King Gwanggaeto eps 54: Ha Muji escapes the Goguryeo prison

As always, you can watch the episode 54 of King Gwanggaeto the great here. Watch before you read sutiben’s summary.

Off with Ha Muji’s head

Tired of his boldness, Damdeok swings the sword but stops short of his neck. Ha Muji opens his closed eyes and lets out a sigh of relief.

Damdeok such a bluffer.

Not able to go through with it, Damdeok steps outside and orders Ha Muji’s head cut off tomorrow morning.

He played me and Goguryeo. Someone who knows covert details but doesn’t help is an enemy. If he goes to Khitan, Houyan or Baekje, it would be a fatal blow for us. He must not live.

And during all this, what is Ha Muji doing? Laughing it up all night long.

Where did girls learn to play the cat & mouse game?

Next morning, some items are thrown inside the prison cell which Ha Muji quickly hides. By the time troops arrive to carry out the execution, Ha Muji is nowhere to be found and begin searching all over.

However, the moment they leave, Ha Muji reveals himself from under the hay but now dressed with a Goguryeo soldier’s uniform. Not a bad escape plan but couldn’t the soldier feel anything strange when stepping on him?

Anyway, once outside the palace, Ha Muji meets up with his buddy, Chongmyeong, to plan their next move while at the same time avoiding the Goguryeo soldiers.

Confused, Chongmyeong asks why not just tell the king directly instead of going through all the trouble of imitating a fortune teller and being secretive. Ha Muji replies with the wisdom of the ages:

He wouldn’t be curious if I tell him everything. I’ll be more valuable if he begs. Got it?

Girls must’ve learned the “playing hard to catch” game from this man. Darn this era and women’s ability to spread this idea so quickly. hehe ^_^

Ultimately, they decide on traveling to the Baekje Kingdom and make Damdeok regret losing Ha Muji.

Back at the palace, the soldiers alert Damdeok of the prisoner’s escape and the king returns to the prison cell. There they find secret Chinese writings on the wall:

  1. Jogong
  2. Sucheon
  3. Hwai

Unfortunately, no one knows what they’re supposed to mean. *lowers head* Sorry, sutiben’s Chinese isn’t that strong.

After some discussion, general Hwang Hoe suggests Jogong could be gifts offered by a vassal state.


It is the most basic act and strategic means for diplomacy… If I have an alliance and had to pay tribute, I would seek practical benefits.

With this, Damdeok orders

  • Yeo Seokgae to send a secret message to princess Damju.
  • Chief escort guard, Sagal Hyeon, and Sul Ji to go to Baekje as envoys and recapture Ha Muji.

Mohe: Now open for trade

Next we turn to the Mohe where the chief, Seol Doan, is practicing his spear skill with anger.

A day will come when you regret being so generous

Bang Cho and other Mohe leaders approach with a concerned look. They attempt to cheer him by mentioning how much people are praising him for the distributed Goguryeo food.

Sul Doan won’t hear of it though, saying it’s all Damdeok’s doing. However, in order to become powerful, he now plans to trade with neighboring countries: Goguryeo, Houyan, Beiwei and Buyeo. This will prevent Mohe from simply becoming mercenaries for other countries.

You can’t blame the Mohe Chief. He’s looking out for the future of his country knowing the weak position they’re in.

Seek shelter in your enemy’s enemy’s house

Baekje kings love to walk among the people

At the capital of Baekje, Wiryeseong, we see Ha Muji up to his old tricks again. By some coincidence, the Baekje king, Jinsa, is strolling by the market and Ha Muji’s merchandise attracts him. There Ha Muji warns Jinsa of Asin, in not so many words.

And with that, Ha Muji gains the Baekje king’s confidence and finds himself as an adviser. Jinsa is more than happy when he hears how to deal with his rival.

The job promotion you don’t want

We now see Asin staring at the Goguryeo gift as his companions complain about the king’s doings.

All of a sudden, a minister abruptly enters announcing a royal order. Kind of funny how subjects must kneel down like the paper is royalty. What of royal toilet paper? hehe

The minister states Asin is to step down as lord of Gwanmiseong and, from now on, serve as Jwapyeong in the capital city; a useless position.

Bu Yeohong and the rest protest calling this a demotion but, knowing it’s treason to disobey a royal order even for royal descendants, Asin grudgingly accepts.

With nearly everybody gone, Doyeong comes out offering Ume flower tea from Baegunsan to calm the former lord. Then she goes to point of a strange event in the market earlier

When someone does something out of the ordinary, watch the king’s surroundings.

Eventually, they find out it’s all Ha Muji’s doing ever since he got involved with court matters. He must be killed.

Later that night, Jinsa is informed Goguryeo envoys are here to arrest Ha Muji but he has no intention to hand him over. Instead, Jinsa wants Ha Muji to hide in a remote temple.

Everybody wants a piece of Ha Muji

That’s precisely what Ha Muji decides not to do next day as he walks elsewhere, knowing he wants Goguryeo to capture him.

Why? He recalls his secret conversation with Damdeok back in his prison cell where he’s indirectly told Goguryeo will conquer Houyan. Damdeok wants him by his side but needs to prove himself. Cockily, Ha Muji claimed he will offer the Baekje region, Gwanmiseong.

So, apparently, Damdeok knew all this time what Ha Muji was up to with his questions. *whispers*Seems kind of a waste of an episode

The last thing we see is Baekje soldiers rushing to Ha Muji and his friend, surrounding them and about to stab Ha Muji in the face. Hehe. What is it with him finding himself in these situations?

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