King Gwanggaeto the Great Conqueror Episode 2 Korean Drama

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The first episode of King Gwanggaeto the great. Let the adventure begin!

Damdeok caught and pulled from under the bridge.

Says he volunteered to cut off his head. Murong Chui is about tp personally kill him, when Damdeok says

I won’t die alone. I’ll take you as my guide to the underworld.

Getting mad, the Houyan emperor sniffs something odd on him. It hits him that it’s oil. That’s when fire arrows descend on the bridge and setting things ablaze. Damdeok goes into the water but eventually confronts the emperor. However, soon Ko Mu and his army appear ready to fight.

Returning to Yodongseong

Damdeok is healing in bed while Ko Mu scolds him for going without orders.

According to Ko Mu, Damdeok hurt Murong Chui’s pride and will attack like crazy. He is better than his father. He made Houyan a powerful country.

Returning back to Houyan camp

Chui asks son what he did while Goguryeo soldiers ridiculed his army. Upset with his troops. If can’t take Yodongseong, will kill them all. Still furious, removes his son from command and takes over. Disgusted with him.

Ko mu

I see you’re still alive after you ran away. Take one more step and I’ll kill you.


Your brother, King Gogugwon was chased into those woods by my father. He barely saved his life. Why aren’t you afraid of me?

Ko mu: You father hid in the south because he was afraid of me. He ran like a rat. Stop talking nonsense.

Murong Chui sends his army to attack but fails and retreats.

Return of a defeated emperor

After five days of attacking, Emperor scolds his army at the Houyan camp at night for not taking over the Yodonseong.

Give thems three more days before killing each one of them.

When gone, Fengba has a plan to tell the crown prince.

At Gog camp

Later, reports come to Komu of ghost fires in the sky. Going outside they see floating lanterns. Balls of fire then land on the storage for military rations.

Damdeok then pours water over himself and goes into the burning storage bldg and starts taking out food instead of simply throwing water.

In the end, building burns down.

Houyan camp

military rations burned. Fire lasted all ngiht. Emp congratulates his son.

You did something 300,000 soldiers couldn’t.

Back at Goguryo, they’ve been feeding troops for three days with a day’s food. But starting tomorrow, they’ll have to stretch taht for 5 days. Won’t last past 15.

At Gungnaeseong, capital og Goguryeo, Gog learns of short food and arrow supploes. Ran outof herbs to treat injured and straw for horses long time ago. Swordsa are all chipped too.

King orders supplies to be sent. however, along the route Houyan ambuses the chief minister and is cart of supplies. On opening cart they see it’s only rocks. Tricked!

The food supply goes another route. Damdeok receives the real supply carts but while taking it, the bridge path is blocked. Damdeok warns if Houyan set this up, it’s an ambush. They must turn around. Then another ambush party attacks. Seeing they’re overruned and unable to guard the food, Damdeok orders archer to burn the food.

Burning your own rations

PM says it’s his fault. Court says to send an envoy but PM they’re arent here for peace. No friendly relatioship. Arguing over it.


Barbarians have to be conquered by barbarians.

You mean beiwei, an enemy country of Houyan. PM’s son is in Zhongsan. Says to make it known to Houyan spies. Not to hide too well. Want enemy to know. Spread a rumor that we sent an envoy to Beiwei. Cause emperor to worry.

leaked rumor

Emperor doesn’t believe it though. But says they need to take over Yodongseon soong.

Murong Bao~ How about using prisoners of war. Leak false info and lower their guards so they will escape and spread it. “They will leave the fortress to prevent our attack. We can wait in ambush for them.” Lure them with false info.

Escape prisoners

That’s what happens. Captured POW enter fortress, brought before Damdeok and Komu. But say they are spies and komu wants them killed.

One of them speaks up and says he heard they’re going to attack the north gate tomorrow midnight. These are the same soldier who were caught guarding the military rations.

Damdeoks stops them from being taken away.

In war tent, asked if Damdeok believe their story. Says no but trusts them. Says it’s likely a ploy. They want Goguryeo to leave the fortress. Should make them think we fell for it and make a counterattack. A counter strategy.

Plan is send soldiers out the north gate tomorrow night, making them think they’re biting. Those soldiers will lure them to this valley where we will be wating in ambush. We can counterattack and block off their path of retreat.

He volunteer though it’s dangerous. but someone else volunteers in his place.

Plan in action

Murong Bao sees soldiers biting and ambush the decoy troops with arrows. Goguryeo troops retreat and Houyan chases right behind. Damdeok sees the Houyan soldiers enter the valley. By the time Fengba notices its a trap with the few soldiers, they are attacked.

Last seen Damdeok chasing after Murong Bao and ready to fight.

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