The tradition in eating Japanese sushi

Are you sure you are following the strict etiquette in eating sushi?

If you don’t see it, you might cause a misunderstanding.

Sutiben once went to a Japanese restaurant and had すし for first time. Wasn’t an all you can eat type so no was filling but ‘twas really really good. But after looking at this video, sutiben wonders if was rude. Maybe as sutiben left premises, taisho thought badly of suti…

Not know when you eat at a sushiya there’s a tradition to follow.

  • There’s an etiquette in everything from grabbing a seat in the counter, complimenting the sushi chef, & pouring beer for others.
  • There’s a wrong & a correct way on how to actually eat sushi. ‘tis all in the hands. *looks at floor* (U_U) suti just stuff face quickly when received food…
  • There’s even a proper way at the time to pay for the check.
  • Sutiben not even know about the free salt service at the end.

*covers mouth*

( ´^ー^`) hehe. Sorry suti couldn’t help it. If didn’t get it, the video is a satire made by Japanese comedians. Hehehe.

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