King Gwanggaeto eps 53: Ko Un attacks as a Houyan Envoy

As always, if you haven’t watched King Gwanggaeto eps 53, check it out here

The Khitan prisoner with the loose tongue

Questioned, the captured general, Gurchin, freely tells Goguryeo who encouraged Khitan to rebel.

He showed up and told our chief. He said Houyan would help if we cut off all transactions with Goguryeo. I was right there.

But Damdeok can’t believe Ko Un’s betrayal.

You’re lying. Why are you toying with me? … Ko Un was a loyal servant who gave everything to Goguryeo. There has to be a reason. There must be!

An earned gift is not a gift at all

Later that night, Damdeok asks Sul Ji to thank the Mohe for their previous help and Sul Ji gleefully meets her brother. She speaks of the promised food still a go.

There is enough food for everyone and more. It will be a great gift for tribes that starve in the winter.

But Seol Do An totally disagrees

A gift? … We worked for it. How is it a gift? It’s the price of our blood

and goes further talking about instilling pride back to his people. Sutiben no sure about all that but he is right about the gift part.

In the end, Sul Ji pleads her brother to at least keep good relations.

Waaaaah, what a sweet lil’ sister (*^_^*) Still looking out for her country in another and trying to help her oppa. Sutiben’s sister only likes to erase suti’s written paper hehe

Only a man out for vengeance can qwell a defeated warrior

Back at the Khitan camp outside Houyan, we see Batar sitting down frustrated. As Ko Un and his party slowly arrive, Batar quickly looks their way and stares with a fierce look.

This guy sure isn’t happy.

Standing up, Batar continues with the devouring look, picks up his spear in a show but, at Ko Un’s unphased look, throws directly to the ground. Without any words exchanged, Ko Un then follows the Khitan chief into his camp.

Inside, Batar ragely demands an explanation to the lack of military support from Houyan. But with adequate answers, Ko Un slightly calms the Khitan leader.

Finally, Batar asks directly if Houyan will still help them.

And Ko Un answers so nonchalantly with that voice: firm, charming but with conviction.

Do you have to ask? Did you see the goods and food we brought? … If Houyan doesn’t help, I will help the Khitan. I promise you.

This is the highlight of the episode and sutiben no can explain this well You really have to watch this scene. Suti beginning to love the Ko Un character.

A person’s mere presence can cause confusion

How to remove suspicions from your enemy?

In Zhongsan, the court advise Murong to offer Goguryeo some salt since they likely know Houyan bought tons from Khitan. This gift will prove Houyan’s friendliness and silence any future accusations.

Convinced, the court seeks someone to deliver and Ko Un volunteers. He explains this is the best time to show himself and disrupt his ex-country.

Ooh, friends sure know how and when to hurt you the most. Now you know why traitors can’t be left to roam free outside.

The Houyan envoy pierces the King

After setting out, Ko Un arrives at the Goguryeo palace catching everybody by surprise.

How dare a traitor’s son come here?

The Goguryeo ministers try to arrest him at once. Ko Un, of course, appears as though nothing is wrong. Reminding them that an envoy can’t be harmed, Damdeok takes him inside for a private talk.

Alone, Ko Un removes Damdeok’s doubts, saying he will rise against Goguryeo as a Houyan servant. Having defended him to the end only to have his trust broken, Damdeok is shocked. Ko Un doesn’t stop though, threatening to attack Goguryeo if more accusations without proof is made regarding the Khitans.

You can see Damdeok’s heart breaking as the conversation continues along. In the end, Damdeok bows and grudgingly accepts the offered Houyan salt to stabilize costs.

Food can open a prisoner’s mouth

Now alone, Damdeok remembers the old beggar who predicted the current crisis and Sagal Hyeon speeds up the search.

Along the way, we finally learn that the beggar from the tavern goes by the name of Ha Muji.

Anyway, eventually the old beggar is caught but isn’t very cooperative. In fact, is downright rude and even makes Damdeok lose face.

You almost ruined national matters because of petty affection. Am I wrong?

He is immediately thrown into prison. Was it something he said? ^_^

The energy of a new king in the south is covering the north

After a lil’ starvation, Damdeok visits Ha Muji again and pushes him to speak of the third prediction, supposedly out of curiosity. Not responding, the king then belittles the prediction as likely untrue until Ha Muji can’t take it and spills the beans on the 3rd Goguryeo crisis:

Asin and Baekje will attack Goguryeo!

Ha Muji reminds Damdeok of the humiliation with his sister, Damju, and also states:

If Asin becomes the king, he’ll humiliate you in a worse way. He won’t allow two suns in this land… with his ambitions, Goguryeo will become a sea battle.

Taking this as an insult, Damdeok pulls out a sword ready to kill the prisoner.

*looks around and whispers* Damdeok looks really weak and almost acts like a baby but you didn’t hear that from sutiben *straigtens up after seeing someone pass by* ahem, hope the beggar doesn’t get killed. The way he acts is funny and want to see him again. Can’t wait for the next episode.

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