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You noticed. Yay! ^^ Changed

Yay! You noticed. ^^ Just moved a few things things around really.

Oh and gomen m(_ _)m No think suti a meanie. Didn’t notice what you wrote earlier. Site still new that didn’t set up a way to notify suti when someone leaves a comment. Still don’t know how.

Anyway, Sutiben still remembers this episode. Only two things stand out.

One is Doyoung dying. She was so nice and gentle. To avoid causing Damdeok trouble, she left knowing the royal court couldn’t accept a traitor’s daughter. At the time, wondered if Asin and Doyoung would get together. The way Asin kept looking at her… *shakes head* No wanted to see that happen! Maybe dying was her only way out.

The other memorable standout is the shame and anger on Asin’s face. He was so confident from the beginning and when he lost, he really lost. He was never the same afterwards. In a way, this loss really killed him.