Lovely Korean dramas ^^

Yay \(^^)/ Sutiben back! This a brand new page for 2013, so no everything looks good but suti will work on this overtime. Right now ‘tis just a list of drama have seen in the past.

Ever since spent 12 months writing a recap of the Gwanggaeto drama, lots of ppl now come and visit site. If no have read it, make sure to check it out. The other pages are still being built. No sure what to do with them. Still deciding which drama to do the next recap. Let suti know if have a thought or recommendation.

Doramas sutiben has seen

  • High as the sky, wide as the Earth
  • You are my destiny
  • Dae Jou Yong
  • Likeable or not
  • Queen Seoduk
  • Dream High 1
  • Comrades
  • King Sejong the great
  • Three brothers
  • Take Care of the Young Lady
  • Boy Before Flowers
  • Chuno
  • Smile Donghae
  • Vampire idol
  • King Gwanggaeto the great
  • Feast of Gods
  • Rooftop prince
  • Lights and shadows
  • Fashion King
  • The moon that embraces the sun
  • King 2 Hearts
  • Ghost
  • The Chaser
  • Standby
  • Dr. Jin
  • Tasty Life
  • Can’t Live Without You
  • Arang and the Magistrate
  • Five Fingers
  • Horse Doctor
  • King of Dramas
  • That winter, the wind blows
  • 100 year inheritance
  • Jumong

Sutiben no see LOTS of dramas but suti likes all of the ones above ポッ(゚.゚)(゚.゚)ポッ

hehe suti simple, just want lovey dovey, cute things or good actions… with the occasional kiss on the cheeks (^_^)

Doramas no had time finishing

Below are dramas no watch till end (prob bcuz no that great or busy?)

  • To The Beautiful You
  • Some doctor drama. no remember name (Golden time?)
  • Live in Style (@ eps 47)
  • Soldier 42

Reviews from friendlies