Quickly fold your shirt with this 1 Japanese method

Why you are folding shirts wrong. Learn how you can wrap it in 2 seconds

Have you ever had the problem where going to the laundromat, you find yourself with a pile of clothes needing folding? Bedsheets and pants aren’t a problem. But when facing lots of shirts hot off the dryer, sutiben doesn’t know what to do. They just form a huge pile.

No tell anyone but at the laundromat suti just throws it all into one big bag before leaving. What? Sutiben doesn’t know any better. Suti wasn’t paying attention when mummy taught that lesson.

Well, at least didn’t know before discovering a cool way you can fold your t-shirts quickly… a trick that Japan has known for a bit. Once you know, It takes only a few seconds. Who knew that all those years playing with origami would come back to help.

Anyway, this is a neat video you gotta watch. Really wowed when first saw it. The first time you watch it, you’re not going to believe it.

Just know ‘tis possible. Tried it already. The problem is the video goes quick. There’s another if you really want it explained in detail and in English. But sooooooo boring.

Sutiben now points to people at the laundromat and says “you’re doing it wrong!” hehe. Makes sutiben look really smart. *chest swells* (^_^)

And didn’t even need to ask mummy about it. Mummy no need to know suti wasn’t paying attention. The only problem left is how to fold a sock…

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