King Gwanggaeto eps 55: Making a fool of Jinsa

If you’ve yet to see King Gwanggaeto episode 55, watch it here. The drama getting spicier. ^_^

Capturing Ha Muji is like holding onto a greased up ball

The Baekje soldier swings his sword and stops short.

Why is everyone always pointing their swords at me?

hehe. That’s Ha Muji for you. Always getting lucky (=∩_∩=)ブ

Enter the black ninjas anyone can recognize

The Baekje soldiers don’t care and start pulling him away but that’s when masked men intervene and a battle erupts. During their scuffle, Ha Muji secretly hands one of the masked men a secret paper and takes the opportunity to escape with his companion, Chongmyeong. Now away in the woods, they rest a bit until Ha Muji sends his buddy on a secret mission and both depart.

With Ha Muji gone, the masked men also take their leave to a safe place. Taking off their masks, it’s none other than… the Goguryeo guys.

When they fought, Sutiben knew ‘twas them all along! Suti recognizes that beautifully shaped head of Sul Ji anywhere. No cloth can hide her. *whispers* Oh wait, did suti just say bea… (´・`) フ

Anyone can understand your intent behind a few symbols, right?

*coughs* ahem, the Goguryeo soldiers take a look at Ha Muji’s scroll of paper containing a few Chinese characters. The symbols stand for:

  • Interrogation
  • Detainment
  • Envoy Quarters

Nobody knows for sure their importance but they head to Wiryeseong to see the Baekje king, this time as envoys.

When you meet a king, feel free to shout

At the capital, the Goguryeo envoys enter the palace —with a change in clothing, of course— and greet Jinsa. Sagal Hyeon presents himself and requests help in capturing the Goguryeo criminal Ha Muji for showing contempt to the Goguryeo king.

Not only does Jinsa flat out denies knowing anyone by that name and states he doesn’t have time for such petty matters but prevents them from searching for themselves.

This is when Ha Muji rushes inside the room catching the king “with his pants down” 1

Seeing this, Sagal accuses the Baekje king:

How can a king lie like that? … you refused the Goguryeo king’s request to cover up your lies. That is an act of disloyalty.

Annoyed, Jinsa dismisses any responsibility or loyalty to Goguryeo.

And with fierce eyes and contempt, Sagal demands to know:

Can I tell our king exactly that? Can I tell him that the king of Baekje, he doesn’t care about loyalty or faith?

uh oh… Jinsa, now furious, orders the representatives to the prisons but, given they’re envoys, the ministers protest. Instead, they’re locked up in the envoy quarters. As they’re taken away, Ha Muji is seen smiling. He’s just loving the show.

Waaaaah, this is the highlight of the episode. If you could just hear Sagal’s passionate voice in anger. ‘Twas fun hitting the replay button. For someone who tends to be quiet, Sagal sure can talk back. Bad Korean manners! hehe

Once you’re made a fool, don’t look for the prankster

Arriving late and noticing the envoys being taken away, Asin goes quickly to meet Jinsa in his private quarters. There, Asin scolds the Baekje king for protecting Ha Muji, who he points out as a Goguryeo spy, and then imprisoning the envoys. He further explains how this bind gives Goguryeo a good excuse to take action against them. Still not believing he was played, the king calls for Ha Muji’s presence.

Outside, however, we see Ha Muji disguised as a Baekje soldiers. He’s already escaping the Baekje palace. hehe, knows when to leave.

When the news of Ha Muji’s disappearance reaches the palace, Jinsa finally admits the trickery done on him. Asin declares only to possible outcomes:

  1. prepare to return the envoys back and apologize for “diplomatic discourtesy” and hiding a criminal.
  2. or war.


Make them pay for looking down on Baekje and you. We were completely played by Goguryeo. If you want to pay them back, you need that much resolve.

Not wanting to suffer more humiliation, Jinsa declares war against Goguryeo on the spot. With that out of the way, the king storms outside heading towards the envoy quarters to kill but finds them all gone. Beforehand, the envoys had figured out the Chinese symbol signaled how this whole event was to play out. This meant Ha Muji had prepared for their escape on his initial arrival, even so far as having horses on standby.

If you can’t think, always turn to one who can

Back at Houyan, the royal court receives report of trouble between the Goguryeo and Baekje kingdoms. Hearing this, Murong Chui swiftly turns to Ko Un for analysis.

If there is a battle, both countries will become weak. That would be good for Houyan. After the battle, they will need many supplies. Trade will increase for Houyan, so that’s good, too… If Goguryeo loses to Baekje, Houyan will have to attack Yodongseong.

They then inquire who will triumph in the war.

I think Goguryeo will win… Goguryeo has been preparing for battle against Baekje for 2 months.

Ko Un then advises Houyan to make a move to tilt the chances for Baekje.

hehe, Looks like in Houyan there’s only one person thinking. Without Ko Un, the royal court would probably run in circles. BTW, Sutiben also liking Ko Un’s deeper voice, no sure if you’ve noticed the change. If you compare to how timid he was before his father’s death to now, you’ll notice a stark difference. Guess revenge does change people.

Discuss benefits when attempting to persuade others to go to war

In Goguryeo, the military troops practice for combat while Damdeok announces the plan to attack Baekje and take over Gwanmiseong. Initially, the army leaders and ministers are against as Gwanmiseong is rumored an impregnable fortress. Damdeok argues Goguryeo needs Baekje’s rich land and fields to stabilize the country’s economy. The fact that Baekje continues attacking the border and they killed the previous king, Gogukwon, just pushed the needle.

Damdeok then reveals Ha Muji as the man behind this entire plan. Though there is some more protest, Damdeok convinces them to overlook the issue.

How do Singaporeans pronounce war?

Returning to Baekje, Jinsa, Asin and other leaders huddle together to figure out a way to win against Goguryeo. Asin smiles when they come up with a plan which requires reinforcements, the same plan Jinsa refused to help years ago and caused the war campaign to fail. Jinsa becomes quiet when he hears this. hehe. Looks like today is “bash Jinsa” day.

This strategy can only succeed if there is cooperation on water and land.

WIth a selected war strategy, Asin asks for his old naval force position but before they could agree, words reaches them that Goguryeo is attacking Gwanmiseong.

*takes out sword and yells* to war!!! (  -)ノ∝━━∈

*looks back and picks up a large box* Oh no, suti must first hide manga collection before the fight begins\(>◇<)/

  1. Sorry for putting such an ugly image in your head but no can blame sutiben. suti innocent. Jinsa no even wearing pants but a royal robe of sorts. (^o^) hehehe ↩︎

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