damdeok accepts.

Now alone in a room, Damdeok mulls over the recent events. 

The threat in the north is getting greater and in Baekje, Asin rose to the throne. There could be battle in the south at any time.

Goguryeo & its three foreign policies

Next day at the Gungnaeseong palace, Damdeok meets the royal court to announce Goguryeo’s philosophy that will guide future action.

  1. Gwanggaetogyeong: Expand Goguryeo’s border beyond current limitations.
  2. Cheonhagyeonggyeong: Rule over the land by listening and taking into consideration the people.
  3. Hwapyeonghammil: Giving people a peaceful & comfortable life, whereby all countries will revolve around Goguryeo.4

We last see news coming into Damdeok’s office that Asin has taken over Seokcheonseong and other nearby fortresses; fortresses connected to Byeongchamseong of Gwanmiseong.

Looks like the lord of Gwanmiseong needs to be ready. 

  1. Or they could be piggies. Sutiben no know since they look skinny. ↩︎

  2. this scene looks eerily familiar to Damdeok & his older brother. Maybe ’tis how murder used to be done back in the day. ↩︎

  3. Supposedly, Asin becomes king in November, 392. Why’d you want to know this, suti no sure. Maybe students are tuning in ^^ ↩︎

  4. To be honest, suti no fully understand this. *lowers head* ↩︎

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