Staring at an Asian woman when you know you shouldn't

She was gorgeous.

The way she acted.

The way she behaved.

She acted so strange that felt she really liked sutiben.

Maybe suti misinterpreting it all? Old friend used to always say ‘tis all in sutiben’s head. 몰라.

But let’s start from the beginning.

When a business disappoints, it goes all out

After not finding something at Best Buy all day1, sutiben was on the way back home when remembered of an errand handed out earlier: bring carrot cake for sick family.

‘Twas only 5pm but everything outside was dark already and that left only one place available: the Korean supermarket sutiben no been to for a time. Yup, the same one. Moving legs faster to cover many blocks, sutiben finally reaches it and enters in a hurry to avoid the outside cold.

Asking the nearest Korean worker on the whereabouts of the carrot cake, he can only respond in disappointment. Sorry, they ran out but they should have more later in the week, he exclaims as his finger then points to another option. There’s plenty of chocolate-flavored cake, he adds not wanting to lose a sale.

(¬▂¬) *mumbles* Sick mummy no wanna crummy chocolate…

Disappointed, sutiben leaves him and walks around. Since already here might as well look around. A visit to the dairy section proves to be no good either… the price for cheese gonna hurt suti’s wallet.

Nothing good in the soup area either.

(„#゚Д゚) 야! There’s nothing nice here.

Finally, sutiben slowly moves to the back of the supermarket. Maybe something over at the pastry aisle can replace the carrot cake. Standing only five feet away from the display, you can see the different types of donuts. Woaaah, so many to pick from.

Beady lil’ eyes move up, right, and down.

The other Korean thing that makes you sweat besides Kimchi

Drawing of an Asian girl in front of sutiben

That’s when, out of nowhere, a girl in front slides from the left. Er? Where did she come from? Didn’t notice her2 at all. If ‘twas a ninja, would’ve had no problem hitting suti in back of the head. She must’ve snuck in while the donuts played the perfect distraction role.

The girl was so close; maybe 3 steps ahead and getting closer from the side. Sutiben couldn’t help but stare. Just caught a glimpse of her face but she was so pretty. Think now understand the expression: an angel dropping from heaven.

Throughout all this, sutiben’s heart go thump thump. Can easily imagine the Bubibu song playing in the background. (-^〇^-)

The girl moved with grace, how you’d expect a delicate flower would, reflecting her nice and sweet temperament.

  • Could she have been Chinese? Maybe.
  • A Japanese girl? *shakes head* No think so. No many around here.
  • It has to be a Korean girl! Sutiben in a Korean supermarket after all. 1 + 1 = …

Hard to tell but no really matter. Couldn’t believe we both were looking at pastries.

^__^ hehe. Well, not really. The Asian girl stared at the donuts. Sutiben at girl.

Taking her sweet time, the girl studies each available pastry. In a way, she’s doing the work and helping suti out.

To remove any suspicions in case someone was watching from afar and to move on, sutiben inches closer but slightly away and starts going over own selections. But ‘twas so hard. No matter how many times tried to shake head and look away, couldn’t. Had to steal glimpses.

This went on for what seemed like a long time.

Then the thought flashes, Wait, what is sutiben doing? Can’t keep this up. Someone might catch on. ‘Tis meaningless anyway. At that point, sutiben walks further into the food aisle, leaving the Asian girl alone. No more pastries for now. Time to check other stuff.

*closes eyes*

No look back.

No look back.

No look back.

*slightly turns head* And just like that, the girl disappears. *lets out a big sigh*

The more you run away, the closer she gets

No worry, sutiben thinks. ‘Twas all for the best. At least everything back to normal. Moving deeper into the food aisle, sutiben begins scanning the items once again. Blah, cookie selection no that good. They really no have anything good.

After a minute or so, heart thumps once more at the sight of the Korean girl who quickly pops back in. Did she forget something? The way she stuck her head and looked around seemed as though checking to see if sutiben still around.

hehe. sutiben can’t help but think that. ‘Twas first thought that came to mind. ^^

Nervousness then kicks in. What to do? Sutiben already tried erasing her from head.

With basket in hand, the Asian girl slowly nears the middle aisle looking all around. The closer she gets, the more sutiben freezes. No could do anything.

[○・`Д´・○] Bad aisle! There aren’t any good products to look over and get distracted.

Using all energy, sutiben somehow stops staring at her walk closer and acts as though browsing the shelf opposite of her. This can only last so long. Unable to keep the jig up, suti picks up own basket and runs walks away. Crossing each other briefly, the Asian girl simply continues walking in the opposite direction.

*closes eyes*

No look back.

No look back.

No look back.Layout map showing where events took place in the supermarket

Returning to the pastry section once more, sutiben calms down a bit. With no distractions, suti spends time reviewing options before picking up a pack of donuts. Before exiting the food aisle, sutiben stops and stares back for a few good seconds. By now, the girl is far away deep in the freezer picking something out.

Can’t believe sutiben continues looking at her. She couldn’t have noticed, right? No, can’t be.

With nothing more left to do, sutiben walks away and enters the checkout aisle with a black woman ahead.

*sigh* …

Suddenly, out of the corner of eye, sutiben spots the ‘Korean’ girl on the way here, on the very same checkout lane!

Oh no, suti’s heart go thump thump again. Now, she’s even closer than before and sutiben can’t help but smile. In an attempt to avoid facing the girl, suti looks at the female clerk in the eyes. Eyes are a good distraction. They’re so mysterious. Because only had one product to buy, suti is able to rapidly pay and pack bags. There was no looking back from there.

As sutiben leaves the Korean supermarket, suti lets out a big exhale. *wipes forehead* That was close. Sutiben always gets uncomfortable around girls.

Now outside, sutiben decides to see if can take another peak at the Asian girl one last time. Definitely, she’s still there. Unfortunately, think that female clerk spotted suti as tip toed from the outside window. Not only that, she smiled.

Oh no! (^^; ) Either she knows the truth or maybe suti might have given her the wrong impression.

Pulling self together, sutiben shakes head and walks away into the street. All this from an innocent trip to the supermarket.

Will sutiben ever speak up? *covers eyes*

Will sutiben come back here just for a chance to meet that Asian girl? Of course not! *crosses index fingers*

Credits: Jonathan Kos-Read, faith4faith

  1. No store have good external hard drive for backing up photos. Waste whole Saturday wandering around. ↩︎

  2. Not the same girl from last year↩︎


Looking at a Korean girl can

Looking at a Korean girl can be very tempting. Assuming she follows you and smiles with you. A pretty girl could come and talk for a moment and what happens next would depend on you.

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