King Gwanggaeto eps 52: Taking over the rebellious Khitan

Sutiben continues today watching King Gwanggaeto episode 52. Not as jam packed as the other one but they fight at least.

Not all Kings are of the same quality

Achieving high merit by freeing Baekje prisoners, Asin returns to the Baekje kingdom to meet his king. He warns Goguryeo’s power is greater than what they think and calls for a strengthening of their forces, especially their naval force. The king takes it as Asin wishing to command the naval forces again and, fearing Asin will one day be a threat, flats out rejects the idea. The king quickly adds he was stripped of that position for mobilizing troops without permission and can’t easily be forgiven; Asin needs more time to think about what he did.

Returning to his private quarters, Asin yells in frustration after seeing the Baekje king putting personal interest over national affairs:

“How can two kings be so different!”

He’s no Damdeok that’s for sure… this king is pudgier ^_^ hehe

Goguryeo begins the beat of the war drums

At the Goguryeo courtyard, we see Damdeok standing before troops commanding General Hwang Hoe to take action against the Khitans.

“Show Khitan what they are doing wrong. Rescue all the Goguryeo people in Khitan”

And just like that, the Cheongun troops set out. However back inside the palace room, Damdeok tells Sagal Hyeon and Seol Ji his worry of some neighboring country secretly supporting Khitan behind the scenes. After some talk, they come up with the idea to send out envoys to Beiwei and Houyan as a subtle warning to back off.

The Cheongun mission spoiled?

In an attempt to suppress the Khitans as before, the Cheongun army unit disguise themselves as traders and move along a trading route between Houyan and Khitan. The plan is to use Goguryeo’s large Central army as bait and lure the Khitan force away from their main camp and have Cheongun quickly infiltrate and take it over. A similar tactic used in their last war. They must think lowly of the Khitans, no?

But as Cheongun continues marching on, Houyan scouts spot them from afar. In fact, that bald fat Houyan slave trader, Mu Gap, and his buddy Un Seong are there. Sutiben thought Mu Gap was a scaredy cat. Why is he still in the war lines? *scratches head* Guess a bag of silver and gold cures cowardliness too ^_-

The paralyzed Houyan court

With the scouts returning to the Houyan capital, Zhongsan, the King, Murong Chui, and the ministers learn Goguryeo is attacking Khitan. The Houyan court panic a bit and start discussing what they should do. Court members point out Houyan has friendly relations with Goguryeo for now but it won’t last long. Some want to use Khitan to further weaken Goguryeo but the same time, they don’t want to endanger the country.

With opinions flying across the room, Murong appears confused until Ko Un speaks up and exposes to the court Goguryeo’s war strategy. Ko Un suggests notifying Khitan in setting up a trap at their headquarters to capture Cheongun, at which point the Khitan army and the Houyan reinforcements will deal with Goguryeo’s Central Army.

Murong likes what he hears and agrees to go with it.

Khitan has a plan and is ready to use it

In the main Khitan camp, Batar is confident with Khitan’s chances against Goguryeo this time around.

  • Batar has deployed scouts over the region to check on any movements
  • Houyan will soon send over supplies for the winter.
  • Houyan general Fengba will have military troops stationed near the border for support.
  • Batar is sure Goguryeo can’t focus on Khitan right now, especially after the inauguration of a new king and a royal marriage.

Cocky, isn’t he?

A scout update soon comes in alerting Khitan of Goguryeo marching towards them and the news shake the Khitan leaders but, despite the doubts, Batar grabs a hold of himself and pushes everyone to war. Seconds after their decision, Ari comes in with a Houyan message relaying Ko Un’s plan and Batar smiles smugly.

The battlle of 3 countries?

As the Khitan army pretend to leave their headquarters, the disguised Cheongun army enter assured everything is going to plan but soon find out they are surrounded and ready to be eliminated.

Envoys ruin parties everywhere they go

Back at Zhongsan, Seol Ji finally arrives as a Goguryeo envoy and confronts the Houyan court. She brings gifts which pleases the Houyan king but when asked for a favor, Murong listens cautiously.

Seol Ji “informs”1 the court that Goguryeo is suppressing the Khitan rebellion and as a confirmation of their friendly relations, Goguryeo wants help in transporting goods. Sensing the dilemma he is being put on, Murong quickly changes his warm demeanor and quickly dismisses Sul Ji with his hand as he wants to discuss with his ministers.

You really should take a look at Seol Ji’s face here. She is constantly smiling but not a nice type of smile. This is the smile you put on after the person who made fun of you trips over a rock… falls head first and rips pants open. hehe. She has full control of the situation that it almost makes her scary but her cute face makes you think twice. Sorry, suti can’t stop staring at her face ^_^

So what do the brave Houyans decide?

After a short discussion, the king sees through Goguryeo’s tactic to keep Houyan from supporting Khitan and so pulls the plug to everything not wanting to arouse more suspicion. He then orders Prince Xi to hold the reinforcements.

“Why?! Why is he afraid of Goguryeo?”

Fengba and Xi obviously don’t like this one bit.

Reinforcements arrive. What a relief, right?

Now at the battlefield, we see Khitan warriors attacking Cheongun with confidence when all of a sudden they see an army unit approaching. Batar laughs about it

“We don’t need reinforcements to kill a few Goguryeo soldiers”

But a closer look, Batar notices these strangers are not his Houyan reinforcements at all! These guys are actually attacking them. Even Cheongun is taken by surprise but seeing it’s Seol Doan and the Mohe tribe helping to kill Khitan warriors, they join together.

At this, the Khitan chief is furious and doesn’t want to leave but his subordinates pull him away for a retreat.

Mohe Policy: Help out when others help you

Shortly, the Khitan headquarters is taken over and General Hwang Hoe asks Bang Cho and Seol Doan why the Mohe tribe got involved. Simple. Damdeok asked them to in exchange for the winter food they lack.

*places hand in cheek* Maybe this means Damdeok’s words about trusting each other didn’t fall on death ears. Sul Doan was listening!

Victorious, we are victorious!

With the Khitan rebellion put down, Goguryeo brings back 500 captured Khitans and 10,000 freed Goguryeoans. During the Goguryeo army march back, the people celebrate but we also get a glance of the old beggar from the previous episode. *points at beggar* iaaaa! You still owe suti that 3rd prediction! No think suti forgets


Lastly, we see Damdeok questioning the captured Khitan general, Gurchin, on who made the deal with Khitans and it’s finally revealed to be none other than… Kermit the frog. hehe. jk. Ko un. ‘tis Ko Un.

Uh oh, there goes the second prediction of that raggedy beggar.

  1. ‘twas soooo funny watching the Houyan king play dumb as though this was all new to him. Murong just said, “Kure?” with a dumb look on his face. This is why suti loves Murong. He’s stiff but warm. Serious but subtly silly. He’s a believable person because people do act like this sometimes ^_^ BTW, in English, Kure means roughly “really?”. ↩︎


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