King Gwanggaeto eps 58: The rumored eclipse appears

Like always, check out King Gwanggaeto eps 58 here if you haven’t seen it. The war is reaching its final moments!

Who is taking advantage of who?

Internal dispute in Baekje?

Picking up the letter from the Baekje generals wanting to capitulate, Ha Muji reads:

Because of conflict between Dae Yoseung and Asin, Asin is dead and his aides have been imprisoned

On the spot, Ha Muji shakes his head and calls the letter a fake. Everything about it is too perfect from the timing of the surrender to the actual message.

Sagal Hyeon suggests ignoring the letter’s validity and using it against Baekje regardless. Even just pretending to accept the generals’ surrender will make the fortress’ gates open where Goguryeo can wait in ambush and rush inside. Thus far all attempts haven’t had any luck in opening the south gate.

With king Damdeok agreeing, Sagal Hyeon steps up to lead the attack.

Refining the Baekje trojan horse

At Asin’s office, Asin discusses their bait with his close circle. Since Goguryeo is desperate, he is confident they’ll bite on the fake general surrender and accept the trojan horse.

Bu Yeohong warns the possibility of the enemy using the chance to enter the south gate when the generals leave outside. Taking this into consideration, they decide on setting another trap.

It’s like they’re next to each other and listening in ^^

A mouse trap is meant to kill

Later that night, the Goguryeo ambush force wait outside in anticipation and, after a time, the gates finally open displaying the supposed Baekje traitors in horses. 

A number of Goguryeo soldiers far ahead signal with torches to come and the small Baekje force rides out to meet them.

Quickly Sagal Hyeon and company sneakily enter Gwanmiseong only to meet the vast space of the fortress. No one is around. Suddenly…

Archers appear above.

The south gate closes.

Baekje troops rush out charging at them.

The springing trap snaps. Realizing their situation, Sagal Hyeon and his unit have no choice but to fight. The battle, however, starts becoming a massacre as the archers are quickly annihilating them from above one by one.


The best way to leave is the way we came!

Gurchin fights his way back to the southern gates but along the way, arrows fly down piercing his broad body.

Nearly out, Gurchin pushes the gates back and opens an exit. Almost immediately, the Khitan warrior collapses but his sister, Ari, and the surviving remains pull out of this deathtrap.

The caught mouse

Running back to the Goguryeo main camp, the soldiers quickly carry and lay Gurchin down.

Yeo Seokgae:

We made it out of Gwanmiseong. It’s all thanks to you.

Hovering over his dying body, Yeo Seokgae pleads for him to stay alive.

Gurchin’s last words:

My greatest merit is saving Sagal Hyeon. I respect him as a general. His Majesty cares for him… Take good care of Ari. I can’t believe I’m leaving my sister to someone like you.

And with that, Gurchin dies and sorrow fills the air.

(^∇^) hehe, even at his deathbed, Gurchin retained his senses… who’d want to leave any girl to Yeo Seokgae.

With an army’s passion, you can win wars

Baekje wins round one

Next morning, seeing the corpses of Goguryeo’s elite soldiers piling up, Asin laughs at Goguryeo’s desperateness and misfortune.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Damdeok and how large an army he has, this is Gwanmiseong. It is an impregnable fortress.

When bad news arrive, it’s a never-ending stream

The Goguryeo king stands arched forward frustrated over the recent blow and in deep thought.

The arrival of Seol Ji doesn’t help. Entering the war tent, she reports Houyan’s suspicious behavior and their intent to attack Goguryeo with their alliance: Mohe, Khitan and Buyeo. 

Upon hearing the 50,000 soldiers ready to advance to Yodongseong, shock enters the generals’ faces and bodies.

Ha Muji take this opportunity to say that Goguryeo now needs to win over Baekje and soon. And, in subtle words, Ha Muji reminds the Goguryeo king of his plan but Damdeok still will not hear of it, telling him to come up with something else.

Sutiben likes how Ha Muji finds the right moment and uses the right words to bring up his plan. ^^

Relying on the heavens to win isn’t so crazy

Later that night, the Goguryeo generals pay the unofficial strategist a visit wanting to know what strategy is Damdeok so against.

Ha Muji reveals the key to beating Baekje is via the eclipse occurring tomorrow. Because of the low water tide, the eclipse will expose the land below the cliff, allowing Goguryeo to climb and reach Gwanmiseong.

Once inside, the soldiers can disguise themselves as Baekje soldiers and separate into groups: 

  1. One to kill Asin.
  2. The other to open the gates.

While this is going on, Goguryeo must attract the attention of the Baekje soldiers with a joint attack on the front of the fortress.

Hey, this sounds a lot like Lord of the Rings ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Why the king is against Ha Muji’s plan

The only problem is those that infiltrate Gwanmiseong will need to fight to the death and are unlikely to survive.

Hearing this suicide mission, the Goguryeo generals all turn their head away. Only Sagal Hyeon’s face, however, seems to indicate consideration.

When Sagal is next seen, he is coming out of Ha Muji’s tent. Yeon Salta and Yeo Seokgae catch up to him and find out he is indeed doing it. Yeo Seokgae and the Cheongun unit also decide join in and, given the short time left, depart immediately. 

Although Damdeok initially is in anger learning they still went with the plan without his approval, his generals’ plead convince him it’s the only way.

The eclipse prediction: So, the rumors were true?

Backtalk gets tiring at times

In the morning, the news that Goguryso is unusually attacking from six direction alarms Dae Yoseung and Asin.

Dae Yoseung:

This must be their final attempt. Gather all our soldiers and make a full force attack.

Asin objects to pulling soldiers from the cliff but, not wanting to argue anymore, Dae Yoseung ultimately pulls out a royal seal showing the Baekje king has given him full control of this war campaign.

Backed against the wall and not wanting to disobey a royal order, Asin falls in line and remains quiet. 

Real men don’t need rope to climb

By now the Cheongun army arrives below the Gwanmiseong cliff and start climbing. Reaching the top, they quickly kill off the few guards. 

Sagal Hyeon then sends Yeo Seokgae to open the gate while he goes after Asin.

The bait meets its predator halfway

Asin arrives with his unit at the marketplace when, almost magically, the eclipse occurs.

Hehe. Did you see the Baekje soldiers deserting their post and running away? *shakes fist in air* (ーー;) Get back here… for the court martial. 

Worried, Asin starts thinking again when finally the connection between Goguryeo and the eclipse’s effects hit him. He then orders soldiers to find any enemy troops that have infiltrated the fortress. 

Asin rushes to the command center, however, Sagal Hyeon meets up with him there.

Pointing out who Asin is, the Cheongun unit charges and the swords start swinging. But due to their small numbers, the Cheongun struggle in the fight. 

Sagal Hyeon himself is forced to take on three soldiers and is cut a few times to the point he falls down. His troops rallies around him to help their leader. 

Near their doom, Asin raises his sword ready to go at it again but his mouth trembles wide open and with bewildered eyes at the scene around him.

A huge burst of more Goguryeo troops start pouring in from all over.

Asking how these extra troops got inside the fortress, Sagal boasts he was merely the bait.

Seeing the overflow, his uncle starts pulling Asin and they start running away. Asin continues retreating and as he’s about leave, he notices Damdeok is here! 

Asin picks up a spear from a dead soldier and out of spite is ready to launch it at his rival when… well, you’ll have to tune in to the next episode. (^_^) 

Getting good isn’t it?

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