King Gwanggaeto eps 51: The Golden Cup that Unites

Sutiben stayed up late night to watch episode 51 of King Gwanggaeto the Great. Lots of things happened.

Damju and Mo Yong-Bo enter Goguryeo… without the use of Houyan soldier

The princess Damju finally arrives to Gungnaeseong from Houyan and pays respects to her dead parents. But she returns now as the wife of the Houyan crown prince and officially to celebrate her brother’s wedding. They all meet together and nothing much happens except when Damju tries reporting Ko Un’s betrayal but keeps to herself after the crown prince’s look.

Sutiben still no can see Yakyeon, Damdeok’s new wife, as royalty. She doesn’t have that look like Damju. Could be because still remember the actress’ role in the “Comrades” drama: the wide eyed nice girl. he he. Hmmm, actually, Do Young1 also didn’t have that air of royalty either. ^^

Ko Un scheming against Goguryeo with salt?

Anyhoo, as the meeting progresses, we see Ko Un traveling to the Khitans and learn they dealt with Dol Bisu and the Goguryeo soldiers, as well as all entries from Goguryeo. Sensing Khitan no longer wants to be under Goguryeo influence, Ko Un further encourages Batar by offering gold for Khitan’s resources in exchange for exclusive trading rights. Why should Khitan freely give away their salt and resources to Goguryeo when Houyan pays for them?

Ooh, the instigator.

Mohe leaders and Goguryeo meeting eye to eye?

Back at the capital of Goguryeo, Seol Doan and the Mohe tribe leaders accept the invitation and meet the King. After a disrespectful addressing, Damdeok offers to forget the past on the condition Mohe doesn’t attack Goguryeo ever again, noting the gifts that Mohe brought for his people. hehe During this whole episode, Sul Ji kind of cute the way she stands there worrying for her brother.

A gift can make some happy and offend others at the same time

Next we see Shilla and Baekje representatives entering the royal chambers to personally meet Damdeok, where each are presented with a gift: a three legged cup made of gold supposedly passed down since King Dongmyeongseong.

“These are gifts I am only giving to Baekje and Shilla.”

Though they receive the same cup, both respond differently: The one from Shilla looks openly to Damdeok’s ambition and plead to unite and expand into the Central Plains. Asin, on the other hand, keeps quiet only later to show his disgust. He views the golden cup as a symbol stating Goguryeo being the greater of them both.

“He is saying he is going to be a dragon who unites the three countries”

Apparently, Asin will keep the cup next to his bed as a reminder not to lose sight of Damdeok as a threat.

Gifts can have so many meanings! Maybe suti better be more careful when picking out gifts… people might take offense and not just because it comes from the 99¢ store. (^O^)

A beggar needs only courage to enter the palace

Later that day, a beggar from the tavern causes commotion, insisting on meeting the King. Only waiting a few seconds, Damdeok appears.

Waaaah, the king does serve the people. hehe

Inside the palace, the raggedy man asks for a room but receives silk clothes. As only paid government officials live in the palace, Damdeok wants to know what he can do for the people. He replies with a message:

“There will be three crises for Goguryeo that you should prepare for. First, costs will go up at the market and the people will be in difficulty. Second is betrayal. I’m not sure which will come first”

However, no one believes him.

“I thought I would get a room but I just got clothes”

and so the beggar leaves laughing. *counts on fingers* iiiiiiia, that’s only two things! *shakes fist* come back and tell sutiben what’s that last prediction.

The power of salt

The camera then turns to a tavern where the served rice disgusts the customers. But why does the rice taste bland? Because there is no salt sprinkled on them. And why isn’t there salt? Because the prices are rising high.

Uh oh…

  1. Oh Ji-Eun is forever branded with the name from “Smile Donghae”, Bong Yi. Suti tries not to fall back on that name but oh so hard ^___^

    Also told she’s only here because she replaced the original actress who quit, intimidated by the quality cast of actors in this drama.. ↩︎

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